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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-R-M269-81   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-R-M269-81
Albert Thurman Smith/11 Oct 1895Arkansas, USA
Alva Josephus SmithAlabama, USA/c 1849
Amon SmithAlabama, USA/30 Jan 1914Winfield,Marion County,Alabama,USA
Anderson SmithAlabama, USA/c 1862
Andrew J Smith/c 1871
Andrew Jackson SmithNorth Carolina, USA/1810
Arsie O Smith
Bobby R Smith
Daniel Smith/c 1844
Daniel Smith
Daniel SmithNew Jersey, USA/1757Asheville, Buncombe County, North Carolina, USA
Daniel Franklin SmithFayette County, Alabama, USA/ABT 1851Winfield,Marion County,Alabama,USA
Daniel Franklin SmithGreenville, Greenville County, South Carolina, USA/c 1806Fayette County, Alabama, USA
Floyd Rightmire SmithMount Zion,Macon Co,IL,USA/14 Jun 1883Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, USA
George Smith/c 1849
George W SmithAlabama, USA/c 1866
Haristen T Smith
Henry SmithFayette County, Alabama, USA/1839Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee, USA
Henry Howell Smith/1815
Henry O Smith
Henry Whitfield SmithFayette County, Alabama, USA/4 Oct 1866Arkansas, USA
James Smith/c 1842
James Smith/c 1844
James SmithAlabama, USA/c 1832
James M SmithSouth Carolina, USA/1790Kennedy,Lamar Co,AL,USA
James Manley SmithSouth Carolina, USA/Feb 1824Patoka,Marion Co,IL,USA
James McConnell SmithAsheville, Buncombe County, North Carolina, USA/14 Jun 1787Buncombbe County, North Carolina, USA
James T Smith
James U Smith/c 1850
Jediah Smith/1827
John Smith/c 1845
John SmithAlabama, USA/c 1836
John M SmithAlabama, USA/c 1842
John Moses SmithFayette County, Alabama, USA/1821Arkansas, USA
John Perry SmithAlabama, USA/Sep 1845
Jonathan Marion SmithFayette County, Alabama, USA/17 Apr 1851Winfield,Marion County,Alabama,USA
Joseph L SmithAlabama, USA/Jul 1886Winfield,Marion County,Alabama,USA
Joseph Lester SmithWinfield,Marion County,Alabama,USA/28 MAR 1885Winfield,Marion County,Alabama,USA
Lindsey Smith/1830
Matthew J SmithFayette County, Alabama, USA/1841Tennessee, USA
Moses A SmithSouth Carolina, USA/c 1811
Murray Smith
Nancy M Smith/1819
Ollie Smith
Reubin C Smith/c 1854
Royle Smith
Sylvester C Smith/c 1894
Thomas H SmithAlabama, USA/22 Oct 1847Marion County,Alabama,USA
Wiley Smith/c 1846
William Smith/c 1838
William Wiley SmithMarion County,Alabama,USA/17 May 1860Tuscaloosa,Tuscaloosa County,Alabama,USA
William B SmithNorth Carolina, USA/1763Pickens, Franklin County, Georgia, USA
William Davidson SmithBuncombe, NC/1784
William Dilmus SmithMarion County,Alabama,USA/18 Sep 1887Tuscaloosa,Tuscaloosa County,Alabama,USA
William J Smith/c 1847
William L Smith/c 1869
William Paxton SmithNorth Carolina, USA/1835Bexar County, Texas, USA
William Paxton SmithSomerset, Bexar County, Texas, USA/15 Sep 1889
William Veldon SmithMarion County,Alabama,USA/10 DEC 1895Winfield AL
William W Smith