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 Nehemiah Smith origins 
Hello all,
We are still searching for the origins of Nehemiah Smith, who left England and arr....;
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 On trees  
Most people have at least one place they keep a comprehensive genealogical tree. For some, this migh....;
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 The YSAPP chart on the groups pages on smithsworldwide.org  
Dave Vance wrote a program ....;
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 Name Change 
I have heard that many people named 'Smith' started out with a different surname, for variou....;
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 New Feature added 

 FAQ: If a person writes in and asks that a line not theirs be removed, will the admins do it?  
Answer: No. If you believe that there is information that needs correction or addition, as can happe....;
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 Gorgeous Big-Y graphic done by JanesBonny with instructions 
Was originally posted on the Smith DNA Activity Feed, reposting here because everyone needs to see t....;
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 YDNA Example Graphic 

Did a graphic of YDNA as sometimes it's confusing for people. Let's say you have an ....;
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 FAQ: Categories for Groups on the Smith DNA Colorized or Classic YDNA Chart at FamilyTreeDNA  
The YDNA chart for the Smith DNA Project includes ONLY YDNA results, not autosomal or mtDNA. (We hav....;
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 FAQ: Finding your kit on the Classic or Colorized Chart for the Smith DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA 

 FAQ: YDNA tests versus Autosomal Tests  
Wally Smith posted this on the Smiths DNA Project Activity Feed at FamilyT....;
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 Updated line for Thomas Jefferson Smith b 1802 SC m Luraney Frances Malone 
Newest member information updated is for an autosomal test.

Updated line for Thomas J....;
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 FAQ: Big-Y Information  
from the Big Y- FTDNA learning center at FamilyTreeDNA 

"The Big Y is a Y-c....;
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 FAQ: Beginner's List for DNA - from ISOGG 
Posting a list, from ISOGG (International Society of Genetic Genealogy) , of great resources for beg....;
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 FAQ: FamilyTreeDNA Big Y-700 White Paper 
A father passes down a near-exact copy of his chromosome Y (chrY) to his son. Imperf....;
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 FAQ: What is an autosomal grouping? 
The Smith DNA Project matches testers primarily with YDNA. This requires a male Smith/Schmidt/Smyth....;
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 What is a *branch* 
Smithsworldwide is one big tree. Just like an actual tree, there can be branches from this one big ....;
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 three trees one family 

DNA kits 37121, 178621(my kit) and N85378 are all the same family. Is there some....;
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 What is the Timeline feature? 
If your kin has dates associated with him or her, the timeline will show what may have been going o....;
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 Question of the Day- What if the Map Location is Wrong on the tree? 
When someone enters in a location, the TNG program uses Google maps to lookup the location and plot....;
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 FAQ: Which SNP(s) should I order? (Big-Y versus Custom) (Smith DNA Project) 
Please note that the ....;
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 Question of the Day- How to Know if Trees Have a DNA tester 
We started using TNG (The Next Generation) a couple of years ago to have a collaborative, rich char....;
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 FAQ: I would like my YDNA markers added to the SMith DNA Project but did not test with FTDNA 
IF you had your YDNA DNA tested with FamilyTreeDNA, all you need to do is go join the Smith Officia....;
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 How Do I Compare my Family Finder/Autosomal Results on the Smith DNA Project (Autosomal Transfer? 
The Smith project is a surname project for the Smith/Schm....;
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 Autosomal Chromosome Mapping Explanation 
Here's a chart we have done for the Smith DNA project showing the percentages of autosomal matc....;
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 Smith DNA Project (Surname) and Autosomal Data 
We are asked sometimes about whether one can upload autosomal data to our Smith website for matchin....;
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 Uploading your gedcom file to FamilyTreeDNA 
If you did testing through FamilyTreeDNA…  

Login to FamilyTreeDNA using ....;
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 FAQ DNA from FamilyTreeDNA 

 Beginners Guide to Genetic Genealogy 

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 Had YDNA tested at FamilyTreeDNA but not part of the Smith Official DNA Project? 
One other reason you might not see your results on Smiths, even though you have tested YDNA at Fami....;
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 Does both a brother and sister have mom’s mtDNA? 

 I would like to be the group contact for my Matched Grouping 
If there is not a contact for a group that includes your line, we welcome you to join up as the con....;
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 I’m in a grouping- Can I tell a match from comparing TNG trees? 
Suppose you are in a DNA group that has some good matches. Suppose ....;
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 FAQ: How Do I Compare YDNA Markers on the Smith DNA Project? 
There are 2 places you can compare markers. One is on the FamilyTreeDNA website, af....;
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 Group Contact Editing for Smith DNA Project 
We really appreciate the people who have volunteered to be the group contact for a given set of peo....;
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 Editing your profile or kit info on the Smith DNA site 
When you are registered and logged on to the Smith Official DNA Project on the http://www.smithswor....;
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 FAQ: My YDNA results came in but I don’t see them on the Smith DNA project yet 
Rest assured that the Smith DNA volunteer admins get emailed at the same time that ....;
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 How to find your DNA kit on the Smith DNA Project Site 
The Smith DNA project includes additional reporting and data behind strictly markers, including....;
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 Getting Started on Smith DNA Project- DNA Frequently Asked Questions 
Did you get DNA testing done?
Yes. Got it do....;
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 Improved phylogenetic resolution and rapid diversification of Y-chromosome haplogroup K-M526 in Southeast Asia 

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 List of YDNA Haplogroup Projects -ISOGG List 

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 Smith DNA Projects at FamilyTreeDNA  
We, Smithsworldwide.org, are the official Smith/Schmidt/Smythe/Smyth/Smidt and all variations for e....;
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 Found the person-how do I see his or her descendants? (TNG) 
If a given person has descendants, you can look for those by clicking the DESCENDANTS tab
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 The permissions methodology we*re using with trees (branches) -TNG 
One of the wonderful features of the TNG program is that we can create permissions such that people....;
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 How To Find Who You*re Looking for (Search) 
The most direct way is to choose the SEARCH form or tab. On the front page, you will see SEARCH wit....;
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 How do I EDIT a person or family (TNG) 
First, to add or edit information, you need to be registered, and have se....;
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 What if I see a mistake or want to add information? (TNG) 

 What are the Events associated with a person or family 
If you want to add some additional information about a given person or family, click EVENTS. Some e....;
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 How do I add children or change the birth order? 
First, of course, you need to be registered, ha....;
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 How to add Media (Photos/Documents/Histories) to TNG 
When you are logged on to TNG, and in edit mode....;
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 How do I add a person or family? (TNG) 
Generally, the Smiths DNA project is accepting members who have supplied a tree, which is part of o....;
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 I need to remove (delete) a spouse/child/extra family (TNG) 
Remember this is one big shared tree. Very easy to do, with the proviso you cannot delete people. (....;
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 The spouse is missing in a family and I want to add him/her to the family record (TNG) 
First, you must be registered, and have sent in....;
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 Editing your profile or kit info on the Smith DNA site 
When you are registered and logged on to the Smith Official DNA Project on the http://www.smithswor....;
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 Can I have 2 emails per TNG account 
Have decided as a matter of policy that it is better for each person to have an account, rather tha....;
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 I have forgotten my login information/password on TNG (where the trees are) 

 I*m having trouble logging on to TNG-but I am registered 
If you have not yet registered ....;
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 Using Smith DNA Project Tree Portion- Some Tips from TNG 
Here are some navigation tips from the software company, TNG (The Next Generation):....;
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 How To Contact People on the Smith DNA Project Site 
We ha....;
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 Getting Started on TNG (Smith DNA Project) Step 3 Editing Screens Explained 
You are logged on. When you click edit when looking at a person (I), you will be taken to the perso....;
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 Getting Started on TNG for the Smith DNA Project- Step 2  
Now you have submitted your tree, the basics are in the system, and you a....;
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 Getting Started on with the Smith DNA Project tree site-Read This First 
Are you looking for your kit number, ....;
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 michael smith 
What happened to Michael?  Traced him to IL, but lost him around 1848.  The last record f....;
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 Smith DNA Family Project Matches 
Kit N24327 please contact me (kit 294305) regarding matches for YDNA

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