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The following group is created based on YDNA matches. Sometimes trees are incorrect, and sometimes the results of DNA show that believing a particular tree is yours leads to a different direction than you originally thought. If you see an error in any tree, you are encouraged to send in corrections, sources, etc or post about it on the forum. These lines represent people's research. What the Smith DNA Project attempts to do in those cases is, with sources or reasoning, get the people together in a given group to discuss and then come to a consensus about the data for updating or correcting. We do not remove information without the people who have the trees, if possible,  being aware through a process so they can confirm or not, or describe the issue if there is a conflict that cannot be easily resolved. We also cannot know, nor have unlimited time to look for, places on the internet that have additional information. We rely on people whose trees these are, as project members, and members of this Smith DNA grouping, or interested passersby providing information that will set a new light on members data. There is a Submit Photo/Document/Source link on every ancestor page, as well as a Suggest changes and Contact link.
Note that all groups and discussion for the Smith DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA, including for Group GRP-J-M172-10 are located either on FamilyTreeDNA Smith DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA site or on the Smith DNA Project pages at and not anywhere else, including private sites, wikitree or reddit.
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David J Smith b 1823, William K Smith b c 1808

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 Family Lore
I have some unconfirmed family lore that may add a hint as to where James Kirkland Smith, the father of David J. Smith, came from in Europe. 

First, some of us believe that Kirkland is simply an anglicized version of Kuykendall. Word passed down was that James Smith was adopted by a man named Smith and that his real name "might have been" Kirkland. we tried to find a trail for a Kirkland, but the trail runs cold. Also, the name did not appear anywhere in the YDNA matches.

Also, older family members said that his wife was Dutch. They said that she spoke broken English with a heavy European accent. It appears she may be from Germany, though, and one wonders if Dutch was really Deutsch. 

In some villages in Germany, Jewish people (J-172) were persecuted and not allowed to have a surname. Here are some questions.  Did James Smith come from one of these villages? When he came to America, did he take his wife's name and run into problems because it was not traditional here? Did he first change it to Kirkland and later add Smith?
Comment by C11roe 2022-11-23 10:15:11

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Statistics: Total Members: 9 Total YDNA: 3 Total mtDNA: 0 Total autosomal: 5 Total tree only: 1 Total Big-Y: 1

Groupings are made based on YDNA matches. Subgroupings are matches on STRs, SNPs or higher levels of markers and/or Big Y.The lineage may or may not be able to connect to another member, but hopefully listing the descent lines will lead to clues to prove the matches by lineage and location. If you believe you would fit into this group, please 1. join the Smith DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA (Official-All), 2. Send in your direct line that includes the earliest Smith/Schmidt for whom you have a source 3. Register on the big tree site
Matched Group/Subgroup Early Ancestor Tree/Ped/m/Y/X/FF(Aut)Type Gedmatch Migration Path
GRP-J-M172-10 1. James Kirkland Smith b 1788 SC 2. Archibald Smith (FTD)/ 4AjI7l112020200844Tree Only
GRP-J-M172-10 YDNA on FTDNA James Kirkland Smith b 1788 SC/TN m Elizabeth Kuyendall Kit # MK27****(FTD)/ YDNA  BigY  GA
GRP-J-M172-10 James Kirkland Smith b 1788 SC/TN m Elizabeth Kuyendall Kit # 4034****(FTD)/ FF/AUT 
GRP-J-M172-10 James Kirkland Smith b 1788 SC/TN m Elizabeth Kuyendall Kit # B239****(FTD)/ FF/AUT  GA
GRP-J-M172-10 James Kirkland Smith b 1788 SC/TN m Elizabeth Kuyendall Kit # B239****(FTD)/ FF/AUT 
GRP-J-M172-10 James Kirkland Smith b 1788 SC/TN m Elizabeth Kuyendall Kit # 3506****(FTD)/ FF/AUT 
GRP-J-M172-10 YDNA on FTDNA John W Smith b 1836 TN m Luticia Hill Kit # 6892****(FTD)/ YDNA 
GRP-J-M172-10 John W Smith b 1836 TN m Luticia Hill (Same as 6892**) Kit # 4186****(FTD)/ FF/AUT 
GRP-J-M172-10 YDNA on FTDNA William K Smith b 1809 GA m Sarah Beard Kit # 1793****(FTD)/ YDNA  GA>AL

This chart, for privacy reasons, partially privatizes kit numbers. Each unique family line is represented by a *branch*. Think of one big tree with many branches. The branch number is automatically generated when a member sends his or her tree. The Smith DNA Project looks to see if the lineage is already represented or is new, as well as checks to see if the DNA results are compatible with any existing and matching line results. The YDNA, FFAUT, mtDNA, or Tree Only shows what type of DNA, if any, the member has tested for.
Groupings based on at least 37 matching YDNA markers, subject to change if better match found;autosomal, mtDNA and tree-only are only assumed to be related but a given line needs to be, if possible, vetted via a YDNA test or the autosomal tester needs to have a proven match with another autosomal tester who also has a YDNA match. We post this provisional DNA along with the proven YDNA matches in a group in order to bring attention to getting a YDNA tester to represent.
To see more information on a given *branch, click the branch description (ie, "John Smith b 1767 NC") etc.
icon for FF/AUT (Family Finder/Autosomal type test) means caution, needs to be verified. Same, obviously, with Tree Only and mtDNA. means it has been verified with at least one other autosomal match which also has been verified with the YDNA test in this group. The project also keeps autosomal groups separately while waiting for additional information to link them to a YDNA group.
Contacting a participant. Use the contact information, above. if the member is registered on this site, you may send a private message. You will also need to be registered and logged on. You can also go to a given ancestor page, and post a query to the Smith DNA Discussion forum (separate login and registration)  Post a question regarding the line on the Smiths DNA Facebook group. If on FamilyTreeDNA, look up the match list and click on the email icon for a given matching kit.
The section with Tree/Ped/m/x/Y/FF(Aut) shows the top tree line and pedigree if known, and what the YDNA, mtDNA, X line would look like-does not necessarily mean the person has done a particular test- column 2 shows the test taken Groupings based on YDNA; mtDNA and FF/Aut are assumed to match based on tree; suggest those kits find a Smith male in line to YDNA compare. If you are a male Smith that did an autosomal test (Family Finder/Ancestry) and you are grouped with others, we strongly suggest you do a YDNA test as well.
A mail icon indicates that this person has registered on, the registration has been tied to a branch, and he or she can be contacted by clicking the mail icon and sending a private message. The private message will also send an email. If the member is also a group contact for the group, there will be a "Group Contact" indication as well.
A icon indicates the line representative has not registered on this site and cannot be contacted through private message or email. If you are represented here and you are not registered, please register and be sure to include your kit number so we can look you up and tie you to your branch. You can then be directly contacted from this site.