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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-R-M269-4   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-R-M269-4
A G Smith
Aaron SmithTennessee, USA/1807
Abraham SmithHenrico County,Virginia,USA/c 1714
Absalom SmithJefferson County, Tennessee, USA/5 Aug 1818Shoal Ford, Limestone County, Alabama, USA
Absalom SmithVirginia, USA/1787Tennessee, USA
Alexander SmithHenrico County,Virginia,USA/1722Spotsylvania County, Virginia, USA
Ambrose Alvin Smith
Andrew J Smith/c 1866
Andrew Jackson SmithTennessee, USA/c 1834
Barnett W SmithJefferson County, Tennessee, USA/1817
Benjamin SmithVirginia, USA/c 1790Jefferson County, Tennessee, USA
Benjamin Bailey SmithBuckingham County, Virginia, USA/c 1793Hallsville,Harrison County, Texas, USA
Benjamin Byrd Smith
Benjamin Byrd SmithRay County, Missouri, USA/1851
Benjamin R SmithVirginia, USA/c 1838
Benjamin T Smith
Byrd Smith
Byrd SmithJefferson County, Tennessee, USA/c 1814
Byrd White Smith/12 Sep 1790Wilson County, Tennessee, USA
Charles SmithTiline,Livingston,KY,USA/6 Dec 1858Tiline,Livingston,KY,USA
Charles Edward Smith/1925
Charles H Smith/c 1847
Charles Lee Smith
Charles Lee SmithTiline,Livingston,KY,USA/22 Jun 1910Paducah, McCracken County, Kentucky, USA
Charles Wesley Smith/8 Dec 1909Henry County, Tennessee, USA
Charles Wesley SmithMontgomery County, Tennessee, USA/23 Jan 1887Paris, Henry County, Tennessee, USA
Childers SmithHenrico County,Virginia,USA/c 1720Spotsylvania County, Virginia, USA
Daniel Boone SmithSouth Pittsburg,TN,USA/10 May 1910Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, USA
Daniel Sherman Smith/1899
David Smith
David Hume SmithRay Co,MO,USA/14 Sep 1847Calico Rock, Izard County, Arkansas, USA
Edward SmithKanahwha, WV/24 Oct 1889West Virginia, USA
Edward Gerard SmithPrinceton,Gibson,IN,USA/28 Apr 1912Colton,San Bernadino,CA,USA
Edward Slaughter SMIThVirginia, USA/30 May 1810Warren,KY,USA
Emlas Fletcher SmithStewart County, Tennessee, USA/Nov 1851
Emmons E SmithMorristown, Grainger County, Tennessee, USA/23 Jun 1917
Emmons T SmithTennessee, USA/19 Sep 1881
Erastus A Smith/1840
Field SmithSpotsylvania County, Virginia, USA/c 1770
G W SmithVirginia, USA/c 1790
George Smith
George Smith/c 1833
George Bathus SmithIzard County,Arkansas,USA/28 Apr 1901
George E SmithVirginia, USA
George Howard SmithVirginia, USA/1827Ami,WV,USA
George L Smith/1839
George Lumpkin SmithBuckingham County, Virginia, USA/c 1764
George Lumpkin SmithTennessee, USA/9 Jul 1834Wilson County, Tennessee, USA
George P SmithTennessee, USA/29 Aug 1867Tennessee, USA
George Socrates SmithMorristown, Grainger County, Tennessee, USA/13 Feb 1868West Palm Beach,FL,USA
George Wesley Montgomery SmithPigeon Forge, Sevier County, Tennessee, USA/27 Jan 1862Montgomery, Montgomery County, Alabama, USA
Grant LeRoy Smith
Harris SmithBuckingham County, Virginia, USA/1791
Henry Harlin Smith
Herman Jinks SmithTennessee, USA/12 Mar 1875Gober, Fannin County, Texas, USA
Hiram Abiff SmithHallsville,Harrison County, Texas, USA/8 Apr 1875Az
Humfre SmithHenrico County,Virginia,USA/c 1716Prince Edward County, Virginia, USA
Humphrey Smith/c 1655Henrico County,Virginia,USA
Humphrey SmithVirginia, USA/c 1716Prince Edward County, Virginia, USA
Isaac Smith
Ivanhoe Smith/c 1858
Jacob SmithBuckingham County, Virginia, USA/1765
James SmithHenrico County,Virginia,USA/c 1777
James SmithTennessee, USA/1809
James SmithVirginia, USA/1713Powhatan County, Virginia, USA
James H Smith/c 1843
James H SmithWilson County, Tennessee, USA/1813
James Jo SmithIndiana, USA
James McAdoo SmithTennessee, USA/13 Apr 1838Nashville,Davidson County,Tennessee,USA
James T SmithVirginia, USA/c 1843
James W Smith
Joe Ralph SmithLong Island, AL/1895
Joel J SmithGrainger County, Tennessee, USA/10 Mar 1814
John SmithHenrico County,Virginia,USA/1692Henrico County,Virginia,USA
John SmithVirginia, USA/c 1730
John Alexander SmithVirginia, USA/22 Jul 1795Wilson County, Tennessee, USA
John E SmithNelson County, Virginia, United States/1801Kanawha County, West Virginia, USA
John Marshall SmithSouth Pittsburg,Marion,TN,USA/14 Nov 1936Destin,FL,USA
John Perry Smith/1828
John Thos Smith/c 1845
John William Smith
John William SmithTennessee, USA/1865
John William J SmithKanahwa, WV/16 Mar 1857Charleston, WV
Joseph Smith
Joseph SmithCumberland County, Virginia, USA/bef 1758Nelson County, Virginia, United States
Joseph SmithHenrico County,Virginia,USA/bef 1737
Joseph SmithMorristown, Grainger County, Tennessee, USA/10 Jan 1871Jasper,Marion Co,TN,USA
Joseph SmithTrigg,KY,USA/c 1831
Joseph A Smith/c 1859
Lawson D Lee SmithJefferson County, Tennessee, USA/3 Jun 1853Marion County, Tennessee, USA
Lee Herman SmithAlabama, USA/1901
Liston W Smith/c 1854
Martin Gerard SmithGlasgow, Barren County, Kentucky, USA/1 Mar 1867Princeton,Gibson,IN,USA
Obadiah SmithCumberland County, Virginia, USA/1763Jefferson County, Tennessee, USA
Philemon Smith
Pleasant Thomas SmithJefferson County, Tennessee, USA/14 Feb 1834Morristown, Grainger County, Tennessee, USA
Poindexter SmithVirginia, USA/c 1856
Poindexter Patterson Smith/1830
Poindexter Patterson SmithBuckingham County, Virginia, USA/14 Aug 1793
Robert Bowling SmithStatesville, Wilson, TN/21 May 1818
Robert Henry SmithWilson County, Tennessee, USA/1834Austin,Travis County,Texas,USA
Robert J SmithVirginia, USA/c 1854
Robert T SmithHenrico County,Virginia,USA/5 Sep 1811
Samuel SmithTrigg,KY,USA/c 1835
Samuel B Smith/c 1834
Samuel Y Smith
Shadrack Smith
Thelmer Allen SmithArkansas, USA/27 Aug 1902AZ
Thelmer Allen SmithAZ
Theophilus SmithTennessee, USA/c 1859
Thomas Baker SmithLittle Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas, USA/30 Dec 1856
Walter Harrison SmithBridgeport, Wise County, Texas, USA/c 1900Fountain Valley, Orange, CA
Walter Harrison SmithSan Francisco County, California, USA/1935
Walter Washington Smith
Wililam Hosea SmithKettle Falls, Stevens County, Washington, USA/3 Mar 1895
William SmithVirginia, USA/c 1800
William Alexander SmithBuckingham County, Virginia, USA/10 Jul 1819Harrison County, Texas, USA
William Alexander SmithBuckingham County, Virginia, USA/5 Sep 1831Williamson County, Texas, USA
William H SmithTrigg,KY,USA/8 Jan 1832LIvingston,KY,USA
William J Smith/c 1877
William Kenneth SmithEl Dorado Springs,MO,USA/24 Jun 1913Clermont,Lake County, Florida, USA
William Slaughter SmithKentucky, USA/1838
William Trace SmithJefferson County, Tennessee, USA/Mar 1847
Willis Percie SmithTiline,Livingston,KY,USA/6 Dec 1886Salem,Livingston,KY,USA