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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-R-M269-72   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-R-M269-72
Addison Smith/1798
Alfred Smith/1791
Andrew Smith/1747
Benjamin Smith/2 May 1769
Benjamin SmithDurham,Strafford County,New Hampshire,USA/22 Mar 1709Lubberland Newharket, Rockingham, NH
Benjamin SmithDurham,Strafford County,New Hampshire,USA/15 Apr 1759Glenburn, Penobscot County, Maine, USA
Carl Augustus SmithSouth Boston, MA /23 Mar 1879
Charles Smith/1795
Charles Moody SmithNewmarket, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, USA/11 Feb 1812Sandwich, Carroll County, New Hampshire, USA
Comfort Smith/1775
Ebenezer SmithDurham,Strafford County,New Hampshire,USA/13 Mar 1758New Hampshire, USA
Ebenezer SmithDurham,Strafford County,New Hampshire,USA/22 Oct 1787New Hampshire, USA
Ebenezer SmithRockingham, NH, USA/2 Sep 1777Sandwich, NH
Ebenezer SmithStrafford,Strafford County, New Hampshire, USA/6 Jun 1712Durham,Strafford County,New Hampshire,USA
Edward Smith
Ezra Saint John SmithNew Market,NH,USA/2 Nov 1763Hanover, Oxford County, Maine, USA
George SmithPlymouth, Devon, EnglandGreat Bay, New Hampshire, USA
George E Smith/11 Dec 1811
George Washington SmithSandwich, Carroll County, New Hampshire, USA/18 Aug 1848South Boston, MA
Henry Smith/1789
Henry B Smith/28 Nov 1803
Henry Burt Smith/1820
Henry St John SmithME/c 1852
J Debernierre Smith/1852
Jacob Sheafe SmithDurham,Strafford County,New Hampshire,USA/28 Apr 1786Kings, NY
James SmithStrafford,Strafford County, New Hampshire, USA/c 1638
James Hopkins Smith/1881
James Hopkins SmithFalmouth, Cumberland County, Maine, USA/6 Jan 1847Falmouth, Cumberland County, Maine, USA
John Smith/18 May 1695
John Smith/c 1640
John SmithDurham,Strafford County,New Hampshire,USA/10 Sep 1732Lubberland, Newmarket, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, USA
John SmithNew Hampshire, USA/14 May 1766
John SmithOyster River, NH/9 Jan 1669Durham,Strafford County,New Hampshire,USA
John SmithStrafford,Strafford County, New Hampshire, USA/11 Nov 1750
John Glidden Smith/1731
Joseph Smith/1757
Joseph SmithDover,Stafford County, New Hampshire, USA/7 Sep 1701New Market,Rockingham Co,NH,USA
Joseph SmithNew Hampshire, USA/1640
Joseph SmithNew Market,Rockingham Co,NH,USA/7 Sep 1701New Market,Rockingham Co,NH,USA
Joseph Edwin Smith/1823
Joshua Smith/21 Mar 1752
Judge Joseph SmithNew Hampshire, USA/1640Durham,Strafford County,New Hampshire,USA
Lathrop L Smith/1849
Logan Smith/1859
Lothrop Lewis SmithGorham, Cumberland County, Maine, USA/24 Aug 1817Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, USA
Millet Jefferson Smith/1799
Newman SmithEngland/1630
Paul Morton Smith
Saint John SmithTopsham,Sagadahoc County, Maine, USA/28 Jan 1799Portland,Cumberland County,Maine,USA
Samuel Smith/7 May 1761
Samuel C Smith/6 Feb 1706
St John SmithMaine, USA/Apr 1876
Thomas SmithEngland/1624
Thomas Millett SmithNew Hampshire, USA/27 Sep 1760
Valentine SmithDurham,Strafford County,New Hampshire,USA/26 May 1774
Winthrop Smith/30 May 1714
Winthrop SmithNew Market,Rockingham Co,NH,USA/5 May 1732New Market,Rockingham Co,NH,USA
Winthrop Cornet Smith/1732