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Welcome to the Smith DNA & Family Project NEW ACCOUNT REGISTRATION for the Smith DNA Project website at
For all Smiths, Smyths, Smythes, Schmidts, Smitts et al of ALL locations.
Register HERE  to participate in the discussions or big tree part of the Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA
The registration will be immediately active for posting on the discussion forum
The tree section will be active after you have sent in your tree, and tied to your branch, after which you will be notified it is done; you need to send in your direct line of descent, from the earliest Smith you have a source for, down to you. We check to see if the line is already listed on the site, and whether there are any matches or conflicts with DNA, and then assign a branch.  Your registration allows you  to edit your member profile and contact others as well as be contacted. The site is collaborative, meaning that rather than having multiple trees for one ancestor, there is ONE tree for one ancestor, with multiple branches. We do this in order to work on accuracy in conjunction with DNA results. Only those who supply a tree (doesn't matter what format, just needs to be a direct line with an indication of who your earliest sourced Smith ancestor is) need edit privileges, since being able to work on your own branch of this one tree is the whole point! IF YOU ALREADY SUPPLIED A TREE, you don't have to do it again, of course, just remind us. Updating member privileges for editing a tree branch will be AFTER we receive, process your tree, and join you to your branch of the tree and may take a bit of time.
Send your tree to (You may use this form if you like or you may submit a direct line gedcom) You do not have to be registered on TNG to browse as a guest.

First, we need to be sure you are not a spambot.