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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-R-M269-28   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-R-M269-28
Absalom Smith/1815
Alexander SmithCocke County, Tennessee, USA/c 1813Lawrence County, Missouri, USA
Asa SmithCocke County, Tennessee, USA/31 Aug 1807Cocke County, Tennessee, USA
Asa Thomas SmithCocke County, Tennessee, USA/25 Aug 1847
Augustine Smith/c 1830
Benjamin SmithTennessee, USA/1806Daviess, MO
Benjamin F Smith/c 1843
Charles Floyd SmithOskaloosa,Clay County, Illinois, USA/14 Aug 1887La Clede, Fayette, IL
Christopher Columbus Smith/1857
Coleman SmithCocke County, Tennessee, USA/1842
David Smith/1818
David Smith/1823Independence, Jackson County, Missouri, USA
Ellis T SmithIowa, USA/Oct 1871Tacoma,Pierce,WA,USA
Enoch SmithTennessee, USA/1814Harrisonville,Cass County, Missouri, USA
Ephraim SmithTennessee, USA/c 1837
Francis Marion Smith/1845
George W SmithClay County, Alabama, USA/1918
George W SmithTennessee, USA/1835Iowa, USA
Hamlton C Smith
Harry T Smith
Henry SmithTennessee, USA/1835
Isaac Smith/1815
Isaac Smith/c 1829
Isaac SmithAugusta County, Virginia, USA/1786Gallatin, Jackson, Daviess County, Missouri, USA
Isaac SmithCocke County, Tennessee, USA/15 Aug 1795Tennessee, USA
Isaac C Smith
Isaac F SmithIowa, USA/c 1849
James Smith/1808
James Lewis Smith/1820
James Madison Smith/1811
Jesse SmithTennessee, USA/1801Jackson County, Missouri, USA
Joel Smith/1812
John Smith
John Smith/c 1845
John SmithTennessee, USA/c 1801
John SmithVirginia, USA/22 Feb 1748Cocke County, Tennessee, USA
John SmithVirginia, USA/c 1783Cocke County, Tennessee, USA
John Henry SmithJefferson County, Tennessee, USA/1864
John L SmithLawrence County, Missouri, USA/1850
John Little Smith/1807
John P SmithTennessee, USA/c 1826
John Thomas Smith/1842
Joseph Smith/1795
Joseph Smith/c 1833
Joshua Smith/1821
Josiah F SmithMissouri ,USA/c 1817
LaVergne Magill SmithVirginia, USA/2 Aug 1920Richmond,Richmond County, Virginia, USA
Levi SmithVirginia, USA/1791
Lewis SmithTennessee, USA/11 Apr 1816
Marion L Smith
Morgan SmithCocke County, Tennessee, USA/1810Grand River, MO
Morris SmithMissouri Valley,Harrison County, Iowa, USA/24 Jan 1894Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa, USA
Noah SmithMissouri ,USA/c 1854
Philip SmithCocke County, Tennessee, USA/9 Feb 1839
Phillip Smith/1820
Phillip Lavergne SmithVirginia, USA
Pleasant Smith/1822
Pleasant L SmithMissouri ,USA/c 1849
Ransom Vernon SmithClay County, Alabama, USA/1882
Ray M SmithCouncil Bluffs, Pottawatomie County, Iowa, USA/3 May 1936Lyons, Rice County, Kansas, USA
Richard Harold SmithCouncil Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa, USA/May 1898
Roy G Smith/1911
Samuel H Smith/1836
Sanford Solomon SmithMissouri ,USA/1850
Simeon Smith/1800
Simeon SmithVirginia, USA/1768Newport, Cocke County, Tennessee, USA
Simon P Smith/1828
Stephen SmithCocke County, Tennessee, USA/11 Dec 1844Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma , USA
Talbert SmithCocke County, Tennessee, USA/6 Jan 1836
Thomas Smith/1797
Thomas B SmithVirginia, USA/22 Jan 1772Cocke County, Tennessee, USA
Thomas L SmithCocke County, Tennessee, USA/1833Cocke County, Tennessee, USA
W E Smith
Webster Daniel SmithMissouri ,USA/1890
William SmithCocke County, Tennessee, USA/25 Mar 1802White Pine,Jefferson Co,TN,USA
William Davis SmithTennessee, USA/1823
William H Smith/1840
William H Smith/1844Lawrence County, Missouri, USA
William J SmithIowa, USA/c 1852
William Montgomery Smith/1847
William Samuel SmithVirginia, USA/c 1768Courtney,Jackson Co,MO,USA