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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-R-M269-33   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-R-M269-33
Albert Smith
Alexious E Smith/1834
Andrew C Smith/1848
Andrew D SchmidtMaryland, USA /1798
Andrew D Smith/1845
Andrew J Smith/1860
Andrew Joseph Smith/1869
Arthur Smith/May 1896
Charles E Smith/1857
Charles Harrod SmithDaviess County, Kentucky, USA/12 May 1891Daviess County, Kentucky, USA
Charles V SmithAlbemarle Parish, Sussex County, Virginia, USA/1848
Charlie Smith/1908
Child Smith/1824
Christopher Smith
Claude V Smith/1917
Claude W Smith/1888
Cornelius Sanford Smith Kentucky, USA/c 1863
David Smith
David S T Smith/1842
Elmer C Smith/1904
Emanuel Smith
Enola G Smith/1889
Ernest G SmithMaryland, USA /1894
Essel L Smith/1886
Galen C Smith/1910
Gene David Smith
Gene David SmithOwensboro, Daviess County, Kentucky, USA/7 Jul 1931Murray,Calloway County,Kentucky,USA
George SmithMaryland, USA /1826
George F Smith/1905
George G Smith/1871
George Lee Smith/1870
Grayson O Smith/1902
Harry B Smith/1889
Henry Schildknecht
Hugh Smith/Jun 1887
J Victor Tilden Smith/1876
Jacob Schmidt (Smith)/c 1770
Jacob C Smith
Jacob Lawson SmithFrederick County, Maryland, USA/1836Pittsburgh,Allegheny County,Pennsylvania,USA
Jacob M SchmidtFrederick County, Maryland, USA/1796
Johann Michael SchmidtAlsace, France/c 1746Frederick County, Maryland, USA
Johann Michael SchmidtMaryland, USA /c 1774
Johannes Smith/1823
Johannes A (John) Schmidt, Sr. (Smith)Virginia, USA/c 1797
John A SmithPage County, Virginia, USA/c. 1830
John D Smith/1865
John G Smith/1892
John S B Smith/1884
John W Smith/Feb 1891
John Wesley Smith/1872
Joseph W Smith
Levi Smith/13 Jul 1915
Lewis W Smith/1873
Mahlon Carlton Smith/1862Maryland, USA
Maryland V Smith/1907
Noah E Smith
Paul E Smith/1911
Peter Schlosser
Ralph L Smith/1877
Remus Griffin SmithKentucky, USA/c 1818McLean County, Kentucky, USA
Richard J Smith/May 1888
Robert Smith/1879
Robert R Smith/1812
Russell L Smith/1909
Samuel E Smith/1861
Sidney G Smith/1888
Simon P Smith
Thomas Smith/1781
Walter D Smith/Apr 1894
Walter Gold Smith/1919
William C SmithVirginia, USA/c 1776Daviess County, Kentucky, USA
William M Smith
William T R Smith/1839
William T R Smith/c 1873
Wilmer I Smith/1891