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Nehemiah Smith b England Sarah Bourne; CT, NY Smiths/Flatt

Andrew Jackson Flatt b 1797 PA matches Smith--- Andrew Jackson Flatt b 1797 PA matches Smith--- Andrew Jackson Flatt b 1797 PA matches Smith--- Buel Jagger SMith b 1815 NY m Sarah ?--- Comfort Smith b 1746 CT m Lucy Kendall--- Edward Smith b 1637 Nottingham England m Elizabeth Bliss--- Jedediah Smith (Rev) b 1802 Lyme, New London Co., CT m Sally Wilcox--- Nehemiah Smith b 1605 ENG m Ann Bourne 2 Nehemiah 3 Nathan 4 Gilbert--- Nehemiah Smith b 1605 m Ann Bourne 2 Nehemiah 3 Nehemiah 4 John--- Nehemiah Smith m Ann Bourne 2 Nehemiah 3 Nehemiah 4. John--- Nehemiah Smith m Ann Bourne 2 Nehemiah 3 Samuel 4 Samuel--- Nehemiah Smith m Sarah Bourne (Hugh Smith m E Daniels)--- Unknown Smith - Flatt surname - PA/CT--- Van Buren Flatt- matches Smith---
Statistics: Total Members: 14 Total YDNA: 10 Total mtDNA: 0 Total autosomal: 5 Total tree only: 1 Total Big-Y: 5
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The following group is created based on YDNA matches. Sometimes trees are incorrect, and sometimes the results of DNA show that believing a particular tree is yours leads to a different direction than you originally thought. If you see an error in any tree, you are encouraged to send in corrections, sources, etc or post about it on the forum. These lines represent people's research. What the Smith DNA Project attempts to do in those cases is, with sources or reasoning, get the people together in a given group to discuss and then come to a consensus about the data for updating or correcting. We do not remove information without the people who have the trees, if possible,  being aware through a process so they can confirm or not, or describe the issue if there is a conflict that cannot be easily resolved. We also cannot know, nor have unlimited time to look for, places on the internet that have additional information. We rely on people whose trees these are, as project members, and members of this Smith DNA grouping, or interested passersby providing information that will set a new light on members data. If you know of other DNA matches that are not in the Smith DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA, please invite them to join the project so that we may compare here  Also, There is a Submit Photo/Document/Source link on every ancestor page, as well as a Suggest changes and Contact link.  If you believe you would fit into this group, please 1. join the Smith DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA (Official-All), 2. Send in your direct line that includes the earliest Smith/Schmidt for whom you have a source 3. Register on the big tree site
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Nehemiah Smith b England m Sarah Bourne Also Jedediah Smith b New london CT. Descendants in Sherman, NY, an Deerfield MI   Locations: New york, Clinton County, PA; Harford County, MD; Co

Group Contact(s) : mrmhsmith  

Latest Group Discussion Post
 Nehemiah Smith origins
Hello All,  
I am writing to those of you who have expressed an interest in the continuing saga about the origins of Nehemiah Smith. Recently I sent out a note, suggesting some attention should be paid to Edward, Nehemiah’s nephew, who was sent for in England from their elder brother (name still unknown) to live with brother John in Connecticut around 1651. Edward’s challenge of his Uncle John’s will which involved John’s wife, Joanna, makes for a very good read and is covered fully in H. Alan Smith’s 1889 book, “The Descendants of the Rev. Nehemiah Smith”. However, there are clues that have been left about John which may also be worth a look.
John Smith was born in England about 1609 and possibly came over with his brother Nehemiah in 1637/38. He first appears in Boston town records, volume two, page 41 under the date the 29, May 1639 (living in what is now part of Brookline) and it is thought that he may have been a tailor as his name was occasionally recorded as “Taylor Smith”. In 1640, he married Joanna (last name, unknown), a widow with a daughter named Elizabeth. They had no other children. We know that John sent Edward to live with Nehemiah on Long Island as he felt he could not keep him,“ being in a low condition, in respect to his estate.” 
We know that Nehemiah assisted John with cattle, sheep, and money to build a home along with a good deal of land. John repaid his brother as he became able and clearly took advantage of this opportunity afforded him, as by 1658/9 the general court of Hartford had appointed him Commissioner of Customs for the port of New London. By 1660 the same court granted New London to have an assistant and three commissioners with full power to try small cases. John was made one of the commissioners, where among other things he dealt with issues between the Native Americans and the English. He and Joanna became members of the First Church at New London where he served as a deacon in 1665. 
Various accounts mention John’s claims of a loss of property in England during the Civil Wars (there were two separate civil wars, some say three, there in the 1640s). The time including the civil wars up through the restoration of the monarchy under Charles II is referred to as the Interregnum and what I have read about this time period is confusing to say the least. It involved a power struggle between Parliament and the king, battles with Scots and Irish, Catholics versus Protestants, and even battles between various Protestant factions. These Protestant groups, some of whom are described as non – Conformists, Independents or Puritans, included the Diggers, the Levelers and the Ranters (among others). It is quite interesting to read about these various sects; the Ranters in particular held some very radical ideas.
Many of the people whose land had been “sequestered” during the Civil War had it returned when the monarchy was reestablished in the 1660 under Charles II. However, it is not clear when during this time period John lost his land or why it apparently was not returned. We can safely assume he was not a Ranter, but his views as a Non -Conformist or that he left England may be factors. Or maybe he supported the Royalists at the wrong time.
I did some searching on British History Online and have even searched through the National Archives in London to see what documents might be found about the sequestered properties. Assuming the documents would include where John’s land was located, these could signal where he and Nehemiah once lived. Then, given that these docs list the name of the towns, further investigations into local parishes might be done to find their birth records.
Unfortunately, and not unexpectedly, there are quite a few references to John Smiths who all had land seized. I will list file numbers for further investigation.
 Below I have listed cases involving all the John Smiths that I found on British History Online first, followed by those I found in the National Archives. I have included some of the notes that appear in the indexes which in most cases do list the names of the towns where the lands were seized. I am not sure what all the numbers mean, but these listings should save time for anyone exploring further.
Sources of John Smiths from British History Online
Queensborough, October 1648 calendar for compounding delinquents for estates January 1647 to June 1650 volume G255 June 1651 448–455

In Whitwell, 1650,  Lists of delinquencies and Papists whose estates are under sequestration 
 Note: I did find a Smith born in Whitwell b 1602 to a father Richarde Smythe in Wingerworth, Derbyshire
In Selly, County Worcester, 5 October 1648 committee of Goldsmith Hall on grounds of obstruction for delinquencies of second payment, then having paid a second fine, the estate is discharged from sequestration RC 5 115
July 1647 in Blackthorne, Oxon?  6 234 199 145 146
Another 14 115 43 369   on 10 June receive profits from estate 17 652 p. 948  on 4 Nov 1645
Two separate forfeitures to the Commonwealth for “treason” (on a list of Royalists) in  both Euxton, Lancaster and in Whitwal, Derbyshire Nov 1652
Of Smithfield 5 Sept 1648 Vol A 1 2 3  36 20  Jul 1649  for remand of his sequestration, his wife submitted
Of Ely 2 25 74 4 297,      3 Nov 1645  his sequestration seized 11 July
Of Hadley, county Suffolk, July 1644 Calendar for Committee  for advancement of money,
part 1
July 1642   Son and heir of Robert Smith, Sir John Smith, Knight   House of Commons   four hundred pounds  22 April
In Worth, Married a widow, Anne, ( who died in 1651) so a recusant land was sequestered and sequestration was discharged to 1652 on petition of Edward, who convey to John Smith in 1657 until his death in 1662. 
  Note: this one sounded interesting, but we know Edward died in 1689
 Sources of John Smiths  found in  the National Archives in London
Note: SP stands for State Papers
SP 28/214/183 of Salop, Sussex account, book of sequestered estates in Sussex between 29 sept 1650 – 3, June 1654
SP 20/11/26 of Winfred, Cambridgeshire, 28, July 1645 SCQ 274–279 SEQ 276, folio 114, SUQ 278, folio 115 depositions, taken before additional committee 19 Nov 1645
At National Archives in Kew, Richmond TW 9 4 DU
Series formally called Interregnum B 1643-1653  2 box   1/79/1, 1/79/3, 1/79/4
Places mentioned: London, Worcester, Holland
Note: I have been unable to find a town named Winfred
SP 28/214/3 accounts and receipts of disbursement made by John Smith collector for Portbury, Somerset
SP 20/10/1 Yorkshire 
Seq 8 folios, 5V-6 description ( seg 3; folio 1) 
List of sequestered persons whose appeals are still pending before the barons of the Exchequer, Commission of Appeals, in cases of sequestrations as of 
25 December 1651
Lease to John Smith, citizen and haberdasher in London concerning a house or tenement, and Bellyardin, New Fish Street Hill, for a term of 7 years by, name  unclear, Thomas Sherman, Henry Lynch, of London and liberties thereof of John Smith 
Note: interesting to see the term haberdasher, could this be our “Tailor” John?
Main papers HL/PO/JO/10/1/274
Draft ordinance to clear John Smith of his delinquency 5 October 1648 Lords journals X530
Main papers HA/PO/JO/10/1/70  
25, August 1641  Affidavit of John Smith, respecting riots on a Earl of Lindsey’s lands in Lincolnshire
Well folks, those are the lists I could find which certainly include some interesting bits of information!
 My wife, Pat, and I will be traveling to England in May, and though our itinerary is packed, I may see if I can get into the National Archives for a look at some of these documents. If anyone has some advice about this, it would be most appreciated. Please do pass along any other clues or questions you may have.
Cheers and good hunting!  Mike

Comment by mrmhsmith 2023-04-16 15:23:42

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GRP-I-M223-6 Andrew Jackson Flatt b 1797 PA matches Smith Kit # 7734****/ YDNA  PA (Lycoming, Luzerne) > IL>IA
GRP-I-M223-6 Andrew Jackson Flatt b 1797 PA matches Smith Kit # 6669****/ YDNA  FF/AUT  PA (Lycoming, Luzerne) > IL>IA
GRP-I-M223-6 Andrew Jackson Flatt b 1797 PA matches Smith Kit # 7739****/ YDNA  PA (Lycoming, Luzerne) > IL>IA
GRP-I-M223-6 Buel Jagger SMith b 1815 NY m Sarah ? Kit # 4942****/ YDNA  BigY I-FT29908 NY>PA (Clinton)>MD (Harford)
GRP-I-M223-6 Comfort Smith b 1746 CT m Lucy Kendall Kit # 3353****/ FF/AUT  CT (New London)>CT
GRP-I-M223-6 Edward Smith b 1637 Nottingham England m Elizabeth Bliss Kit # B244****/ YDNA  BigY I-FT27362 ENG>CT(New London)>NY(Sullivan)
GRP-I-M223-6 Jedediah Smith (Rev) b 1802 Lyme, New London Co., CT m Sally Wilcox Kit # 8914****/ YDNA  BigY I-FT27362 CT(New London) >NY(Chenango, Chautauqua)>MI(Lenawee)
GRP-I-M223-6 Nehemiah Smith b 1605 ENG m Ann Bourne 2 Nehemiah 3 Nathan 4 Gilbert Group Contact Edit Kit # B900****/ YDNA  FF/AUT  CT > RI (Providence)
GRP-I-M223-6 Nehemiah Smith b 1605 m Ann Bourne 2 Nehemiah 3 Nehemiah 4 John / 0L1DfnlEqT21133247Tree Only CT(New London)>CT>CT>PA(Luzerne)
GRP-I-M223-6 Nehemiah Smith m Ann Bourne 2 Nehemiah 3 Nehemiah 4. John Kit # 2905****/ YDNA  CT(New London)>CT>CT>PA(Luzerne)
GRP-I-M223-6 Nehemiah Smith m Ann Bourne 2 Nehemiah 3 Samuel 4 Samuel Kit # 3260****/ YDNA  BigY I-FT27362 CT(New London) >PA(Luzerne)
GRP-I-M223-6 Nehemiah Smith m Sarah Bourne (Hugh Smith m E Daniels) Kit # 6988****/ FF/AUT  CT(New London)>NY(Chenango)
GRP-I-M223-6 Unknown Smith - Flatt surname - PA/CT Kit # 6662****/ YDNA  BigY I-FT30147 PA (Lycoming, Luzerne) > IL>IA
GRP-I-M223-6 Van Buren Flatt- matches Smith Kit # B415****/ FF/AUT  PA (Lycoming, Luzerne) > IL>IA

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