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Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-B-M181-1

Mumford Smith b 1768 VA; Unknown

Big-Y tester no group yet but this one matches surname Saturday

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-E-M2_-1

Jacob B Smith b c 1773VA m Mary Shockey b 1782 Maryland. This family was in Montgomery Co VA, Pike County, KY, Cabell County VA (WV),Lawrence Co, OH and Wayne County KY. The Grouping has a number of participants and is well-established 

New Big-Y Group for Jacob B Smith m Mary Shockey

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-E-M2_-2

James C Smith b c 1819 NC married Susan Johnson. This family was in Henderson TN, along with candidate brother to James, Leonard Smith, also Poinsett AR, and Jonesboro/Craighead/AR . Haplogroup is E1b1 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-E-M2_-3

Early origins with Nicholas Smith and son Capt. Nicholas Smith of  (Middlesex, Gloucester, and Essex Co) from about 1665-1757 with descendancy traced through son Col Francis Smith (!725-1762) and his son Francis Smith (1749-1814).  based on William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 25 No. 23, Jan 1917.  

Any of the following descendants of Col. Francis Smith would also be beneficial for further testing:  Sons Meriweather Smith (1730-1794), William Smith 1745-1785) and testing with descendants of the brothers of Thomas Adams Smith (1781-1844) - Reuben Smith (1755-1836), William Wilkinson Smith (1774 -     ) and/or Ebenezer Smith (1780-1837).

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-E-M2_-4

Jacob Smith of Canada- Two Smiths from Canada whose descendants came to US. Jacob Smith b 1842 CAN and John Smith b 1840 m Mary Knabb. Both Jacob and John were in 1880 Cedar/Saunders/NE. Descendants in Bond Illinois, Wyoming NY, McLennan, TX.

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-E-M2_-5

Robert Smith b 1778 County Derry, Ireland d 1881 Scrubgrass Twp, Venango PA m Martha ?. Descendants in Lane/Oregon, Benton/OR. John Smith d York PA > Henry KY


I believe we started with a John SMITH in Scotland son Robert SMITH in Londonderry, N.Ireland to America, might have been straight to western Pennsylvania (Butler Co. & Venango Co. 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-E-M2_-6

Richard Smith 1480 ENG, John Smith b 1827 KY, Anthony Thomas Smith b 1723 NJ.2 of the kits are thru Abraham Smith b 1647 Long Island NY m Margery, the 3rd John Smith also likely is, no paper trail as of yet. Descendants in Cape May NJ,Monongalia WV, Monmouth NJ, Burlington NJ Greene PA, Preston WV, Rush KS 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-E-M2_-7

John W Smith b 1815 OH or KY d 1889 Jennings IN m Lucinda Green. The other matching kit is an adoptee. Descendants in Marshall IN, Jennings IN, Placer CA

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-E-M2_-8

John A Smith b 1793 VA, William Smith b 1786 Greenbrier, VA 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-E-M2_-9

Newfoundland, Canada; VT, NH

William Smith b c 1830 Newfoundland CAN CAN>CAN>NH
William Smith

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-E-M2_-1
New Big-Y Group for Jacob B Smith m Mary Shockey

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-E-M2_-10

John Smith b c 1801 KY > IN

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-E-M2_-11


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-E-M2_-12


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-E-M2_-13

James William Smith b 1887 England m Ellen Hilley; John Smith b 1757 Essex England  m Elizabeth Strutt

Picture for Frederick Joseph Smith b 1857 St Pancras England

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-E-M2_-14

William Wiseman Smith b 1852 VA m Julie Mason

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-G-M201-1

Some possibilities for commonality. Origins in Germany, through Lancaster Co PA. In North Carolina - Rowan Co NC, Stokes Co NC.

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-G-M201-2

Jonathan Smith 1784 PA m Amy (Shepler?). Descendants in Columbiana, OH 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-G-M201-3

Johannes Schmidt 1718 Hunterdon NJ m Christeen Hasskel. Some descendants in Ontario CAN 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-G-M201-4

Carolus Schmidt 1718 France > PA m Otilla (Utilla) Brua(h). Descendants in Perry, PA, Dauphin PA, Stark OH, Bureau IL 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-G-M201-5

Andrew Smith b 1756 Londonderry NH and John Smith b 1775. Descendants in Canada, Butte MT, Lincoln KS, Kane IL Fort Duchesne UT-no paper trail connection to tie them together 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-G-M201-6

John Smith b c 1730 m Patience – Descendants in Johnston NC 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-G-M201-7

John Smith b c 1800 England, Eli Smith b c 1828 CAN 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-G-M201-8

Charles Schmidt of Germany b 1824

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-G-M201-9

John Smith b 1794 SC m Keziah Gutridge;Wm T Wmith b 1785 VA > Adams Co OH

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-G-M201-10

John Smith m Ann Bowls

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-G-M201-11

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M223-1

This is one of 2 main groups that claims descent from Nicholas Smith m Elizabeth Flood of Surry Co VA. Nicholas named, among others, two sons, William and Lawrence. One YDNA tester has a very strong paper trail line from Lawrence born 1797 VA that includes a son named Flood Smith. Locations include Brunswick Co, VA.Another matching tester is a descendant of Edward Smith m Dorothy Hardeman Owen. This line found in Oglethorpe Co GA. The third member in this line has a Lawrence that may be from Cumberland Co VA.

We would like to have additional Smith YDNA testers to prove this line, including any and all male Smith descendants from lines that were in 1820, 1830, 1840 Upson Co GA and Ogletree Co GA, as well as Wake Co NC.

Lines and Locations: Nicholas Smith is said to have had the following chldren, per will.

  • Nicholas Smith b 1682 d 1730 Westmoreland Co VA - no specific YDNA tester for this line.Note that he has a son Peter of Westmoreland Co VA. There is another distinct DNA group that lays claim to Peter Smith of Westmoreland, Haplogroup J-M172  
  • John Smith b 1685 m Mary Price: Children: Arthur Smith, John Smith-no specific YDNA tester for this line
  • William Smith b 1695 d 1750 m Ann Isham- Children mentioned in will
    • Josiah Smith b 1728 Sussex Co VA YDNA tester for this line- R-M269 haplogroup. 
    • Cuthbert Smith b 1720 Surry Co VA. Descendants in Jones Co GA, Oglethorpe Co GA, Talbot Co GA -Possible I-223 haplogroup 
    • William Smith b 1730 Surry Co VA-No YDNA tester for this line. 
    • Isham Smith d 1795 Sussex Co VA No YDNA tester for this line.
    • Sarah Smith
    • Lucy Smith
    • Susannah Smith b 1737
  • Lawrence Smith b 1687 Surry Co VA d 1746 Isle of Wight VA. -YDNA tester for this line-I-M223 haplogroup. Son Flood Smith to Northampton Co and Wake Co NC. 
  • Mary
  • George Smith b 1821 Fentress TN
Callout for descendants of Edward Smith m Dorothy Owen

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M223-3

James M Smith b 1810 GA (or SC) Descendants in Lee MS, Itawamba MS

James M Smith that our DNA traces back to the surname RAINEY/RANEY. My YDNA matched folks with the last name RAINEY/RANEY. as did a 3rd cousin on a different branch from James M. Smith our progenitor. We determined that there was surname change event that occurred with James M Smith or prior to him, which no one has any info on him prior to 1840. and believe all the records were destroyed in Georgia because of the Civil War. Rainey researchers have not been helpful as they cannot find any possible links between our James M Smith and any of their Raineys/ Raneys in the geogrpahical area during his timeline.

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M223-4

Andrew Smith b 1648 Bristol MA m Mary Bundy. Descendants in Taunton MA Also Joseph Smith b bef 1740 Putney, VT, Eliab Smith b c 1750 of Kennebec Maine

Multiple New Members from William Broadwell Smith b 1827 OH m Sarah Anderson

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M223-5

John Smith b c 1619 Hertfordshire ENG d 1684 New Haven CT; Zera Smith Brookfield, Fairfield CT, Chauncey Smith b 1797 Cornwall, Litchfield CT, George Smith b 1618 West Haven CT.

New Member- Descendant of John Smith b c 1619 Hertfordshire England m Grace Hawley

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M223-6

Nehemiah Smith b 1640 CT m Sarah Bourne

Also Jedediah Smith b New london CT. Descendants in Sherman, NY, an Deerfield MI


Locations: New york, Clinton County, PA; Harford County, MD; Colchester, New London CT; Pittstown, Luzerne, PA; Ontario, NY; Lyme, New London, CT; Chautauqua Co, NY; Crawford Co PA; Lenawee, MI.


Flatt and Luzerne County, PA Mystery

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M223-7

Yost Smith b before 1760 GER went to Washington MD. Descendants in Carroll OH. Also Elias Smith b c 1813 MD; descendants in Carroll IL 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M223-8

John Smith b c 1715 Middlesex VA d 1756 m Ann . Descendants in Fayette IL. Also James Smith b 1803 VA m Clarisa Coldwater, descendants in Jefferson IN 

Added Big-Y Group for Virginia Smiths and a Mystery

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M223-9

John Smith b c 1756 CT m Lucy Rowe

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M223-8
Added Big-Y Group for Virginia Smiths and a Mystery

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M223-6
Flatt and Luzerne County, PA Mystery

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M223-10

James Atwell Smith b 1841 AL, Isaac Smith b 1801 VA -

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M223-11

Roy Chester Smith

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M223-12

David Demoret Smith b 1800 UNK

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M223-13

VA/KY- Adam Smith b 1740 VA m E Moore; Ezekiel Smith b 1772 Mercer KY 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M223-14

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M223-15

Unknown Smith m Sarah Strickland
William Marcus Smith b 1869 IL m Ella Shugart
Robert Smith 1797-1865

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M223-16

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M223-17

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-1

Abraham Smith 1728 Amherst Co VA. Descendants in Johnston OK, Erath TX, Lawrence AL, Laurens SC, Shelby AL, Rising Star TX, Artesia MS, Prairie Point MS. James C Smith b 1801 Ontario CAN Well established group

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-2

James Smith b 1766 ENG m E Hutchens. Descendants in Wilkes Co NC, Surry Co NC, Howell MO 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-3

Basil Smith b 1799 Mecklenburg NC m Catherine Byram, John A Smith b 1815 NC, Nathan Smith b c 1725/1730 NC and Stephen Smith b c 1798 SC/GA. Descendants in Coweta GA, Clay AL , Carroll GA, Rankin MS, McNairy TN, Cherokee TX. 

New Member- Dorcas Smith m Isaac Hollingsworth

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-4

Charles Smith 1680 > VA Elijah Smith b 1818 Surry NC, James Turner Smith b 1810 NC. In 1830 Surry Co NC, there is a Catlett Smith, James Smith, Charles Smith, as well as an Elijah Auberry. 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-5

Jonathan Smith 1801 Montgomery Co NC and Malcolm Smith 1800 SC. Do not have a nexus match at this point. Descendants in Giles TN -

New Member- Malcolm Smith m 1800 SC m Lucy Briant

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-6

Subgroup 1- Thomas Smith (Lt) b c 1688 Ulster, Ireland d 1768 NH m Mary Karr. Descendants in New Boston NH,, Rockingham NH, OH, Quebec CAN.

Subgroup 2- signature 464 markers(12-15-15-16) -Robert Smith b 1767 PA, and descendants of John Smith d 1795 Knox Co TN, Alexander W Smith b 1814 TN, John Smith b 1764 England, David Henry Smith b 1880 PA Albert Smith b 1892 PA

Talking Big-Y for some of the members

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-7

John Smith b 1798 Riccarton Ayershire Scotland

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-8

Robert Smith, b 1611 Lincolnshire ENG d 1706 Hampton , Rockingham,  NH m Susanna Baker

Robert Smith was born in England about 1611. He came, as history states, to Boston and later settled in Exeter, where he signed the Exeter Combination. He took the Freeman's Oath,
October 7, 1644. He removed to Hampton and died there

August 30, 1706. In 1639 he married Susanna . "She was struck by lightening" June 12, 1680, and he remained a widower 26 years. He was a tailor by trade, also farmed land.

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-9

Edward Smith b 1708 Oakley ENG and Silas Smith b 1794 VT m Julia Savage, Thomas Knap m Mary Knapp, Aaron Smith d Canada, Alonzo Smith b 1Ohio, 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-6

Locations: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Knox County Tennessee, Ireland, Ayrshire Scotland, Nottinghamshire England 

Talking Big-Y for some of the members

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-33

Wells Smith b 1805 GA likely candidate for father of Levi, parents said to be John Smith b 1765 VA m Elizabeth Patterson, needs additional YDNA testers for proof

Also Joseph Smith b 1788 GA m Nancy Mussey; George Washinton Cmith b 1785 VA m Mary Tyner

Another Big-Y result in this grouping - George Washington Smith b 1785 VA m Mary Tyner

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-10

Benjamin Smith b 1756 Wentworth/Grafton/NH and Richard Smith b Shropham Norfolk ENG > Ipswich Essex MA 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-11

Walter Smith b c 1653 d 1709 CT m Rebecca Prime. Descendants in New Milford CT, Derby New Haven CT. Also Orange B Smith b 1821 IRE m Lemira Winterstein-descendnats in Meigs OH and Polk IA 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-12

Nicholas Smith b 1635 Netherlands d 1699 Huntingon Suffolk NY, John Smith b Orange Co NY, Fleet Smith b Huntington NY (parents, unproven, Israel and Phebe Smith)

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-13

George Smith b c 1619/1618 ENG d 1662 New Haven CT, others with CT and Irish origins. 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-14

John Smith b 1779 Louisa VA m Lucy Sylvey and an unknown from Australia whose markers match on 37 . Some descendants in Sullivan Co TN -

New Member in this group-Ambrose Smith b 1770 VA m Zilpha Cotton

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-15

William Heriz Smith b c 1450 d 1512 m Catharine Ashby m 1492

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-16

Nicol Smith b before 1747 m Catherine Sinclair b befor 1748 -Shetland -

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-17

Majority of this line have a known common nexus in Clay County, Kentucky. Others were in Frankin County, NC. Also Pruitt. Descendants in clay, KY, Jessamine KY, Jackson KY, Knox KY 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-18

James Smyth Ireland – John Smith Essex NJ

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-20

Samuel Smith b 1795 Granville NC

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-21

German and Russian SCHMIDT, inc Ludwig Schmidt of Russia -

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-22

Unknown Adopted Smith

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-23

Henry Smith b c 1770 PA 1848 Caldwell Co, NC

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-24

Brittain Smith 1778 NC

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-25

Joseph Smith 1800 Montgomery Co NC, Benjamin Franklin Smith 1823 NC, Richard Smith Perry Co IL 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-27

Neal Smith b 1793 NC, Neal Smith b 1832 NC

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-28

Fleming Thomas Smith b 1837 MS, James Smith b 1828 MS , Charles Smith b 1773 SC 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-29


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-30

Adam Smith b 1769 PA, Daniel Smith b 1811 PA


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-31

John Smith b c 1615 England > Watertown MA

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-32

Charles Smith m. Elizabeth Hendricks; Issac Smith

Added Big-Y Group plus chart on group page; autosomal also

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-19

Uriah M Smith b 1764 VA; Harold George Smith b 1893 NY

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-34

Unknown-Please send lines of descent

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-36

Henry W Smith b c 1856 TN
Thomas Edwards b 1754 Amherst VA

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-37

Henry L Smith b 1847 IL m m Jennie C
Oliver Smith b 1767 d 1810

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-39

Hunterdon NJ; Iowa

Peter Smith b 1811 NJ d Iowa 1891
Robert Smith b c 1750, res. Hunterdon Co., NJ

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-40

Joshua Smith b c 1800 SC married Diana Perry L Smith b 1856 SC m Eliza Campbell

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-41

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-42

William B Smith b 1834; Johan Nicolas Smith b 1755

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-43

George J. Smith; b.1824 [W]VA; d.1892 Col, OH

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-44

Scudder Smith-MO; William Smith,b c1667, d 1744, res Cape May Co.,NJ

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-45

Robert Smith b 1779 VA >KY; Hugh Smith 1730-1781

Descendant of Frank Edward Smith b 1862 MI m Julia Ames

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-46

John Smith b. 1789 and d. 1826

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-47

John Smith b c 1800 VA  m Elizabeth Phillips;John Smith b 1831 IN m E Williams

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-48

Samuel Smith b 1787 KY m Margaret Smith

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-49

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-51

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-50

James Smith b 1800 Ireland m Jane Taylor; Thomas Smith m Naomi Parsons

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-52

Anderson Smith b 1776 VA M Elizabeth Avery

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-53

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-54


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-55

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-56

Brittain Smith b 1778 NC m Nancy Carden

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-57

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-33

John Smith b 1765 VA m E Patterson; Joseph Smith b 1788 GA m Nancy Musser; George Washington Smith b 1785 VA m Mary Tyner

Another Big-Y result in this grouping - George Washington Smith b 1785 VA m Mary Tyner

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M253-32
Added Big-Y Group plus chart on group page; autosomal also

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-P37-1

Hans Jurgen Smidt b c 1696 Sweden > New Castle, DE. See pedigrees (pedigree icon) for lines up from each participant Descendants in Scott TN, Clinton KY, Fentress TN, Pike KY 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-P37-2

Joseph & Elizabath Hallum Smith b c 1745, William Henry Smith b 1850 TN, Charles H Smith b 1825 GA. Descendants in Berrien/GA, Boone/AR, Pickens SC, GA 

2nd Big-Y tester for this group-new Big-Y Group BY-I-P37-1

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-P37-3

David Smyth d 1814 Washington Co VA, Edouard Schmidt. Descendants in Giles TN, Lincoln TN 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-P37-4

These appear to be descendants of David Thomas Smith m Eilzabeth Farrar (New Kent County > David Smith m Elizabeth Ragsdale (Hanover County)

Guilelmus Smith b 1735 Hanover Co VA or NC, died c 1814 Warren Co NC. Descendants in Campbell Co TN 

Louisa County Virginia was formed from Hanover County Virginia in 1742 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-P37-5

Simeon Smith b c 1785 MD, William B Smith b 1830 Harris Co GA. Descendants also in Chambers AL -

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-P37-6

William Smith b c 1784 ENG m Isabella Brown AND John Smith b c 1811 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-P37-7

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-P37-8

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-P37-9

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-P37-2
2nd Big-Y tester for this group-new Big-Y Group BY-I-P37-1

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-J-M172-1

Peter Smith d 1741 Westmoreland VA Descendants in Spartanburg, SC, Caldwell KY

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-J-M172-2

William Smith d c 1760 Essex VA, Descendants in Mecklenburg VA, Campbell GA,; also Benjamin Smith b c 1820 TN. Fentress TN, Wayne KY

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-J-M172-3

Martin Smith b c 1776 PA d 1852 Fairfield OH. Also Jeremiah Smith b c 1822 PA. Descendants in Dauphin, PA, Salem, NJ, Gloucester, NJ

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-J-M172-5

Soldan Schmidt, John W Smith b 1830 Prussia > PA

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-J-M172-4

Robert Smith b c 1725 Cumberland Co VA m Elizabeth

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-J-M172-6

Canada; NY

James Smith b 1734 m Joanna Davis
James N Hawkins b 1821 NY m Mary Duryea

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-J-M172-7


Zephaniah Smith m Eliza Vick

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-J-M172-8

SC; GA; OK Unknown Stephen S Smith b 1839 GA SC>GA>OK

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-J-M172-9


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-J-M172-10

David J Smith b 1823, William K Smith b c 1808

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-J-M172-11

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-J-M267-1

Anderson Monroe Smith b 1855 GA, Jacob Smith b 1771 NC, Green Wood Smith b c 1814 GA, Richard Smith b c 1831 SC, Armstrong Smith b 1801 GA. Descendants in covington AL, Dooly GA, Elbert GA, Henry GA, Barbour AL

New Member with Unknown Smith in Brooks Co GA

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-J-M267-2

Thomas Landgrave Smith and Adoptee (John David Smith of OK) 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-Q-M242-1

Andrew Smith b c1650 ENG d 1704 NJ m 1674 Olive Foster b c1653 ENG. This family immigrated to NJ c1677, from which most of their next two generations of descendants removed 1735 to VA. Some went later to NC, from which their descendants settled in KY, MO, TX, OR, etc. The direct yDNA haplogroup lines from Andrew show an anomaly in the mid 1700s: descendants of Andrew

Haplogroup Q-M346 is a subclade of Y-DNA Haplogroup Q. Haplogroup Q-M346 is defined by the presence of the M346 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP).Q-M346 was discovered in Central Asia and announced in Sengupta 2006.[2] A latter paper suggested that its ancestral state was isolated to India,[3] but this has since been refuted by its presence in West Asia,[4] Europe[citation needed] and the Americas.[5]-Wikipedia

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-Q-M242-2

Henry Smith b 1588/1600 ENG (Hingham/Norfolk ENG) d 1649 Rehoboth Bristol MA. Also Justus Smith b 1796 Addison VT. Some descendants in Rockingham NH and Grafton NH


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-Q-M242-3

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M124-1

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M152-13

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M173-1

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M198-1

Nicholas Smith d 1804 MD, Samuel smith b 1770 VA, John Harry Smith b 1814 TN, Edward Smith b 1720 VA, Isaac Smith b c 1800 TN

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M198-2

Jesse Smith b NC d 1830 Bartholomew IN. George Wesley Smith of Yell Co AR, John Smith b 1834 AL


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M198-3

Subgroup 1- SC/NC John Wright Smith b c 1790 SC, John W SMith b 1792 Warren Co NC, Tobias Smith b 1779 NC, John W Smith b 1785 NCThomas Harrison Smith, Jeremiah Smith

Subgroup 3-VT, . Joseph Smith b c 1785 Leonminster MA or VT

New Big-Y Group for NC/TN/LA Smiths

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M198-4

Andrew Smith b c 1780 IRE, Lawrence L Smith b c 1887 IN.


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M198-5

James Smith Yorkshire England


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M198-6

Zachariah Smith b 1807 NC

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M198-9

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M198-3
New Big-Y Group for NC/TN/LA Smiths

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M198-10

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M198-11

William Henry Smith 1838-1889 TN m Emeline Hill;

Zachariah Smith b  c 1772 mk Elizabeth Adams

New Member, descendant of Zachariah Smith b 1772 NC m Elizabeth Adams

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M198-12

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M198-13

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M198-14

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M198-15

Bermuda, Danish West Indies

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M198-16


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M198-17

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-1

Quite a few of these Smiths seem to have a common location in Chatham Co NC (parenthesis are when it appears people are grouped together or close on the census)

Chatham Co NC - Unknown father of Wyatt, Isam, Jordan, Zadock, Wiley, Merrill and Elizabeth possibly William Smith b 1728.  Wyatt Smith b c 1768 NC d 1857 Bledsoe Co TN m Margaret Bilbrey. (YDNA tester) Wiley Smith m Susannah went to Grainger Co TN, Jordan Smith b 1805 NC m Marthan Winningham > Bledsoe Co TN > Overton Co TN - (YDNA tester) Merrill Smith b c 1780 NC d 1856 Calhoun Co AL m Mary? 

Smith Co, TN, -Malcolm Smith b c 1765 Chatham Co NC m Sally E Grinad > Smith Co TN . Children: Cornelius, Malcolm Jr Daniel, Abraham Abel, Henry, Joshua Wiseman (YDNA tester) 

Robertson Co TN Needham Smith b c 1778 NC (prob 1800 Chatham Co NC census)  m Rebecca > Robertson Co TN> Polk Co MO (1 YDNA tester, 1 mtDNA tester)

Scott County, IL (probably in Morgan Co IL in 1830)  Alfred Max Smith b 1819 TN > Scott Co IL > St Clair MO YDNA tester  Enumerated in 1830 Morgan Co IL by an older Micham (Meacham?)  Smith and Solomon Smith There is a Meacham Smith bc 1777 NC m Sarah > Scott Co IL. 

Jesse Smith b c 1785 NC m Fanny Reese > Scott Co IL. Was also in 1830 Morgan Co IL YDNA tester

Bledsoe Co TN William Jordan Smith b 1805 NC father unknown > Bledsoe Co TN > Overton Co TN YDNA tester

Warrick Co IN - Isaam Smith b 1808 TN d Benton Co MO. Wiley, Needham, and Larkin are also associated with this county. - YDNA tester

Is John *The Bluff* Smith m Margaret Gilchrist related to these Chatham Smiths?

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-9

William Smith b 1784 Henry Co VA, Jacob Smith b c 1805 TN, George Smith b c 1808 SC, Miles M Smith b c 1828 KY. Descendants in Blount TN, Laurens SC, Camden MO, Washington KY , Marion AR, Seminole OK


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-2

Alexander Smith d 1696 Middlesex Co VA, also Samuel H Smith b c 1795 NC. Descendants in Granville NC, Panola MS, Brazoria TX, Carroll TN, Hot Springs AR


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-3

Allen Smith b c 1814 GA, also Vernie Rose James b c 1896 TX


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-7

Thomas Smith b c 1750 VA, Thomas Smith b c 1755 NC, John W Smith b c 1853 AL, Bethel Smith b c 1812 TN, Samuel Smith b c 1815 GA, John W Smith b c 1853 AL. Descendants in Wayne NC, Cullman AL, Newton MS


Photos from Blackmore England of Thomas Smith -Smyths Hall

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-8

Christopher Smith b c 1591 ENG> VA, Harrison G Smith b GA, Henry Garrison Smith b c 1832 SC. Descendants in Brown TX, Pickens SC


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-9

Isaac Smith b 1783 TN, Bennett Smith b 1822 NC, William M Smith b 1832 NC / Descendants in Orange NC, McNairy TN, Kaufman TX, Daviess MO, Vernon MO


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-4

James Smith b c 1809 TN, Benjamin Smith b c 1790 VA> Jeffferson TN, Aaron Smith 1807, Obadiah Smith b c 1763 VA, James Smith b c 1809 Jefferson TN, Andrew Smith b c 1826 TN, John William Smith b c 1865 TN


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-12

Joseph Smith d before 1748 VA, Joshua Smith b befo 1800 NY, David L Smith b c 1825 SC, Alexander N Smith b c 1850 GA


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-14

Jarvis Smith b  1745 Wales > Wilkes Co NC. Willliam Smith b c 1765 NC, HumphreySmith b c 1765 VA, Edgar James Smith b c 1852 MO, Wiliam Byrd Smith b c 1810 Wilkes NC


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-15

.Ezekiel Smith b c 1717 Scotland, Wilson Smith b c 1807 NC, Michael Smith b c 1738 VA Descendants in Houston GA, Wilcox GA.


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-16

Francis Smith was probably born in England, in Hingham, MA by 18 Sep 1635 (land grant). He was made a freeman in 1637, and later moved to Taunton, MA (by 1655)


Updated William Smith b c 1811 Canada m Betsey Besmer

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-17

.Jesse Smith b c 1765 NC, Starling Leonard Smith b c 1898 GA. Descendants in Franklin GA


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-18

John Smith was at Sudbury in 1647. He may have been John Smith, an early settler of Watertown or a relative of his. His wife's name was Sarah. He had assigned him lot No 29 in the second squadron of the two-mile grant. The name Smith has been a common one in town.

1. John Smith b 1622 Sudbury Eng d 1687 Sudbury MA. Eber Smith b 1792 NY, Reuben S Smith b 1814 Greene Co TN, George Smith b 1815 TN Locations Sudbury, MA; Berkshire, MA; Greene Co, TN

2. George Smith b c 1725/1730 Ireland-Descendants include Willis Smith b 1750 IRE, Millington Smith, Cardwell Breathitt Richard Smith. Also Simon Smith, possible parent Richard Smith.  Locations: Edgecombe Co, NC

3. Andrew Smith b Ireland > New Haven, CT Locations: New Haven, CT

4. John Smith b 1745 d Bennington Co, VT. Location: Manchester Twp, Bennington Co, VT

Unknown how match. Eber Smith b 1792 NY, John F smith b 1814 GA, Alfred Peck b 1815 d 1883, Charles Alonzo Smith Steuben IN. Simon Smith b 1754, James Enoch Smith b 1877. All these subgroups seem to have an Irish origin in common

New Member pic for the Smith Photo Album

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-19

Joseph Hiram Smith b c 1798 SC d Hall Co GA, Carlie B Smith b 1899 MS, Isaac David Smith b 1816, William T Smith b 1849 GA, Harbard Smith VA> GA, Jefferson Co GA, leonard Smith b 1735 Dinwiddie VA, others in GA, SC and VA


Mayflower connections from this group

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-21

Isaih Smith b 1796 SC, James Smith b 1665 Berkeley NC

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-22

.Elijah Smith b c 1817 GA, also James Alexander Smith b 1858 TN. Descendnats in Houston GA, Twiggs GA, White AR, Fannin TX


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-23

.Alfred Francis Joseph Smith b 1866 Tipperary Ireland


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-24

.William Smith b c 1800 LA, Wiliam Smith b c 1800 NC, James Smith b c 1768 Pitt NC


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-25

.John Smith b 1771 Blair Co PA, Jasper T Smith b c 1825 PA, Greene PA, Ritchie WV,d Roan WV, Bedford PA


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-26

.Marmaduke Smith b 1788 NC, Jacob Nicely Knisely, Robert H Smith b 1872 AR, James Smith b c 1813 TN, William Charles Smith b c 1802 Bedford VA, Andrew Smith b c 1811 SC, Thomas G Smith b 1877 NC


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-27

Alexander Smith - Hawkins Co TN, Wiliam Berry Smith b c 1792 NC, James M Smith b Walker Co AL. Descendants in Runnels TX

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-28

John Smith b c 1745 VA. Descendants in Lawrence MO, Daviess MO, Grand River, MO

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-29

Jeremiah Smith b 1795 NC m Sarah Goins, Arthur Smith b 1821 Appling GA m Elvy Williams; Joseph Smith b 1798 NC m Sarah Fortune: ? Smith (Moses Jones) b 1760 Bledsoe NC

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-30

John Smith d c 1784 Hanover Co VA m Frances Barnett. Descendants in Louisa VA, Barren KY


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-31

.Zacheriah Smith b 1799 Abbeville, SC


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-32

Nicholas Smith was born c 1656, will probates in Surry Co VA 1718   Found in Surry Co VA records (March 1769- witness to deed from Richard Blow to Nicholas Sessums; witness to transfer of land from john Smith and wife Mary smith to Mary Barrows; May 1682 witness to deed from John and Mary Smith to Thomas Mathas)

Nicholas Smith b before 1656 VA m Elizabeth Flood. Descendants in Sussex VA, Clarke GA

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-33

.John Smith b c 1797 VA, Johann Michael Schmidt b c 1746 Germany France


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-34

.William Smith b 1695/700 VA, Samuel Smith b 1823 Hawkins TN, William L Smith b Nov 1871. Descendants in North Franham Parish VA, Randolph NC, Overton TN


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-35

.Joseph J Smith b c 1861 TN, Samuel Smith d 1820 Bledsoe TN, wiliam M Smith b 1860 Monroe Co TN


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-36

.Thomas Smith 1749 VA, Wiliam Smith b c 1800 kY, Taylor Smith b c 1850 VA, Descendants in Springfield KY, Sangamon IL


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-37

Thomas Smith b 1834 SC


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-38

William R Smith b 1786, lived in Tennessee, in Jersey, Greene and Washington Counties, IL, and probably died after 1860 in Wise County, TX. Descendants lived in Hardin County, TN, Lincoln County, MO and several Texas counties including Denton, Clay and Collingsworth, and many moved on to Oklahoma before statehood as well. Given and middles names in this family are Nolan, Joshua, Riley, King, Herrod, with the usual William, John, Thomas. Also Squire McClur Smith b 1860 TN m Mary Orlena Crabtree. Descendants in Lincoln MO, Washington IL

Growing Big-Y Group (BY-R-M269-3)

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-40

Niall of the 9 Hostages

William 1668 ENG m Jane Wilberfoss went to Bucks Co PA (Niall of the Nine Hostages). Phil Smith b 1840/45 KY. Descendants in Bond IL, Wayne IL, KY

Genealogy of William Smith of Wrightstown, Bucks Co PA 1684 -on Archive.org


Another Big-Y match into this group- White

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-40

Charles Smith b 1670 ENg, Robert Washington Smith Sc m Mary Dennell, John Darling Smith b 18555 Lulu FL, william M Smith b 1829 GA, Stephen Smith b c 1846 Pitt NC


Another Big-Y match into this group- White

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-41

Saul Smith 1806 NC. Valentine Smith b c 1815 Tyrell NC


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-42

Clement Smith Brunswick VA, William Bradford Smith b c 1834 MO, Joseph Smith b c 1795 TN

GRP-R-M269-120 was merged into this group on 2/12/2020


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-43

Gabriel Smith was born Dec 12, 1764 at Anson Co NC and died in 1841 at Carroll Co, GA. He married Anna Sarah Downs. Holloway (probably Oliver) Smith b c 1847 GA, Curtis (has an extremely good match although it hasn't been determined what the Smith match is). Theory, unproven, that Gabriel's father is John "Little River" Smith, needs proof; The descendants of Christopher Smith  ENG>VA do not match this group. Have also other matches that do not stem directly from Gabriel Smith but also follow the migratoin track of coming from Anson County NC through Franklin Co GA to Carroll Co GA or Alabama 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-11

Daniel Smith 1800 PA, John W Smith b c 1799 PA. Descendants in Cedar IA, Dunn, WI


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-44

Daniel Smith b 1785 NC, Peter Smith b c 1740 GER d NC, Henry Smith b c 1783 prob Northampton PA lived NY

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-45

.Edward Smith b c 1792 VA, Thomas Smith d c 1669 VA


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-46

John Smith b 1788 PA (BEER)-These 2 testers match the BEER surname

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-47

Samuel Smith b c 1602 Hadleigh ENG m Elizabeth SMITH. Although some sources have Samuels wife as being a Chileab, according to the NEHGS (New England Historic Genealogical Society, here name was Smith. SAMUEL, Lieut., with wife Elizabeth and children, Samuel, ae. 9, Elizabeth, ae. 7, Mary, ae. 4, and Philip, ae. 1, sailed for New England, the last day of April, 1634, in the Elizabeth of Ipswich. He and his wife were each then called thirty two years of age. *South Hadley, Amherst and Granby (Hampshire County), MA were split off from and formed from Hadley (Hampshire County) in 1753-54). Hadley was founded in 1659. Samuel Smith and family sailed from England on the Elizabeth on 30 Apr 1634 during the Great Migration and  settled first in Watertown and then  in Wethersfield, CT in 1635. After a dissention in the church, he and a number of others moved up the Connecticut River and founded Hadley in Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1659. "He came from Wethersfield, Ct., where he was a leading man, to Hadley, where he held important offices both in church and state." He is supposed to have died in 1680, ae. abt. 78. His inventory was taken Jan. 17, 1681. He m. Elizabeth, who d. March 16, 1686, ae. 84. (Source for Elizabeth's name is Torrey's New England Marriages Prior to 1700 Vol II H-S p 1404. Clarence Almon Torrey. New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston 2011. Anderson (Great Migration, NEHGS) comments that "Pope muddled records for this immigrant with those of another Samuel Smith of about the same age, who resided at Salem and Wenham [Pope 423])

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-48

James Smith b c 1732 NJ > Harrison Co VA, also Trenton NJ

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-49

Ralph Smith of Hingham, Mass, was born probably around 1610 in Hingham, Norfolk England. The record of Ralph Smith's marriages has not been found. He was married to his first wife while in Hingham, Mass, where he remained until about 1653. As late as Sept 22, 1652, he is spoken of in the probate records of Suffolk County, Mass, as "Ralph Smyth of Hingham" (N E Reg VIII 61). The baptisms of the four children born in Hingham are recorded there. The birth of his daughter Deborah on March 8, 1654 is recorded at Eastham, Mass, which establishes the date of his removal to that town as between Sept 1652 and March 1654. Freeman's History of Cape Cod (page 359) gives the list of legal voters in Eastham May 22, 1655, showing Ralph to to be the only Smith there at that time. He took the "oath of fidelity" in Eastham on Oct 25, 1657 and was made Constable of that town in 1660 (Plymouth Colony Records VIII, 1814) In 1664 he was "trading" with Josias Hobart of Hingham, Mass.

After the death of his first wife, he married Grace, teh widow of Thomas Hatch, and the following "Court Order" indicates he died before its date: "Oct 27, 1685- Administration is granted by this court to Grace Smith, relict of Ralph Smith and Samuel Smith, son to the said Ralph Smith, all of the town of Eastham, in the Colony of New Plymout in New England, deceased, on all goods and chattels of said Ralph Smith" (Plymouth Col Rec VI, 175)

The name of this family in Norfolk County, England, was invariabley spelled "Smyth" and Ralph continued to use this form during his life. His sons therafter signed their name "Smith". - Jesse smith, his ancestors and descendants, Google Book

Ralph Smith b c 1610 Hingham Norfolk ENG, came from there in 1633. Father probably John Smith. Ralph of Eastham, Plymouth Colony. Grace Smith, relict of Ralph Smyth.

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-50

Christopher Smith b c 1593 England > CT d 1676 RI. Married Alice. Children of Christopher Smith:  William b c 1617 CT, Christopher b 1619 d 1692, Susannah b c 1621 d 1692, Mary b 1623 d 1680, Samuel b 1624 d 1628, Simon b 1628 CT d 1688, Joseph b 1635 d 1690 CT, Benjamin b 1631 RI d 1713 RI, Edward b 1636 RI d 1693 RI 

Haplogroup R1b (Y-DNA) is the dominant paternal lineage of Western Europe. In human genetics, Haplogroup R1b is the most frequently occurring Y-chromosome haplogroup in Western Europe and in parts of sub-Saharan Central Africa (for example around Chad and Cameroon). R1b is also present at lower frequencies throughout Eastern Europe, Western Asia, Central Asia, and parts of North Africa, South Asia, and Siberia. Due to European emigration it also reaches high frequencies in the Americas and Australia. While Western Europe is dominated by the R1b1a2 (R-M269) branch of R1b, the Chadic-speaking area in Africa is dominated by the branch known as R1b1c (R-V88). These represent two very successful "twigs" on a much bigger "family tree."-Wikipedia


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-51

William smith b c 1613 ENG m Ann went to Charleston MA, Nathaniel Smith d 1798 VT went to OH, Jacob Smith b c 1825 NY d 1901 OH. Descendants in Milford NH, Middlesex CT, Van Wert OH, Lorrain OH 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-52

Thompson Smith b c 1750 Oxford Sussex NJ d 1821 Stokes NC

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-53

Reverend Henry Smith b ENG d 1648 Wethersfield CT m Dorothy (Cotton). Descendants in Hartford CT, Ashfield MA, Warren PA

Rev. Henry Smith, was born in 1600 in England. He was educated at Cambridge University receiving his BA in 1621; and his MA 1625, and was ordained a minister, by the Bishop of Peterborough, in 1623. Henry's first wife may of been the daughter of Gabriel Cornish, her name may have been Dorothy but this is not known for sure. Henry and Dorothy had four children: Philippa, Mary, Peregrine and Rebecca.  
After Dorothy?s death Henry married his second wife Dorothy (?), in 1632 in England. Late in 1635 or very early in 1636 Henry with his wife Dorothy, two daughters and son from his first marriage ventured to New England. As was not uncommon at the time Henry and Dorothy's young son Preserve was born during the six-week journey. The Smiths settled first in Watertown, Massachusetts where their daughter Dorothy was born in 1636. Then they marched through the wilderness to Wethersfield, carrying just their necessities. They had shipped most of their belongings up the river but the ships floundered in a "great storm" and they lost practically everything. Henry built a log house for his family and Dorothy, with what was left of their belongings, did what she could to provide a comfortable home for her growing family. Four more children Samuel, Joanna, Noah and Elizabeth were born to them in Wethersfield where they lost their son Penegrine probably within a few years after their move. In addition to her household chores, Dorothy also developed skills with a rifle, and according to her son Samuel, shot several wolves which came too near the house.  Rev. Henry Smith was one of the early Puritan ministers of New England. In 1641 Henry became the first settled minister at their church. Prior to that time the settlement had three ministers, each only serving a short period of time. His home lot of five acres was on High Street, the first house north of the meetinghouse. He was described as "a gentleman of good family" and "of uncommon culture, refinement and firmness".    
From the very beginning his ministry was troubled. Certain members of his congregation greeted him with suspicion, which led to allegations and accusations. His chief accuser was Mr. Clement Chaplin. Chaplin who moved from Hartford to Wethersfield in 1636 was a wealthy and prominent citizen. He was a large landowner; both he and Rev. Smith had lands allotted to them on both sides of the river in the general distribution of 1639.
Mr. Chaplin, a Ruling Elder in the church since 1639, was very influential in the church and the community. Henry was soon embroiled in quarrels with some members of his congregation, which by 1643 had grown bitter and with a large portion of the congregation supporting him. Chaplin's accusations and suspicions along with written declarations grew so numerous that in 1643 the matter was brought before the General Court. After examining the merits of the case, the court ordered Mr. Chaplin to stop and fined him L11 for libeling Mr. Smith. This effectively stopped him from criticizing Mr. Smith, but it did not stop him from bringing various civil suits against the Reverend, forcing the courts again to take action. After their investigation Reverend Smith was exonerated and vindicated. This latest court action effectively quieted Chaplin and his followers. Reverend Smith's ministry moved forward, with no more serious interruptions.
At the time of Rev. Henry's tenure in the pulpit at Wethersfield Connecticut, witchcraft was a popular endeavor, or perhaps I should say accusations of witchcraft were popular. Witchcraft as practiced in Connecticut and Massachusetts appears to have migrated to New England along with the original invaders from the Old Country. It was occasionally lethal to its practitioners and sometimes, it was said, to those on which it was practiced. In the manner of Puritan ministers in New England in those days, the Rev. Henry Smith presided in 1648 at the trial of Mary Johnson. In 1646, she had been sentenced to be whipped for theft, probably at Hartford, which was to be repeated a month later at Wethersfield. On her own confession, she was indicted by a jury in December 7, 1648, as guilty of "familiarity with the Devil." Mather says, "Her confession was attended with such connective circumstances that it could not be slighted." She confessed, he says, that she had murdered a child, and committed other faults of licentiousness. For some months before her execution, she was imprisoned at Hartford, under the care of William Ruscoe. A son was born to her while there. Nathaniel Ruscoe, the jailer?s son, agreed with her before her death to bring up and educate the child, which agreement was afterward sanctioned by the court. The jailer was paid L6 10s, for twenty-four weeks' charges to June 6, 1650, from which fact it is inferred that she was executed on that date. Rev. Samuel Stone ministered to her while in prison, and it is said that she became a penitent woman. She was evidently a poor, misguided creature, who accounted for her fault according to the superstition of the age.

Henry caught "the great fever" in 1648 and died age 48, two weeks before the birth of their daughter Elizabeth, in Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut, "grieved and wearied with the burdens of his charge." Although their two oldest daughters were married, Dorothy was still left with four young children to support and she married John Russell the following year. The church quarrels did not end with Henry's death and another quarrel in 1659 caused twenty families to leave the church. They moved into the jurisdiction of Massachusetts where they became founders of Hadley. Dorothy's son-in-law, John Russell who had taken Henry Smith's place as pastor of the Wethersfield church, became the first minister at Hadley. His father and Dorothy probably also left Wethersfield at that time. By 1664 they were taking turns with Dorothy's son-in-law, Lieutenant Samuel Smith, in providing shelter in Hadley for the regicides, Goffe and Whalley. "William Goffe was a veteran of the English Civil War which pitted the armies of King Charles I and Parliament against one another." When King Charles was defeated, Goffe and 57 other Parliamentary judges voted to behead him. When his son, Charles II, took the throne in 1660 "he vowed vengeance against his father's killers." At that point Goffe and his father-in-law, Edward Whalley, fled to New England, eventually ending up in Hadley where they hid from 1664 to the late 1670s. Goffe became the center of one of the town's oldest legends. He allegedly came to the Hadley church in 1675 during King Phillip's War to warn of an imminent Indian attack. Since he had been hiding in the Russell home all those years, no one knew him and "when the Indians were repelled, the townspeople believed an angel had been sent to save their village." Dorothy's bible, which she may have given to Goffe, has recently been found in the Hadley Historical Society collection room, on the upper floor of the Goodwin Memorial Library where it sat in a drawer for almost 20 years. It was originally found in a secret room of the John Russell house in Hadley. On the inside front cover of the bible was written "Dorothy Russell her book." Dorothy wrote her will on the 16th Feb 1681 and her signature on the will is reportedly a perfect match for the one discovered on the bible. Dorothy died in 1694 in Hadley, Hampshire, Massachusetts, aged 88.

  Henry and his first wife had four children: Philippa, Mary, Peregrine and Rebecca Smith. Henry and his second wife Dorothy had six children: Preserved, Dorothy, Samuel, Joanna, Noah and Elizabeth Smith.

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-54

Thomas Smith, immigrant ancestor, came from England in the shiop "Hector" which came to New Haven, Connecticut, leaving London England in 1637, and wintered at Boston, Massachusetts. He was one of the youngest persons on the ship. He was born in 1634, died at East Haven, Connecticut, November 16, 1724. It is thought by some that his father, who accompanied him, was Charles Smith. He married in 1662, Elizabeth, born 1642, died 1727, only daughter of Edward Patterson. Thomas Smith proceeded to the rights of his father in law among the proprietors of new Haven. Children: John born March 1664; Anna April 1 1665, infant 1667,; John June 14, 1669, Thomas died young; Thomas January 31, 1673, Elziabeth June 11, 1676, Joanna Dec 17 1678, Samuel; Abigail August 17, 1683, Lydia March 24 1686, Joseph 1688, Benjamin Nov 16, 1690.-New England Families Cutters Volume 4

Thomas Smith b 1634 ENG d 1724 New Haven CT. John Smith b c 1729 Preston Scotland, Ansson Smith b 1808 Windsor CT , David Smith b c 1770 IRE d Washington Co VA, Robbert Smith b c 1733 IRE

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-55

.John Smith b c 1767 ENG d c 1849 Westmoreland PA.


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-56

William Smith b 1598 ENG d 1668 Suffolk NY. William Smith b c 1753 PA d 1804 NY, Nehemiah Smith b 1800 Milford PA lived Elmira NY, Josiah Smith b c 1716 Stamford Ct


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-57

Anderson Smith b c 1743 VA, Melvin Cary b 1872 Bureau IL, Andrew Smith b 1645 Yorkshire ENG Hopewell NJ, Edward K Smith b c 1799 PA

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-58

William C Smith 1805 PA d 1885 Calhoun IAa


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-59

John Blue Smith b 1624 NY, Fluwelling J Smith, Ludlow Smith - 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-60

Reverend John Smith b 1620 ENG m Susannah Hinckley

Rev. John Smith was one of the most interesting characters in Plymouth Colony History, where he appeared as a settler of Barnstable, 1630. In a deposition given by himself in 1651, he alleged that he was the son of THOMAS SMITH of Brinspittell, an old village just a few miles from Dorchester, England, and that he was b. there in 1614 and came to New England in 1630. There was a close relationship between him and Elder John Chipman of Barnstable (also our ancestor), who came from the same place in England and became his neighbor in New England, the families also intermarrying in succeeding generations. There is every indication of a relationship to both John and Richard Smith, first at Taunton, Mass., and also to a Richard Smith, wife Eleanor and sons, Richard and Thomas, who neighbored with Rev. John Smith subsequent to the first settlement of Woodbridge, New Jersey. Rev. John Smith was made freeman at Barnstable, 1640, joined the first church of Barnstable, 10-13-1640, of which Rev. John Lathrop was pastor; in 1643 he was a Member of Lieutenant Thomas Dimmock's Company, of Militia at Barnstable; Deputy to the General Court, 1656-1657. Called "of the Church of the Puritans," he asked for a repeal of the "Law Against the Quakers" in 1659. In 1657 he obtained official permission to frequent Quaker meetings. Where he acquired his ministerial training does not appear. In 1663 he succeeded Rev. William Sargent as pastor of the Barnstable Church. He and his father-in-law, Samuel Hinckley, were strong friends to the Quakers, but too liberal for the times. Dissensions arose and Rev. John Smith gave up his labors and removed to Long Island between 1663 and 1667, for in the latter year he was among the settlers of East Jersey, and named as one of the original associates, who received grants of land under the concessions of the proprietors and Governor Carteret's plans for colonization. "Piscataway was settled under grant, dated Dec. 18, 1666, the grantees being John Martin, Charles Gilman, High Dun, and Hopewell Hull, and on 5-30-1668, Robert Dennis, John Smith, John Gilman and Benjamin Hull were announced associates."
John Smith, however, settled at Woodbridge about 1670, receiving a grant of 512 acres there. In the "Association Agreement" he is called "John Smith of Barnstaple." In New Jersey he was not a "pastor". In the records he always as "John Smith, the mill-right", to distinguish him from contemporaneous "John Smith, the Scotchman",and sometines "the wheel-wright" or "meal-man". At one time he ws proprietor of Auchter Kull, now Perth Amboy. He was the leading man of Woodbridge, if comparisons are justified. He aided in building the church and supporting the minister, was constable in 1669; Member of New Jersey Assembly; Town Clerk; Moderator, 1671; Assistant, 1670-71; agai Member of New Jersey Assembly; 1671-72, Justice. However the old associations of Barnstable evidently called hin, for he returned and in 1675 he was there again and made pastor of the Church in Sandwich. In 1688, at his own requewt his pastorate terminated, being them aged 74. In the church records appears an entry, "Mr. John Smith died Oct. 2 171-"(last figure obliterated, but probably 1710, i.e., age 96. The proof that Rev. John Smith of Barnstable and Sandwich and John Smith of Woodbridge were one and the same lies in a deed of exchange dated 2-26-1677, of his property in Woodbridge for other, with Nathaniel Fitz Randolph of Barnstable, and in the deed he is called both "John Smith of Sandwich" and "John Smith, Millwright'. In 1642, he was betrothed to Susanna Hinckley, bapt. 11-6-1625 at Tenterdan, Co. Kent, England, daughter of Samuel Hinckley and wife Sarah. They were married 6-13-1643 and had 13 children.- "Colonial Families of the United States"

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-61

Christopher Smith b c 1615 ENG d 1676 Dedham MA m Mary Fairbanks. Descendants in Needham MA, Ashford CT, Berkshire MA, Oswego NY 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-62

Joseph H Smith b c 1801 MA d 1856 MI, Cleveland Smith b 1802 VT d NY, Samuel Sheldon Smith b c 1775 VT,  Robert Smith bc 1626 ENGor IRE d MA;, includes Joseph Smith Vermont to Illinois  Other possible origins-  Bennington, VT,

Big-Y Group for Robert Smith m Mary French

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-63

John A Smith c 1802 eastern PA, will Logan OH 1862, Jonas Smith b c 1801 PA


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-64

.Richard Bull Smith b c 1613 ENG d 1692 Smithtown NY. Jesse Smith b c 1785 NY d 1838 Cincinatti OH, Charles B Smith b c 1820 NY (Smithtown), Sidney Smith b c 1815 Suffolk NY)


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-66

Jedediah Smith b c 1789 lived NH. Jedidiah Smith b c 1743 VT, David Bruce Smith b c 1780 Merrimack NH, John Smith 1695 -Northern Ireland 


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-67

James M Smith b c 1824 Greene Co TN, Henry L Smith b c 1817 TN. Descendants also in Lincoln TN


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-68

.William Smith 1821 NY, Mark Smith b perhaps CT, James Smith b c 1610 ENG lived Weymouth MA


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-69

Willoughby Lincolnshire UK

Felden Smith b c 1822 SC m Matilda Derby

John Andrew Smith b 1754 Fauquier Co VA m M Broadway

William Smith b 1635 at Norwich, Norfolk Eng m Jane Isabel

William Smith Sr b 1755 Fauquier Co VA m Mary 

Abraham Smith b 1810 d 1870 WV m Sarah Flesher


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-70

Henry Smith b c 1619 ENG d 1687 Stamford Fairfield CT. Daniel Smith b 1774 CT d 1828 Huron OH


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-71

James Smith b c 1750 d 1829 Jonesboro Maine, George Smith b c 1770 VA, Zebulon Smith b c 1759 d 1810 Ontario CAN


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-72

.George Smith b Plymouth ENG d c 1662 Great Bay NH. Joseph Smith Sr b c 1640 NH


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-73

John Smith b c 1820 County Cavan, Ireland, Samuel Smith lived Salem NJ


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-74

Lloyd Smith b c 1898 NY lived Wilkes Barre, Luzerne PA


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-75

Stephen B Smith b 1808/1810 NY, Jonathan Smith b c 1795 lived NYC, William H Smith b c 1877 Newark, NJ, Ephraim Smith b 1816 NY


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-76

Joseph Madison Smith 1824 KY, descendants lived in Clinton IN, Scioto OH, Greenup, KY



Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-77

Owen Smith b c 1820 CAN, Bartholomew Smith b 1841 IRE, Thomas Smith b c 1822 Co Cavan IRE, Alexander Smith b 1790 SC, Thomas Jefferson Smith b 1798 SC, Arthur Smith b 1915, James William Smith b 1829 TN



Another Big-Y result into this group

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-78

Andrew Smith 1804 KY, John H Smith b c 1847 IL. Descendants lived Jasper MO, Calloway KY, Cherokee KS


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-79

Phillip Smith b 1790 IRE d Manchester NH, John J Smith b c 1822 NY lived Corinth NY


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-80

Thomas Smith VA Calvin Smith NY Clayton Smith IN


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-81

William B Smith b c 1763 NC, James M Smith b c 1790 SC, Daniel Smith b c 1757 NJ


New Member- Daniel Smith b 1797 NJ m Mary McConnell Davidson

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-82

.Thomas Jackson Smith b 1754 New London CT, also Henry Smith b 1607 ENG d 1687 Medfield Ma


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-83

Nathan Smith 1705 ENG m Jane -Yorkshire England


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-84

John Smith made oath that he imported himself, Margaret, his wife, Abraham, Henry, Daniel Smith, John and Joseph Smith and Robert McDowel as his charges from (Ulster) Ireland to Philadelphia and from thence into this colony and that this is the first time of his proving his and their rights in order to obtain land." [Orange County, Virginia Order Book II, Circuit Court of Orange County, Orange, Virginia, 1740 page 205] There is a theory that he was an officer in the British Army and may have been born in England sometime between 1698-1702 .


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-85

George Smith b 1844 MS/AL, Descendants in Kemper MS, Neshoba MS


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-86

David Smith b c 1808 NC, Willie Early Smith b c 1916 KY. Descendants in Smith TN, Jackson TN,


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-87

John Smith b 1805 NC m Rhoda Raynor Descendants in Sampson Co NC; Noel R Smith b 1817 NC, Unknown Adopted -Early Co GA in 1942


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-88

John A Smith b 1780 Anson Co NC , John Joseph Smith b 1812 NC/William Harvey Smith/Thomas Smith b 1744 VA. Locations. Augusta Co, VA, Anson Co NC, Henderson Co TN


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-89

.Ebenezer Smith b 1740 SCT d 1830 NY: Son Phineas Smith b 1761 Suffield CT m Betsey Downing


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-90

Patrick Smith b/ 1787 TN, David Smith b/ 1789 TN and Richard smith b 1792 TN. Theory- James Smith...he was also known as Cherokee Jim Smith because he was a Cherokee mixed-blood. I believe he is a descendant of Cherokee Traders Richard or Abraham Smith, both sons of Richard Smith & Agnes Cocke. Cherokee Jim lived in TN and AL and probably parts of GA


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-91

Andrew Smith b c 1736 Switzerland, came to Philadelphia PA, died Baltimore MD 1811


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-92

.William Smith Sr b c 1755, William Smith b Oct 4 1790 Abbeville SC


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-94

.Nathan Smith b c 1770/780 NJ, Samuel Smith b c 1772 Albany NY m Phoebbe Clement, Richard Smith b c 1760 m Elizabeth Lake d 1775 NY


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-95

.John W Smith b c 1819 Roxbury CT, Frank Smith b c 1826 NY


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-96

Descendancy traced through Samuel Smith (abt 1710-1778), MD, VA m Grissel Locker, Prince George County, MD. August court Henry/Bedford Co., VA, Solomon, Zadoc, Samuel, Sarah Smith and James Taylor and wife Elenar, Thomas Murray and wife Charity, John Williams and wife Catherine, John Russell and wife Septima vs Gressel (Gresselda) Smith.  Children vs mother over estate of father.  Birth records for some children and parents marriage records survive.  Testing matches descendants of two sons Solomon and Zadock.  Testing with son Samuel Smith Jr. (1755-1851) would be beneficial.



Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-97

John Smith b 1618 England > Plymouth MA > Dartmouth, Bristol, MA. Jacob R Smith b c 1797 VT d 1871 buried Ontario CAN


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-98

William Smith d 1805 TN m Elizabeth Ridley, Moses Smith b c 1820 KY m Parthenial Miller. Both Smiths are in Jefferson Co TN in 1850


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-99

Henry Calvin Smith b 1818 NY m Laura Shutts; Frank Smith b 1877 NE m B Lowman; Reuben Smith b 1786 VT m Mary Kimball ; Unknown (Tillman)


New Member, Unknown Smith but matches this group

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-20

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-38
Growing Big-Y Group (BY-R-M269-3)

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-77
Another Big-Y result into this group

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-62
Big-Y Group for Robert Smith m Mary French

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-40
Another Big-Y match into this group- White

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-100

Andrew Smith b 1754 m Nancy Ann Kennedy


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-101

Nicholas Schmidt, Ralph Smith, George Smith: NY, Fulton Co IN


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-102

.Robert Smith> Jasper Lincoln Smith: Camden SC, Tallapoosa, AL


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-103

E Allen Smith 1840, Charles H Smith b 1868 TN MS/TN/Ireland


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-104

Timothy Smith b c 1827 SC and Daniel Harvey Smith b c 1800 VT


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-105

Hillery Smith b 1816, Samuel S Smith b 1851 Bedford, PA


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-106

Alexander Smith d Washington Co , VA  William Smith b 1678 Northumberland, VA


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-107

John Smith/Joseph Smith -both have a common nexus of Darke Co OH but do not know a common ancestor


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-108

.Henry Smith PA, McPherson


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-109

Nathaniel Smith b c 1793 MD

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-110

.William Smith b c 1774 Renfrewshire, Scotland


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-111

John Smith b c 1709 RI


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-112

Andrew Smith b c 1760 Northern Ireland


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-113

.James Smith b 1808 London England


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-114

Patrick Smith b c 1818 Ireland, James Smith b 1825


Two New Members-Michael Smith b 1835 Ireland m Ann Riley

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-115

Cecil Smith b TN


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-117

Smith in MO, AR and OK (Daniel Thomas Smith b 1882, Mike Smith b 1878 MO

Michael Hourigan

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-118

.Moses Smith b VA, Richard Norflet Smith -GA


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-119

.Carl Schmidt b 1807 Prussia


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-121

Robert Smith b 1695 UK


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-122

Smiths of Columbus OH; Unknown.

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-124

Albert Smith b c 1848 Canada m Mary Jane Francisco; Unknown Smith or Schmidt

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-125

Joshua Smithey Sr; Albert Smither b 1918

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-126

Bazell Smith d 1811 Jones Co NC, Hilary Larkin Smith b 1825 KY

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-127

Group R-M269-127 has origins in, possibly, Northampton Co NC, then Bladen Co NC and Sumter Co SC. Parts of Bladen Smith later became Columbus Co NC. 

One main line is Arthur Smith b 1737 NC m Ann Pierce

Another is Stephen Smith b c 1746 NC m Joanna Council. Joanna Smith can be found on the 1800 Bladen Co NC census near Arthur Smith and an Eli Smith 

Mystery line for William Martin Smith b 1856 MS m E Allen. Who are his parents? 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-128

James Smith Ger m Teresa Fuller; Henry D Smith b c 1820 Philadelphia PA 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-129

Elijah Smith b 1761 MD;Henry Smith b 1813 GA;Preston Smith b 1830 KY

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-130

Martin Smith, George Smith 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-131

Johannes Schmidt b 1683 GER; Karl G Schmidt b 1864

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-132

Unknown Schmidt and Schnutt

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-133

George Washington Smith b 1848 GA; James William Smith b 1813 KY

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-134

Sylvanus W Smithson b 1810 Lunenburg VA m Mary J Gibson

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-135

John Smith b c 1757 VA m Ann; Cornelius Smith m Sarah Vidtor

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-136

John Smith b 1795 NC m Susanna; Stephen Smith b 1814 NC; William Smith b 1790 NC

New Member- Desc of Stephen A Smith b 1814 Sc m Susan Brown

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-138

Lumpkin Co GA, AR

Jasper Smith b 1816 GA m Sarah Ann Fletcher (Lumpkin Co) GA>GA>AR

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-137

Bennett Smith b 1820 NC; William B Smith b c 1823 Cherokee Co NC

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-139

KY, AR, Graves Co KY

Samuel Smith b 1797 KY m Elizabeth Thornton KY>KY>KY>AR

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-140

Smiths from England-MA

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-141

Tyrone, Ireland 1806; Bathgate, Scotland

Samuel Smith, Tyrone, Ireland 1806
John Smith b 1811  Bathgate Scotland Ireland>Scotland>Scotland

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-142

MA, Lancaster Co, PA, Campbell Co KY, Blakesburg, IA 

Clark Smith b 1780 MA
Robert Smith IRE>PA>KY>IA

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-143

Barnwell Co SC

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-144

PA; Ross Co OH

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-145

Auckland, NZ

Elisha Smith b c 1814 OH m Julia Ann Ashton; Kenneth George Smith; Unknown

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-146

NC; York Co SC

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-147

England; Providence, RI

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-148

Canada, Rutland Co VT; Suffolk, NY

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-149

LA Peter Smith b c 1840 LA  m Rosanna Smith 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-150

Oratio Nelson Smith b 1821 NY m Sarah Hyatt

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-151

John Smith b c 1730 & d 1776 MD, Charles Smith MD d KY* m E Marriman

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-152

Scotland/Ontario- James Smith b 1711 Ayr, Robert SMith b 1746 Kilsyth

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-153

PA- Charles Smith b c 1841 PA m Catherine Westbrook

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-155

John Smith b abt 1615 d 170 William Smith d 1820, Hector, Sussex Co., NY John Smith, died 1684

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-154

We need Most Distant Ancestor

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-156

Thomas H Smith b 1820 TN m Agnes Arnold

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-157

George A Smith b 1805 KY

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-163

Alfred T Smith b 1838 NY d IN m E Jane Thompson

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-158

Ireland/CT- James Webster Smith b 1834 Longford Ire m Catherine Scully 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-159

KY- Darby Smithhart  b 1803 m Polly 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-160

NJ/VA- Thomas Smith b bef 1735 NJ; Thomas M Smith b 1784 VA 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-161

Edward Smith b Canada d Colorado

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-162

Germany-Peter H Schmidt b 1834 Germany 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-164

GA- William smith b 1765 GA; William Smith b 1760 GA 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-166


VA/IA/KY - Guy Smith b 1890 IA; John Smith b 1765 VA, William Smith b 1826 VA 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-167

Thomas Smith b 1770 NC m E Bryan

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-168

Schmidt/Smith- Germany/Tn/KY/VA. 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-169

Peter J Smith Family b 1835 Ireland

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-170

Samuel Smith b NY 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-171

Samuel G Smith 1862-1920 Green Co IL ;Isaac Davidson Smith b 1830 TN 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-172

George Smith b c 1776 England (London)

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-173

Charles Smith born 1803 Charleston, SC; John Ulrick Smith b 1740 Germany

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-174

William Smith, b. abt 1770, Scotland

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-175

George Milne Smith b 1859 d 1901 Aberdeen Scotland

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-176

GA/TN- Alexander N Smith b 1850 GA; Levi Jackson Simth b 1840 TN 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-177

Members found in Tappan, NY; Orange Co NY, Rockland Co, NY

Lambrecht Smith b 1605 m Marie Daniels descendants 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-178

John Jacobus Schmidt b 1818 Hamburg Germany

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-179

South Carolina (possibly Marion Co SC?), Cross Co AR

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-116


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-180

Thomas Smith b c 1766 GA > Robertson Co TN 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-181

Luther C Smith b 1815 VT; William H Smith b 1818 IN, William SMith b 1515 Eng

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-182


Homer Smith NJ Supreme Court Justice, late 1800s; William Smith b 1700 NY 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-183

Heinrich Schmidt b 1809 Germany - Hamilton Co OH

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-184

William Dewey Smith b 1897 Anderson Co TN 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-185

John Smith b 1798 VA 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-186

Freeman Smith b c 1782 CT/MA d Sullivan Co NY 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-187

In Derby, New Haven, CT 

William Smythe b 1545 Hatfield England

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-188

Levi Smith b 1803 Cabarrus Co NC 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-189

Simeon Smith b c 1820 ENG m Mary Meadows; Job Smith SC 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-190

Archibald Smith b 1749 NC ; Joseph Smith b 1808 SC

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-191

Lewis B Smith b 18162 GA; Jeremiah Webb Smith b 1829 NC 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-193


Jehu Smith 1866; John P Smith b 1840 Louisiana 

New Member and New Big-Y Grouping - NC/SC/LA

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-192

Thomas Jefferson Smith b 1823 SC; John Smith m Mary Richardson 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-195

James E Smith b 1840 TX; William Smith b 1705 NY 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-196

Christopher Smith- Greenbrier VA 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-123

These Smiths include John Smith m Judith Thompson and show descent from Kiettery, York ME to Buxton ME to Kennebec Co ME. Ichabod Smith m Martha Crowell 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-197

Jeremiah Smith b 1791;Thomas J Smith b 1818-GA;/TN/AL

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-198

William Strother Smith 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-199

John Michael Schmidt/John Henry Smith; Jacob Smith b 1772 PA m Mary Barker 

New Member -Jacob Smith b 1772 PA m Mary Barker

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-200

Robert M Smith b c 1833 MS m May Higgenbotham  MS?PA (R-FT36611) 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-201

Albert Henry Smith b 1833 

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-202


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-203

Frederick Paul Smith b 1902 adopted, Unknown

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-204

John Smith b 1792 VA m Agnes

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-205

Smiths in Berkeley Co VA; Indiana, Illinois

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-206

NY City; Staffordshire England

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-207

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-208

Stephenson Smith b 1815; John Smith b 1774

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-209

Joseph Smith > Preble co OH

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-114
Two New Members-Michael Smith b 1835 Ireland m Ann Riley

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-193
New Member and New Big-Y Grouping - NC/SC/LA

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-1

Autosomal Group 1

Smiths in SC/TX/MS-

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-2

Autosomal Group 2

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-3

Autosomal Group 3

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-4

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-5

Autosomal Group 5

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-6

Autosomal group

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-7

Autosomal matching group

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-8

Also Williamson Co TN, Texas.

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-9

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-10

Robert Thomas SMith b 1774 Aberdeen Scotland m Margaret Dick

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-11

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-12


Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-13

Kentucky (Perry, Knott)

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-14

George Washington Smith/Mary Tyner Jesse Smith b 1817 GA

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-15

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-16

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-17

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-18

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-19

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-20

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-21

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-22

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-23

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-24 Lawson Smith m Sarah Price

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-25

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-26

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-27

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-28

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-28

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-29

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-30

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-46

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-31

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-32

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-33

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-35

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-34

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-36

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-37

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-38

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-39

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-40

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-41

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-42

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-43

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-44

Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-AU-45