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The permissions methodology we*re using with trees (branches) -TNG

Posted by smithsworldwide in TNG (Trees) on June 3, 2014 Views:(80Replies (0)
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One of the wonderful features of the TNG program is that we can create permissions such that people in general cannot come edit your tree and change your hard work. This is great but does create one special way to do things with regard to groups where people match and have definite paper trails to each other.


Let’s say you’re in Group 1. What we want to have is a *contact* person for your group that can field all inquiries about data. THat contact person will have all editing rights to the entire tree. Others that are in that same tree will have their tree start lower down (or closer to this year) where he or she will have all editing rights to their section of tree. He or she will NOT be able to edit earlier information but would need to coordinate that with the contact person for the group. If there are two people with the same line (brothers, cousins), they may both be given the same branch of tree with the presumption that they will coordinate changes with themselves. The casual passerby will see a *Suggest* tab by which they can send a message about changes that might need to be made. This email will go to the Smiths admins and we will forward to the contact person for the group.

If someone is in a group but there is not a paper trail nexus, that person will be the top level person for his or her information, and will have an association with the group on the DNA report pages. He or she will be able to edit anything within that tree.

If someone is not in a group, he or she will have all permissions to his or her tree.

When you register, your registration will go into a *pending* state waiting to be approved. Please put your kit # in the notes/comments field of the registration, as it will make our matching you up go faster. We will then assign permissions and okay your registration so that you may login and edit your information. You may upload photos or other documents. We do ask that you try to keep them fairly small in size, both for disk space but also because large photos can take longer to load in a browser. If you need help making your photos smaller, please email us and we will be happy to help you pare them down.