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Never a bomb. This whole project is based on trying to figure out errors and true lines of descent. If someone is wrong in who they believe is the early ancestor, and that can be proven, it's a good thing.

Now we're just waiting for your YDNA results to come in.

September 11, 2023
In reply to Christian C (Columbus) Smith


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September 6, 2023
In reply to Christoph and Grundling


Thanks! Have separated the two lines. Be sure if you see anything else to send corrections to -would also like verification on the children. If there are still errors here, please discuss

From a previous note of Peggy's

At Christian Schmidt born 1744-1800.  He was not the son of Anna Helena Gründling and Christoph Schmid. "Anna Helena Gründling was the wife of Christoph Schmid, and came with him to NC in 1758, one of the first party of married couples to arrive. She died in Bethabara in 1790 " Christoph Schmid, born 1715, died in Bethabara 1799.
The only way I could differentuate the Christoph and Christian is they called Christoph and his spouse Anna,  Brother and Sister. Or Christoph Schmid and wife Anna . And Christoph Schmid and wife Anna Helena Gründling, had no issue either before or after their marriage. ( No children ) Anna also died in 1790 but in Bethabera and had been bedridden for at least 9 years.
Christian and his wife was called Good Neighbors, Neighbor or in the original Christian who died in 1767 was called a good friend to the brethern.
The name of his first wife is unknown but according to the Note; Very bottom of page 2315.
" Oct. 9 (1790), I went with th elder Transou  to the home of our neighbor Christian Schmidt, to hold the funeral of his wife, who departed peacefully yesterday, after a critical illness of twelve days.".  He was noted as 'neighbor Christian Schmidt and wife".  On August 26, 1791 he married Anagalia Juliana Fiedler- Leinbach who died in 1799.

So, 3 conflated Christian Schmidts/Smiths.

1. Johann Christoph Schmidt d 1799  m Anna Helena Grundling

2. Christian Smith b ? > Stokes Co NC m Ann Limbach (1774 Prussia). I'm assuming this is the one Robert refers to whre he sayd he bought land in Wachovia NC but never actually lived on it, etc. Yes?

3. Christian Smith/Schmidt from Germany > New York.Robert is saying that Christian Columbus Smith is from this one

September 5, 2023
In reply to New member - Christian Schmidt b 1774 Prussia


Christian Schmidt wasn't from Prussia his family was from the Palatinate of Germany to New York and he was actually born in New York from my research. The Christian Schmidt you're referring to bought land in Wachovia North Carolina but never actually lived on it and his heirs later had it sold and they too never left Germany. This is a commonly re-copied mistake on Ancestry and other genealogy sites.

Robert Smith

September 3, 2023
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Hello Peggy, I am descended from Christian Smith, Christian C. Smith, John D. Smith, Anderson Smith, and so on... I have sent off for my YDNA kit

Robert Smith

September 3, 2023
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Lots of Drury's. More specifically, what are the dates or other stats for this Drury? If, for example, you mean Drury Smith b 1748 VA d 1804 in Rockingham NC, there is a new member whose line we do not yet have but appears to be from that Drury Smith. Matches into Group GRP-R-M269-19

Not your group, but I do notice that one of the members who had done autosomal for Levi now has an additional member of their family that has done YDNA, not in project yet.

August 22, 2023
In reply to Levi Smith and Drury Erastus Smith


I'd just like to say thank you Linda for your hard work doing geneology the old way without tiring, getting good results, and sharing your wealth of knowledge with those of us that aspire to find our past too as you've done for so long. At 65, I've only scratched the surface of what I want to learn but my path foward has been made much easier by the likes of genealogist like Linda. I'd like to meet you someday and just talk about our common journey and our ancestors. 

August 16, 2023
In reply to Linda Smith Cheek is donating all her genealogy materials to library


This is one of those instances where it would be very useful to compare data. If you are not a member of the Smith DNA Project (Official All) on FamilyTreeDNA and have a DNA kit, please join so we can compare.

Have seen where the parents of Sarah Smith who married James Chapman may be William Farnsworth Smith b 1815 Clinton Co NY m Angelina Boynton. Have not verified this and we have no DNA testers for this line (shoutout to any male Smiths who descend from William Farnsworth Smith to join the project with a YDNA test).. Reasons for thinking this may be is that James Chapman is found in Mooers, Clinton Co NY, as is a Sarah J of the right age in William F's household. (See 1850 Mooers Clinton Co NY and 1850 Ellenburg, Clinton Co NY.

 William Farnsworth Smith [1]  b. 15 Oct 1815 Chazy, Clinton County, New York, USA d. 2 May 1904 Raymond,Stearns County, Minnesota,USA

  •  Angeline Boynton  b. 1821 d. 1917
    • 2  William Farnsworth Smith, Jr [1.1]   Descendancy chart to this point b. 13 Aug 1859 Chippewa Falls, Adams County, Wisconsin, USA d. 23 Mar 1886 Sauk Center,Strearns,MN,USA
      •  Ada May Ingersoll  b. 1863 d. 1916
        • 3  Otto Glenn Smith [1.1.1]   Descendancy chart to this point b. 1882 Minnesota,USA d. Aug 1972 Emmett,Gem,ID,USA
          •  Mary Elmira Krieger  b. 1892 d. 1971
            • 4  Pearl Wilma Smith []   Descendancy chart to this point
    • 2  Sarah J Smith [1.2]   Descendancy chart to this point b. c 1838 Massena, St Lawrence County, New York, USA
      •  James Chapman  b. 1838 New York, USA d. 1922 New York, USA
        • 3  Florence Chapman [1.2.1]   Descendancy chart to this point b. c 1864 New York, USA
          •  Merton Agnew 
            • 4  Morrison Howard Agnew []   Descendancy chart to this point b. 26 Apr 1899 West Chazy, Clinton County, New York, USA [ =>]
    • 2  Sanford Smith [1.3]   Descendancy chart to this point
    • 2  Edgar Smith [1.4]   Descendancy chart to this point
    • 2  William Smith [1.5]   Descendancy chart to this point
    • 2  Minor Smith [1.6]   Descendancy chart to this point

August 7, 2023
In reply to Jay Hungerford Smith, St. Lawrence Co, NY


As of Aug 6, 2023, still looking for a Y-DNA 37 match for Group:


  Regards, - Doug Smith

August 6, 2023
In reply to New Member- John Smith b 1618 m Ruhama Kirby


Thanks, Bill

Have updated the Big-Y SNP on the branch and on the chart. FTDNA occasionally updates the SNP number to be more precise and I'm glad you called the change to our attention. Also, thanks for hte great picture. I'm personally entranced with cowboy pics and this was a good one;.

August 1, 2023
In reply to New Big-Y Group BY-R-M269-23 NC/SC Smiths