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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-R-M269-34   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-R-M269-34
Alan Smith
Albert Earl SmithWellington,KS,USA/13 Jun 1892San Diego County,California,USA
Albert Paul SmithWayne Co, IN/Aug 1858Arkansas City, Cowley County, Kansas, USA
Alexander SmithRandolph County, North Carolina, USA/30 May 1747Randolph County, North Carolina, USA
Ambrose Smith/c 1827
Andrew SMITHOverton County,Tennessee,USA/26 Oct 1811
Archie Smith/c 1908
Bennie Smith/c 1906
Bryant Smith/1837
Bryant SmithWinchester County, Virginia, USA/8 Aug 1763Marshall County, Alabama, USA
Campbell Smith/1829
David Smith/1784
David SmithNorth Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia, USA/26 Feb 1720Randolph County, North Carolina, USA
David SMITHOverton County,Tennessee,USA/Sep 1818
David SmithTennessee, USA/1786Tennessee, USA
Elihu SmithTennessee, USA/c 1809Indiana. USA
Emmett SmithGreenwood, Wise County, Texas, USA/25 Apr 1892Vernon,Wilbarger County, Texas, USA
Emmizah Smith/1843
Enoch John SmithTennessee, USA/1785Hickman, TN
Floy M SmithTexas, USA/Feb 1898
Frank Smith
George Smith/1841
George SmithOverton County,Tennessee,USA/14 Apr 1821Overton County,Tennessee,USA
George Adam SmithRandolph County, North Carolina, USA/1795Overton County,Tennessee,USA
George Robert Smith
George Washington Smith/1813
George Washington SmithFentress County, Tennessee, USA/3 Mar 1848
George Washington SmithTennessee, USA/1847Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma , USA
George Washington SMITHTennessee, USA/11 Nov 1807
George William SmithRaleigh, Wake County, North Carolina, USA/1750Overton County,Tennessee,USA
Henry Smith/1798
Henry E Smith/c 1904
Hiram Worley SmithOverton County,Tennessee,USA/12 Sep 1858Greenwood, Wise County, Texas, USA
Ira Smith/1775
Ira George SMITHOverton County,Tennessee,USA/c 1780Jackson,MO,USA
Isaac Smith/c 1843
Isaac Ray Smith/1908
Jacob SmithGeorgia,USA/1814
James SMITHFentress County, Tennessee, USA/1827
John Smith/1854
John Smith/1843
John SMITHOverton County,Tennessee,USA/15 Feb 1814Overton County,Tennessee,USA
John SMITHTennessee, USA/10 Jan 1791Pickett County, Tennessee, USA
John SmithVirginia, USA/1791Overton County,Tennessee,USA
John Adam SmithTennessee, USA/Jan 1820Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA
John P Smith/1896
John Thomas SmithHickman, TN /1835
John Wesley SmithOverton County,Tennessee,USA/1823
John Zaster Smith/c 1815
Johnny Lewis Smith
Joseph SmithRandolph County, North Carolina, USARandolph County, North Carolina, USA
Joseph D Smith/1789
Joshua Smith/c 1847
Kenneth Lee SmithSan Diego, San Diego County, California, USA/2 Apr 1940
Landon Smith/c 1849
Logan Smith/c 1841
Logan Mayhew SmithOverton County,Tennessee,USA/10 Jun 1846Howell Co, MO
Louis C Smith/Jun 1900
Nicholas SmithYork County, Maine, USAWells, York County, Maine, USA
Norman Smith/1836
Oliver H Smith/18 Jul 1833Anderson,Madison County, Indiana, USA
Oscar R Smith/1858
Pearson Bransford SmithOverton County,Tennessee,USA/18 Sep 1861Pickett County, Tennessee, USA
Peter SmithGreenbrier County, Virginia, USA/27 Jul 1781Allegany Co,VA,USA
Richard Smith/1808
Richard Smith/1821
Richard SmithOverton County,Tennessee,USA/4 Dec 1836Overton County,Tennessee,USA
Richard SMITHTennessee, USA/1817
Richard SMITHVirginia, USA/c 1789Overton County,Tennessee,USA
Richard Andrew SmithTennessee, USA/1855
Ricky Smith
Riley McNeal Smith
Roscoe Bransford SmithOverton County,Tennessee,USA/1832Columbia, Adair County, Kentucky, USA
Sam Venoy SmithRogersville, Hawkins County, Tennessee, USA/1885Rogersville, Hawkins County, Tennessee, USA
Sampson Smith/1794
Samuel Smith/c 1839
Samuel Smith/15 Aug 1726Shenandoah County, Virginia, USA
Samuel SmithHawkins County, Tennessee, USA/1823Tennessee, USA
Samuel SmithNorth Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia, USA/15 Aug 1726Shenandoah County, Virginia, USA
Samuel Cameron Smith/1786
Silas Finis Smith/20 Jan 1918
Thomas Smith/1827
Thomas SmithNorth Carolina, USAMarshall County,Alabama,USA
William Smith/21 May 1724
William SmithFarnham,Richmond County,Virginia,USA/c 1695Farnham,Richmond County,Virginia,USA
William SmithFarnham,Richmond County,Virginia,USA/19 Mar 1743Allegany Co,VA,USA
William SmithNorth Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia, USA/21 May 1724Shenandoah County, Virginia, USA
William SmithVirginia, USA/1788
William SmithVirginia, USA/10 Jan 1828Covington, VA
William Alexander SmithBath County, Virginia, UsA/9 Jun 1852Grand Island Co,NE,USA
William Barton SmithOverton County,Tennessee,USA/8 Feb 1826Overton County,Tennessee,USA
William Barton SMITHOverton County,Tennessee,USA/8 Feb 1826Overton County,Tennessee,USA
William L SmithTexas, USA/Nov 1871
William Leggs SMITH/1785Tennessee, USA
William S SmithHawkins County, Tennessee, USA/1858Rogersville, Hawkins County, Tennessee, USA
William Stanley SmithMountain View, MO/1899Oklahoma
William W Smith/1843
Willis SMITHFentress County, Tennessee, USA/c 1830
Wright Smith/1805