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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-R-M269-92   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-R-M269-92
Belton Smith/c 1870
Ben Larry SmithOneonta, Blount County, Alabama, USA
Benjamin SmithSouth Carolina, USA/c 1825
Benjamin F Smith/1857
David William Smith/1890
Enoch SmithSouth Carolina, USA/c 1836
George Smith/c 1854
George SmithSouth Carolina, USA/c 1828
George SmithUnion County, South Carolina, USA/1793
H W Smith/c 1875
Hipolito Smith
Hipolito Cruz SmithOK/23 Apr 1875Wharton, TX
Hugh Smith/c 1866
Hugh Benjamin SmithBlount County, Alabama, USA/8 Dec 1912Blount County, Alabama, USA
Hugh Brown SmithSouth Carolina, USA/7 Mar 1830Oneonta, Blount County, Alabama, USA
James George SmithSouth Carolina, USA/4 Nov 1860
James Griffith SmithAbbeville County, South Carolina, USA/1818Tishomingo County, Mississippi, USA
James Gustavus SmithMS/c 1867
James Gustavus SmithMS/1911
James Robert SmithUnion County, South Carolina, USA/20 Mar 1825Olustee, OK
John Smith/c 1858
John Smith
John Daniel SmithBlount County, Alabama, USA/15 Mar 1868Oneonta, Blount County, Alabama, USA
John E Smith/1853
Joseph Smith/c 1859
Larry Scott Smith
Lucious M Smith/1860
Moses Smith/c 1826
Robert Smith/c 1868
Robert Gallman SmithUnion County, South Carolina, USA/29 Mar 1868Yukon, OK
Samuel SmithMS/c 1840
Thomas L Smith/1855
Valentine SmithSouth Carolina, USA/c 1831
William SmithAbbeville County, South Carolina, USA/4 Oct 1790Tishomingo County, Mississippi, USA
William Henry SmithMississippi, USA/26 Mar 1851Hallettsville, Lavaca County, Texas, USA