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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-R-M269-43   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-R-M269-43
Aaron SmithFranklin County,Georgia,USA/16 Jan 1817Carroll County, Georgia, USA
Aaron Jesse SmithBirmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama, USA/4 Jul 1924Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama, USA
Acie Teamon SmithMississippi, USA/1914
Albert Smith/1882Texas, USA
Albert SmithKerr County, Texas, USA/1882Kerr County, Texas, USA
Alfred SmithGeorgia,USA/20 Jan 1810Grassy Knob, Pickens County, Georgia, USA
Alfred SmithGeorgia,USA/1810Grassy Knob,Pickens County, Georgia, USA
Alfred F SmithFranklin County, Georgia, USA/19 Feb 1838Kerr County, Texas, USA
Alfred F SmithFranklin County,Georgia,USA/24 Jul 1826Carroll County, Georgia, USA
Alfred Freeman SmithGeorgia,USA/16 Aug 1838Kerr County, Texas, USA
Ambrose SmithColumbus County, North Carolina, USA/1770
Andrew Dewey SmithGarden Valley,Smith,TX,USA/12 Nov 1914Mineola,Wood,TX,USA
Austin Asbury SmithHaralson,AL,UsA/19 Feb 1890Smith,TX,USA
Benjamin Otis SmithArkansas, USA/1919
Carl C Smith/c 1916
Cecil Colbert SmithOK,USA/8 Jun 1917Imperial Co,CA,USA
Charles R SmithGeorgia,USA/19 Aug 1833Bowdon, Carroll County, Georgia, USA
Clark SmithCarroll County, Georgia, USA/1842Cornish,OK,USA
Clark SmithClarksville, Habersham County,Georgia,USA/12 Nov 1842Jefferson Co,OK,USA
Darius SmithGeorgia,USA/c 1841
Dennis SmithGeorgia,USA/1843MS
Eldred Hugh Smith/1907
Emory E SmithCarroll County, Georgia, USA/16 Mar 1874Bowdon, Carroll County, Georgia, USA
Everett G SmithAlabama, USA/Oct 1887
Ezekiel SmithWilkes County, Georgia, USA/1786Macon, TN
Gabriel SmithFranklin County, Georgia, USA/13 Aug 1824Clay County, Alabama, USA
Gabriel SmithGeorgia,USA/6 Apr 1798Carroll County, Georgia, USA
Gabriel SmithMontgomery County, North Carolina, USA/12 Dec 1764Smithfield,Carroll County,Georgia,USA
George Smith/c 1836
George W Smith/c 1827
George Washington SmithArkansas, USA/1927
George Washington SmithCalhoun County,Mississippi,USA/24 Apr 1893Miller County, Arkansas, USA
Gideon SmithGeorgia,USA/25 Feb 1826Cleburne County, Alabama, USA
Gideon SmithGeorgia,USA/28 Jan 1832
Gideon SmithWilkes County, Georgia, USA/8 Oct 1787Dawson County, Georgia, USA
Henry Tilden Smith/1876
Hugh SmithFranklin County,Georgia,USA/1805
James Alfred SmithCarroll County, Georgia, USA/2 Dec 1872Munford, Talladega County, Alabama, USA
James Bryant SmithCarroll County, Georgia, USA/14 Mar 1843Tallapoosa,Haralson Co,GA,USA
James Claiborne SmithElbert County, Georgia, USA/14 May 1796Carroll County, Georgia, USA
James Hart SmithHabersham County,Georgia,USA/22 Mar 1828Lenoir Station, TN
James William Thornton SmithDawson County, Georgia, USA/5 Feb 1859Dawsonville,Dawson County,Georgia,USA
Jerry Raymon SmithArkansas, USA/1924
Jessie SmithHall County, Georgia, USA/13 Jul 1893Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama, USA
John Smith/c 1848
John Arlis SmithArkansas, USA/1921
John L Smith
John William SmithGeorgia,USA/9 Sep 1848Munford, Talladega County, Alabama, USA
Joseph Smith/c 1831
Joseph Smith
Kenneth Wayne SmithLindale,Smith,TX,USA/6 Mar 1940
Littleton SmithFranklin County,Georgia,USA/10 Mar 1814Polk Co,GA,USA
Mark SmithElbert County, Georgia, USA/1800
Mark SmithGeorgia,USA/22 Mar 1828Tennessee, USA
Martin Smith/c 1839
Marvin Carl SmithGeorgia,USA/13 Nov 1934Fulton,GA,USA
Marvin Jackson SmithCarroll County, Georgia, USA/9 Mar 1913Georgia,USA
Matthew Smith
Oliver SmithGeorgia,USA/1824Mexico City,Mexico
Owen SmithColumbus, North Carolina, United States/26 Feb 1810Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, USA
Ransom E SmithGeorgia,USA/1831Carroll County, Georgia, USA
Richard SmithFranklin County, Georgia, USA/1831Sanford, Dawson County, Georgia, USA
Richard W SmithElbert County, Georgia, USA/13 Jun 1790Carroll County, Georgia, USA
Robert Grier SmithCarroll County, Georgia, USA/18 Jun 1849Cullman, Cullman County, Alabama, USA
Roland Bryant Aaron SmithCarroll County, Georgia, USA/18 Feb 1869Tallapoosa,Haralson,GA,USA
Rufus J SmithMississippi, USA/28 Apr 1885Imperial Co,CA,USA
Sidney B Smith/1881
Thomas Smith/25 Feb 1832Carroll County, Georgia, USA
Thomas D L Smith/1879
Thomas Pinckney SmithGeorgia,USA/c 1840
William Alford SmithLowndes County, Georgia, USA/1850
William B SmithFranklin County,Georgia,USA/17 Jan 1821Carroll County, Georgia, USA
William Claiborne Smith/1870
William G SmithWilkes County, Georgia, USA/1789Franklin County,Georgia,USA
William James A Smith/1871
William James Alexander SmithMississippi, USA/Jul 1871Ringling,OK,USA
William M SmithGeorgia,USA/22 Apr 1884Breman,Haralson,GA,USA
Winford Smith/c 1837