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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-R-M269-61   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-R-M269-61
Aaron Smith/1791
Aaron Smith/9 Apr 1822
Aaron SmithDedham,Norfolk County,Massachusetts,USA/c 1699Dedham,Norfolk County,Massachusetts,USA
Aaron SmithMassachusetts, USA/28 Mar 1730Needham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Aaron SmithNeedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA/5 Oct 1756Needham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Abijah SmithAshford, Windham County, Connecticut, USA/9 Sep 1792Randolph, Orange County, Vermont, USA
Abijah SmithAshford,New London County,Connecticut,USA/c 1759North Randolph, Orange County, Vermont, USA
Abijah SmithNeedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA/11 DEC 1727Connecticut, USA
Abner Smith/2 Aug 1835
Abner Smith/1755
Abner SmithNeedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA/30 Mar 1762Dublin, Cheshire County, New Hampshire, USA
Alfred M Smith/2 Jan 1842
Allen SmithNew Hampshire, USA/1787
Amos SmithAshford, Windham County, Connecticut, USA/21 Nov 1758Dalton, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA
Asa SmithUxbridge, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA/c 1750
Asaph Smith/1725
Barak SmithDanby, Rutland County, Vermont, USA/21 Apr 1787Springdale, Cedar County, Iowa, USA
Barak SmithHolliston, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA/1755
Bernard L Smith/1909
Caleb SmithDedham,Norfolk County,Massachusetts,USA/15 MAR 1693
Caleb SmithNeedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA/13 May 1718Danby, Rutland County, Vermont, USA
Calvin Smith/2 Mar 1827
Charles Smith/1868
Charles Smith/1849
Charles Smith/1792
Charles Elmer SmithEast Bridgewater,Plymouth Co,MA,USA/1855Brockton,MA,USA
Charles J Smith/20 Oct 1834
Charles Jones SmithWilton, Franklin County, Maine, USA/1826Pembroke, Plymouth County, Masschusetts, USA
Charles L Smith/1854
Chauncey SmithJoplin, Jasper County, Missouri, USA/26 Oct 1890Tulsa,Tulsa,OK,USA
Chauncey C SmithNew York, USA/14 Feb 1825Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri, USA
Chauncey Walter SmithJoplin, Jasper County, Missouri, USA/7 Sep 1917San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, USA
Christopher SmithDedham,Norfolk County,Massachusetts,USA/29 Nov 1681Needham,Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Christopher SmithPlymouth, Devon, England/ABT 1615Dedham,Norfolk County,Massachusetts,USA
Daniel Smith/1824
Daniel SmithAshford,New London County,Connecticut,USA/24 MAY 1755Marcellus, Onondaga County, New York, USA
David Smith/6 May 1727
dersim grandfather Smith
dersmi father Smith
Ebenezer Smith
Ebenezer SmithAshford, Windham County, Connecticut, USA/12 Aug 1741Ashford, Windham County, Connecticut, USA
Ebenezer SmithMendon, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA/1749Danby, Rutland County, Vermont, USA
Ebenezer Trumbull SmithBridgewater Co,VT,USA/2 Aug 1816Great Barrnington,Worcester Co,MA,USA
Edgar Trumbull SmithMassachusetts, USA/8 Mar 1859
Eleazer SmithAshford, Windham County, Connecticut, USA/Nov 1761Oswego County, New York, USA
Elias SmithAshford,New London County,Connecticut,USA/6 Dec 1775Eaton, MI
Elias SmithBethany, Genessee County, New York, USA/24 Jan 1817Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA
Elisha Smith/5 Nov 1796
Ezra SmithNeedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA/6 Oct 1711Ashford, Windham County, Connecticut, USA
Franklin M Smith/24 Aug 1830
Frederick Haskell SmithWood, OH/21 NOV 1870Lucas, OH
George Smith/23 Jan 1824
George Clayton Smith/19 Jul 1863
Gregory Smith/1764
Hezekiah Smith
Hezekiah SmithNeedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA/30 Mar 1732Ashford, Windham County, Connecticut, USA
Ira Smith/20 Apr 1799
Ira P Smith/24 Feb 1824
Isaac SmithNeedham,Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA/6 Oct 1727Needham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Isaiah Smith/1721
Jacob SmithNeedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA/6 Oct 1727Needham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Jedediah Smith/1786
Jeremiah Smith/1753
John Smith/1752
John SmithDedham,Norfolk County,Massachusetts,USA/19 NOV 1655Needham,Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA
John SmithDedham,Norfolk County,Massachusetts,USA/16 FEB 1680Ashford, Windham County, Connecticut, USA
John SmithNeedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA/13 Nov 1704Ashford,New London County,Connecticut,USA
Jonathan Smith/20 May 1829
Jonathan Smith/1764
Jonathan SmithDedham,Norfolk County,Massachusetts,USA/11 Feb 1685Needham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Jonathan SmithNeedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA/17 Mar 1717Needham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Jonathan SmithNeedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA/21 Oct 1744Needham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Joshua Smith/9 Apr 1743Ashford, Windham County, Connecticut, USA
Joshua Smith/1765
Joshua SmithDedham,Norfolk County,Massachusetts,USA/6 Apr 1691Needham,Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Josiah Smith/1885
Josiah SmithNeedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA/4 Sep 1730Pomfret Landing,Windham County,Connecticut,USA
Lemuel SmithBerkshire County,Massachusetts,USA/08 APR 1784Waterville,Lucas Co,OH,USA
Leroy J Smith/1840
Luther Smith/25 Feb 1808
Lyman Smith/24 Aug 1840
Milo Smith/1819
Moses SmithDedham,Norfolk County,Massachusetts,USA/5 Aug 1695Ashford, Windham County, Connecticut, USA
Nathan SmithMedway, MA/1753Danby, Rutland County, Vermont, USA
Nathaniel Smith/1784
Nathaniel Green SmithAshford,New London County,Connecticut,USA/29 Nov 1781
Nehemiah Smith/1709
Nelson Smith/27 Mar 1831
Oliver Smith/1761
Orin SmithOtis, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA/22 JUN 1809Sylvania, Lucas, Ohio, USA
Orrin E SmithGreat Barrington,Berkshire County,Massachusetts,USA/26 Dec 1839Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut, USA
Pelitiah SmithNeedham,Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA/24 Sep 1728Connecticut, USA
Prentice Smith/30 May 1793
Ralph Smith/1722
Ralph SmithNeedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA/18 Oct 1748Roxbury,Suffolk Co,MA,USA
Rollin Richmond Smith/1832
Ruggles SmithNeedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA/10 Sep 1776
Russ Smith/1792
Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith/11 Jan 1826
Samuel Smith/15 May 1723
Samuel SmithDedham,Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA/23 May 1697Ashford, Windham County, Connecticut, USA
Sereno Smith/1803
Simeon SmithAshford,New London County,Connecticut,USA/10 Nov 1741
Solomon Smith/21 May 1737
Solomon SmithAshford, Windham County, Connecticut, USA/21 Aug 1749Rutland County,Vermont,USA
Stephen Smith/1752
Stephen A SmithIowa, USA/Sep 1863Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri, USA
Sylvester Sidney SmithLucas, OH/26 JAN 1845Lucas, OH
Theodore Roswell Smith
Timothy SmithNeedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA/3 Jul 1725Natick, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
William Smith/1815
William Smith/1700
William Smith/1707
William Smith/1787
William SmithNeedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA/13 Mar 1762Needham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA
William A Smith/1862
William Adams Smith
William Leroy Smith/1861Toledo,Lucas Co,OH,USA
William M SmithOswego County, New York, USA/24 FEB 1834Richfield,Lucas Co,OH,USA
William R Smith