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How do I submit my DNA? 

My Male Cousin Has had his DNA done as well


I also have an extensive tree. It is a direct line.

April 19, 2024
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info about Hedgeman Smith's family of origin can be found here:  www.  His father was Joel Smith. (1748-1790) in Brumfield Parish, Culpeper County, VA.

April 19, 2024
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What is needed is for some more Spicer descendants to test. Another descendant of this line does not have a Spicer YDNA match but that might just be that there aren't any Spicer males that were from that area in England have tested

April 9, 2024
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Hello there,

I am the guy Conny matches. :) Here is my father's line:

The Amstadt mentioned above is actually spelled Arnstadt and is located about 30 Kilometers away from Altenfeld where my oldest ancestor Johan Martin Schmidt passed away in 1763. We have yet to find the right connection between our trees.

Kind regards, Erik

April 7, 2024
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If the information on Wikitree is correct,I have a YDNA match on FTDNA that shows a Benjamin born in Barnstable Mass in 1729 that is a Great Grandson of John Smith,Smith -140131 that I believe your shown as a YDNA match to on his Wikitree profile. I'm trying to connect my 5x Great Grandfather who died in warren NJ in 1824 back to these Smiths in Mass.

April 5, 2024
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Grover Smith had originally given me pieces of the legal documents mentioned above. I believe Grover is an actual descendant of Charles Samuel Smith and resides in Louisiana. Grover is slow to respond to emails and other messages. Grover does have a tree on Ancestry and has a sibling for Charles Samuel Smith who is identified only as a name John Samuel Smith. I am trying to find additonal information on John Samuel Smith. Grover lists the parents of both siblings as Samule Smith 16 Feb 1784 Marion, Marion, South Carolina - 29 May 1855 Wampee Sec, Marion, South Carolina and Elizabeth Rice 1777 North Carolina -08 Aug 1841 Perry, Mississippi. I keep following the breadcrumbs. 

Ronald Weeks, Biloxi, Mississippi descendant of John Smith 1825-1905 manager of YDNA test by my Uncle Thomas Lee Smith 1946-2024

March 26, 2024
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I have a downloaded Ancestry Autosomal 18 MB txt file if you can use.



March 2, 2024
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Thomas smith is my 4th great grandfather that I've found by taking a dna test on ancestry and I'd love to find any information you may have on him please
February 25, 2024
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If you have the time, please could you signpost  to an article or a post that explains this some more please? I have corresponded with FTDNA Helpdesk before about the significance of the Marker groups, but I don't really understand it very well.

Many thanks.

Daniella McCarthy-Stewart

February 23, 2024
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Not exactly sure who you mean but probably Jacob Smith b 1759 VA, a DAR ancestor that married a Winifred ? (maybe Smith?)  If that is so, and even if it is not, assuming that this is your line of descent, please send in your line and if you have done DNA for your line to . There is one member who claims a descent from Jacob that has done an autosomal test.

February 19, 2024
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