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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-R-M269-75   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-R-M269-75
Adam Smith
Adam Smith/1730
Adam SmithRaynortown, Freeport, NY /19 Mar 1761Raynortown, Freeport, NY
Augustus SmithNew York, USA/1848
Benjamin SmithHempstead,Nassau County, New York, USA/c 1682Hempstead,Nassau County, New York, USA
Benjamin SmithNassau, Livingston County, New York, USA/1719New York, USA
Carl York Thomas Smull Smith/23 Jun 1921New York, USA
Charles SmithAqueduct,Queens,NY,USA/15 Jul 1874Ozone Park,Queens,NY,USA
Charles H SmithNew York, USA/1 Jun 1848South Coffeyville,Nowata County,Oklahoma,USA
Clifford Geroy SmithRich Hill, Bates County, Missouri, USA/21 Aug 1895Omaha,Douglas County,Nebraska,USA
David Smith
David Carl Smith
Edward Smith/1871
Edward SmithNew York, USA/1871
Elisha SmithBaldwin,Queens,NY,USA/Jul 1860Howard Beach,Queens,NY,USA
Elmer E SmithNew York, USA/1861
Ephraim SmithMerrick,Queens,NY,USA/1816Baldwin,Queens,NY,USA
George Franklin SmithAqueduct,Queens,NY,USA/18 Apr 1894Norwalk,Fairfield County,Connecticut,USA
George Franklin SmithNew York, USA
Gersham Rock SmithHempstead,Nassau County, New York, USA/1735Hempstead,Nassau County, New York, USA
Gershom SmithHempstead,Nassau County, New York, USA/abt 1689Hempstead,Nassau County, New York, USA
Henry Smith/1876
Henry SmithNew York City, New York, USA/c 1834New York City, New York, USA
Henry SmithNew York, USA/c 1895
Henry Cornell Smith
Henry Thomas SmithNorth Hempstead,Queens County ,New York,USA/21 Apr 1841New York, USA
Ira SmithBaldwin,Queens,NY,USA/1849
Isaac Smith/1857
Isaac Edgar SmithCharleston Township, Coles County, Illinois, USA/21 Jan 1858New York, USA
Israel Smith
James Smith
James Mott SmithNew York, USA/21 Aug 1836Rhode Island, USA
Jeremiah SmithBaldwin,Queens,NY,USA/9 Sep 1862Freeport,Nassau County, New York, USA
John Smith
John Smith
John Smith/c 1729South Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA
John Rock SmithEngland/1615Hempstead,Nassau County, New York, USA
John Wesley SmithMerrick,Queens ,NY,USA/1841Wainscot,Suffolk County, New York, USA
Jonathan Smith/c 1831
Jonathan Smith/1854
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan SmithHempstead,Nassau County, New York, USA/1647Queens,Queens Co,NY,USA
Jonathan SmithNew York, USA/1858New York, USA
Jonathan SmithQueens County, NY/1795Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, USA
Jonathan Rock SmithHempstead,Nassau County, New York, USA/abt 1646Hempstead,Nassau County, New York, USA
Private Smith
Robert P SmithNew York, USA/11 Nov 1855New York, USA
Samuel Smith/1849
Samuel Smith/1722
Sanford SmithAqueduct,Queens,nY,USA/5 Jun 1875Wainscot,Suffolk County, New York, USA
Stephen Smith/1846
Stephen SmithNew York, USA/1824
Stephen Baldwin SmithNew York, USA/Abt 1809
Stephen Baldwin SmithNew York, USA/Feb 1846New York, USA
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith
Thomas SmithHempstead,Nassau County, New York, USA
Thomas Smull SmithPort Washington,Nassau County,New York,USA/12 Dec 1886Hudson,Columbia County,New York,USA
Uriah Smith
William Smith/1859
William Smith/8 Jul 1815
William SmithNew York, USA
William SmithNew York, USA/Jul 1839New Jersey, USA
William Edgar Smith/1882
William H SmithAqueduct,Queens,NY,USA/8 Jan 1884Aqueduct,Queens,NY,USA
William H SmithNewardk,Essex County,New Jersey,USA/13 Mar 1877Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA
William Henry SmithMerrick,Queens,NY,USA/18 Jan 1845Baldwin,Nassau County, New York, USA
Yhomas SmithHempstead,Nassau County, New York, USA
Zebulon SmithHempstead,Nassau County, New York, USAHempstead,Nassau County, New York, USA