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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-R-M269-45   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-R-M269-45
Abner Green SmithHenry County, Kentucky, USA/12 Feb 1836Henry County, Kentucky, USA
Andrew SmithSouth Carolina, USA/c 1821
Austin Smith/1776Hampstead, King George County, Virginia, USA
Austin SmithKing George County, Virginia, USA/1810King George County, Virginia, USA
Austin Boley SmithVirginia, USA/30 Jun 1806Meade County, Kentucky, USA
Billy Joe SmithAtoka, Oklahoma, USA/25 Sep 1935
Caleb Smith
Charles Randolph SmithRichmond County, North Carolina, USA/12 Sep 1856Hamlet, Richmond County, North Carolina, USA
Dennis Edward Smith/26 Mar 1951
Dudley M Smith/23 Aug 1778
Earl Wayne SmithTaylorsville,Bartow Co,GA,USA/23 May 1931
Eddie R SmithVirginia, USA/c 1886
Enoch SmithVirginia, USA/c 1752Warrenton, Fauquier County, Virginia, USA
Francis SmithVirginia, USA/c 1831
George B B SmithAlexandria, VA /21 Jun 1881Washington, DC
George N SmithIN/1857
George Washington SmithGeorgia,USA/c 1844
Gilbert SmithRichmond County, North Carolina, USA/c 1861
Haman SmithKentucky, USA/c 1842
Henry Thomas SmithRichmond County, North Carolina, USA/11 Nov 1876Merced Co, CA
Herman T SmithHoward County, Indiana, USA/17 Jan 1911Pinellas Co., FL
Isham O SmithVirginia, USA/5 Nov 1792Henry County, Kentucky, USA
James Asbury SmithHardin County, Kentucky, USA/25 Mar 1845McCurtain,OK,USA
James Madison Smith/15 Mar 1808NM,USA
Jesse Dee SmithTaylorsville, Bartow County, Georgia, USA/17 Aug 1903Rome, Floyd County, Georgia, USA
John SmithFauquier County,Virginia,USA
John SmithFauquier County,Virginia,USA
John SmithGeorgia,USA/1853
John SmithKentucky, USA/c 1801
John B SmithNorth Carolina, USA/c 1824Richmond County, North Carolina, USA
John Edwin SmithFauquier County,Virginia,USA
John H SmithVirginia, USA/c 1842
John M SmithVirginia, USA/c 1890
Joseph SmithKing George County, Virginia, USA/1722Fauquier County,Virginia,USA
Joseph Anderson Smith/22 Oct 1776Georgia,USA
Joseph Doniphan SmithFauquier County,Virginia,USA/26 Oct 1782
Joseph T SmithKing George County, Virginia, USA/c 1743Fauquier County,Virginia,USA
Lee Roy SmithWister, Oklahoma, USA/14 Jul 1891Maysville, Oklahoma, USA
Lora Cleveland SmithMissouri ,USA/23 Feb 1884Lafayette,Tippecanoe County, Indiana, USA
Lora Richard SmithHoward County, Indiana, USA/5 Mar 1914Galveston, Cass, IN
Malcolm Eugene SmithIN/1925
Malcolm Randolph SmithRichmond County, North Carolina, USA/Aug 1851Florence County, South Carolina, USA
Marion Woodward SmithShenandoah County, Virginia, USA/18 Feb 1772Todd County, Kentucky, USA
Martin SmithIN/Feb 4 1823
Milton SmithHall County, Georgia, USA/1882
Oscar Andrew SmithBartow County, Georgia, USA/22 Nov 1876
Randy Allen SmithPauls Valley, Oklahoma, USA/19 Aug 1957
Reuben SmithFauquier County,Virginia,USA
Reuben W SmithVirginia, USA/c 1849
Richard E SmithVirginia, USA/c 1860
Richard Ernest SmithFauquier County,Virginia,USA
Richard L SmithVirginia, USA/c 1885
Richard McAlister SmithWarrenton, Fauquier County, Virginia, USA/5 Aug 1860
Richard McAllister SmithFauquier County,Virginia,USA/27 Feb 1819Lower Revenue District,Hanover Co,VA,USA
Robert Lee SmithFauquier County,Virginia,USA
Roger Earl SmithKokomo, Howard County, Indiana, USA/25 May 1939
Roley T SmithVirginia, USA/c 1846
Seth SmithVirginia, USA/1 Oct 1771Hardin County, Kentucky, USA
Smith Member 191576 Smith
Thomas SmithKing George County, Virginia, USA/c 1739King George County, Virginia, USA
Thomas SmithKing George County, Virginia, USA/c 1738King George County, Virginia, USA
Thomas Edward SmithIN/29 Dec 1952
Thomas J SmithKentucky, USA/c 1849
Walter Anderson SmithFauquier County,Virginia,USA/2 Feb 1779Fauquier County,Virginia,USA
William Smith/c 1695Virginia, USA
William SmithKing George County, Virginia, USA/5 Feb 1741Fauquier County,Virginia,USA
William SmithVirginia, USA/c 1830
William Rowley SmithFauquier County,Virginia,USA/8 Feb 1848Alexandria, VA
William Rowley SmithVirginia, USA/12 Feb 1781Warrenton, Fauquier County, Virginia, USA