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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-R-M269-73   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-R-M269-73
240358 Smith
Bartley SmithSavannah, Chatham County, Georgia, USA/24 Jan 1864Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia, USA
Calvin Smith/22 Oct 1869Barbourville, Knox County, Kentucky, USA
Columbus SmithNorth Carolina, USA/c 1873
Dave Smith
E Allen SmithGeorgia,USA/bet 1830-1840Oak Level, Cleburne County, Alabama, USA
Earl Justice SmithMitchell County, North Carolina, USA/28 Feb 1911Old Fort, McDowell County, North Carolina, USA
Edward Smith
Enoch SmithManchester, Clay County, Kentucky, USA/1828Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Francis SmithCavan,IRE/1812Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia, USA
Francis SmithMississippi, USA/17 Nov 1904
Francis M Smith/c 1849
Francis Williams Smith
George Allen Smith/26 Oct 1868
George David SmithMcDowell County, North Carolina, USA/27 Apr 1943
George Washington SmithMitchell County, North Carolina, USA/20 Dec 1888McDowell County, North Carolina, USA
Greenup Smith/1847
Harrison SmithKnox County, Kentucky, USA/16 Aug 1827Kenton County,Kentucky,USA
Harvey SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/c 1823Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Henry SmithNorth Carolina, USA/c 1870
Henry James SmithKnox County, Kentucky, USA/15 Nov 1852Knox County, Kentucky, USA
Hugh Benjamin SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/1823Clay County, Kentucky, USA
James C SmithCounty Cavan,Ireland/18 Jun 1855
James Henry SmithBrightshade, Clay County, Kentucky, USA/Mar 1834Upper Sinking Creek, Knox County, Kentucky, USA
Joel Perrish SmithNew York, USA/1848Mississippi, USA
John SmithCounty Cavan,Ireland/1820
John SmithCounty Cavan,Ireland/c 1848
John SmithMorgan, Ashe County, North Carolina, USA/c 1786Clay County, Kentucky, USA
John Hansel SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/26 May 1856Clay County, Kentucky, USA
John W Smith/c 1847
Joseph SmithKentucky, USA/Jan 1843Brightshade,Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Joshua Smith/c 1865
Josiah Smith/10 Sep 1867Barbourville, Knox County, Kentucky, USA
Lasan Smith/1836
Lawrence Herbert SmithNew Jersey, USA/1908
Luther Allen Smith/19 Dec 1897
Maurice Smith/c 1859
Milton SmithNorth Carolina, USA/c 1879
Nathaniel SmithKentucky, USA/1826
Nathaniel J SmithKentucky, USA/17 Apr 1850Whitley County, Kentucky, USA
Peter SmithCounty Cavan,Ireland/24 Nov 1822Lulu Island, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Raymond Bradford Smith/2 Sep 1906
Reuben W SmithBurke County, North Carolina, USA/c 1826North Carolina, USA
Roy Hill Smith/7 Dec 1909
Samuel Smith/c 1860
Samuel SmithKentucky, USA/c 1803Nickel Branch,Clay County,Kentucky,USA
Samuel SmithNew Jersey, USA/c 1813
Samuel Herbert SmithNew Jersey, USA/1883
Samuel Kelly SmithNew Jersey, USA/1851
Samuel L Smith/c 1899
Samuel Tilton SmithAlabama, USA/12 Nov 1876Marshall County, Alabama, USA
Thomas L SmithYancey County, North Carolina, USA/c 1845
Thomas W SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/17 Jul 1843Brightshade,Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Walter Colquit SmithGeorgia,USA/27 Jan 1874Gadsden, Etowah County, Alabama, USA
Walter Leacy SmithChatham County, Georgia, USA
William SmithNorth Carolina, USA/c 1868
William H Smith/c 1897
William McVey SmithKentucky, USA/c 1880
William Xavier SmithSavannah, Chatham County, Georgia, USA/4 Jul 1898Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia, USA
Willie SmithKentucky, USA/Jun 1880