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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-R-M269-18   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-R-M269-18
Abraham Smith
Abraham Smith/1775
Abraham SmithManchester, Bennington County, Vermont, United States/30 JUN 1777
Abraham SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/20 Sep 1730FRA
Adam SmithGreene County, Tennessee, USA/c 1832
Addison SmithNew York, USA/1865Crawford County, Illinois, USA
Alan M SmithMiddlebury, Addison, Vermont, USA/1944
Alan M SmithMiddlebury, Addison, Vermont, USA/1974
Albert Smith/c 1850
Alonzo Eber SmithBurlington,Chittendon County,Vermont,USA/06 NOV 1817Brookville, St Croix County, Wisconsin, USA
Alpheus Smith/c 1848
Alva Edward SmithValley View, Cooke, TX/25 Mar 1887
Ambrose M Smith/24 APR 1806
Amos SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/21 Jan 1699Sudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA
Amos L SmithMissouri ,USA/c 1843
Andrew J SmithJohnson County, Illinois, USA/1819Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas, USA
Andrew Jackson SmithIllinois, USA/1836
Anthony Harvey SmithSavannah, Chatham County, Georgia, USA/30 Nov 1946Claxton, Evans County, Georgia, USA
Archibald SmithWayne County,Georgia,USA/ABT 1833Newman County,Georgia,USA
Artemus Smith/1784
Asa Smith
Asa Smith/1757
Asa Smith/1780
Asahel SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/12 Jun 1735Sudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA
Augustus Smith
Azariah SmithCanterbury, Windham County, Connecticut, USA/1717Sichem,Dutchess County, New York, USA
Azariah S SmithDutchess County, New York, USA/c 1783Wooster, Wayne, OH
Barnabas S SmithStewart County, Tennessee, USA/6 Nov 1802Johnson County, Illinois, USA
Bazaleel SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/4 Mar 1700Shrewsbury, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA
Benejah SmithRidgefield, Fairfield County, Connecticut, USA/1749Salisbury, Herkimer County, New York, USA
Benjamin Smith/1684
Benjamin SmithCanterbury Co,MA,USA/8 Mar 1710Bolton, Tolland County, Connecticut, USA
Benjamin SmithNash County, North Carolina, USA/19 Jul 1724Nash County, North Carolina, USA
Benjamin SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/29 Oct 1841Sudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA
Benjamin Franklin SmithDelaware County, Indiana, USA/13 SEP 1836
Benjamin Perry SmithSouth Carolina, USA/c 1849,Six Mile,SC,USA
Bennet SmithEdgecombe Co NC/1774Laurens County, Georgia, USA
Blodget SmithPomfret Landing,Windham County,Connecticut,USA/9 Aug 1744Berkshire County,Massachusetts,USA
Blodgett SmithBerkshire County, Massachusetts,USA/6 Jul 1777Oxford, Chenango County, New York, USA
Brittain SmithEdgecombe Co NC/1762Laurens County, Georgia, USA
Britton SmithNash County, North Carolina, USA/1754Jefferson County, Georgia, USA
Britton G Smith
Britton Gainer SmithJefferson County, Georgia, USA/27 Jul 1822Statenville,Georgia,USA
Brooks K Smith/19 Sep 1958Jacksonville, FL
Calvin Smith/1924
Cardwell Breathett SmithParis, Logan, Arkansas, USA/24 APR 1887Bakersfield,Kern County, California, USA
Cardwell Breathett Richard (CBR) SmithLogan County, Kentucky, USA/1810Board Camp, Polk County, Arkansas, USA
Charles Alonzo SmithSteuben,IN,USA/15 Sep 1862Redfield,Spink County, South Dakota, USA
Charles E Smith/1863Fitchburg,MA,USA
Charles H SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/30 Jul 1765Westminster, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA
Charles H SmithWestminster, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA/20 Aug 1811Westminster, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA
Charles Henry SmithWestminster, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA/1839
Charles J SmithCastleton, Rutland, Vermont, USA/1875Castleton, Rutland, Vermont, USA
Charles K SmithMissouri ,USA/Oct 1844Deann,Hempstead County, Arkansas, USA
Charles Pierce Smith/1891Fitchburg, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA
Charles R Smith/c 1866
Charlie D Smith/1861
Claude N Smith/c 1878
Claude Woodrow SmithDaisy, Tattnall County, Georgia, USA/7 Aug 1914Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia, USA
Claudius Clarence SmithBellville,Tattnall County, Georgia, USA/1865Chatham County, Georgia, USA
Comfort Smith
Commodore Beecher SmithBellville,Tattnall County, Georgia, USA/1872
Conrad SmithNew York, USA/c 1802Bear Lake, Manistee County, Michigan, USA
Craig Steven Smith
Curtis Smith
Daniel Smith/1803
Daniel Smith/1787
Daniel SmithDelaware County, Indiana, USA/25 NOV 1840
Daniel Harrison SmithBellville,Tattnall County, Georgia, USA/29 Oct 1841Bellville,Tattnall County, Georgia, USA
Daniel Newton Smith/1897
David Smith/c 1853
David SmithNew York, USA/c 1754Wayne,OH,USA
David SmithNorth East,Dutchess Co,NY,USA/1781York Twp,Sandusky Co,OH,USA
David W SmithSouth Carolina, USA/1844
Dwain Smith
Eben Smith
Ebeneezer SmithGeorgia,USA/1858
Ebenezer SmithWapello,Louisa Co,IA,USA/21 Oct 1850Jameson,Daviess Co,MO,USA
Eber SmithNew York, USA/1792Madrid, Saint Lawrence County, New York, USA
Edward SmithDelaware County, Indiana, USA/15 JAN 1843
Edwin Talcott SmithHebron, CT/12 May 1861
Elijah Smith/1784
Elijah SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/14 Apr 1717
Elijah Remington Smith/17 Sep 1835Matteson, Branch Co, MI
Elisha Smith/1786
Elmer J Smith/c 1876
English Gartrell SmithBellville,Tattnall County, Georgia, USA/21 Sep 1877Evans County, Georgia, USA
Eric Ryan Smith/1982
Ernest SmithFolkston,Charlton County,Georgia,USA/16 Jun 1911Jacksonville. FL
Ernest Napoleon Smith/1890
Ernest Ronald Smith/28 Oct 1940Jacksonville, Fl
Ernie Smith
Eugene H Smith/ABT 1901
Eunis Smith/1719
Everett Smith/1800
Ezekiel SmithWestborough,Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA/21 Aug 1740Henniker,Merrimack Co,NH,USA
Ezra Smith/1748
Ezra SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/13 Jan 1754Ellisburg,Jefferson Co,NY,USA
Fernando Wood SMITHIndiana, USA/29 Jun 1863Hamilton County, Indiana, USA
Fernando Wood SmithMadison, IN/29 JUN 1863Madison IN
Francis Royal SmithMadrid, Saint Lawrence County, New York, USA/11 AUG 1851Steilacoom, Pierce, Washington, USA
Frank SmithFlorida, USA/5 May 1886
Frank B Smith/c 1872
Frank Segel SmithWest Vienna, IL /24 Oct 1866
Frank Winslow SmithHebron,CT,USA/3 Dec 1863
Franklin SmithBlue Hill,Webster Co,NE,USA/9 Apr 1887Jameson,Daviess Co,MO,USA
General Washington SmithNorth Carolina, USA/1784Wayne County, Georgia
George Smith
George SmithIreland/ABT 1725Edgecombe County, North Carolina, USA
George SmithNew York, USA/1850
George SmithTennessee, USA/c 1815
George Frederick T SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/20 Nov 1875New Haven County,Connecticut,USA
George Kellogg SmithWest Springfield Co,MA,USA/18 Feb 1869Albemarle Parish, Sussex County, Virginia, USA
George L SmithCastleton, Rutland, Vermont, USA/1889Castleton, Rutland, Vermont, USA
George Matthew SmithWayne County,Georgia,USA/9 Jan 1831Elmira, Chemung County, New York, USA
George Maxwell SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/10 Dec 1902Madison ,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA
George W Smith
George W SmithIllinois, USA/c 1834Colony,Anderson Co,KS,USA
George W SmithMissouri ,USA/Jul 1850
George Washington SmithDelaware County, Indiana, USA/ABT 03 JAN 1835
George Washington SmithSouth Carolina, USA/16 Jun 1810South Carolina, USA
Gilead Smith/1778
Glendon Francis SmithElwood, Madison County, Indiana, USA/28 AUG 1922
Glendon Greg SmithMadison IN/03 OCT 1890
Gunnar Smith/2011
Haman Smith
Harley SmithFlorida, USA/1904
Harold Smith
Harold Lawrence SmithMI/1907
Harrison Henry SmithSD/c 1894
Harrison Raleigh Smith/1991
Harry Smith
Henry Smith
Henry Smith/29 Nov 1806
Henry SmithNassau Couny, FL/7 Oct 1891Brunswick,Glynn County,Georgia,USA
Henry SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/1682Canterbury, Windham County, Connecticut, USA
Henry SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/24 Apr 1724East Cambridge,Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
Henry Allen SmithScreven, GA /c 1803Tattnall County, Georgia, USA
Henry Alva SmithCooke County, Texas USA/14 Dec 1862
Henry Clay SmithRome, GA/24 Jan 1844Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, USA
Henry Louis SmithArkansas, USA/7 Dec 1916Texarkana, Miller County, Arkansas, USA
Henry V SmithGreene, Chenango County, New York, USA/1816Texas, USA
Henry W Smith
Henry W SmithHamilton County, Indiana, USA/17 FEB 1870
Henry Walker SmithStatenville,Echols County,Georgia,USA/3 Aug 1858Statenville,Echols County,Georgia,USA
Holmes Anthony SmithDaisy, Evans County, Georgia, USA/18 Oct 1923
Horace Smith/Aug 1793
Howard E SmithMiddlebury, Addison, Vermont, USA/1945
Howard M SmithCastleton, Rutland, Vermont, USA/11 Aug 1913Middlebury, Addison, Vermont, USA
Hubert French SmithGreene County, Tennessee, USA/1891
Isaac Smith/1782
Isaac SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/9 Apr 1754Palmyra, Somerset County, Maine, USA
Isaac Williams SmithJohnson County, Illinois, USA/13 Jan 1818Whelan Springs,Clark County, Arkansas, USA
Isham Bennett SmithWoodbine, Camden County, Georgia, USA/30 Nov 1890Brunswick,Glynn County,Georgia,USA
Israel Greene SmithTennessee, USA/1828Mansfield,Wright Co,MO,USA
J Harvey Smith/1828
Jacob SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/30 Oct 1734
James SmithCanterbury, Windham County, Connecticut, USA/14 Dec 1704
James SmithNorth Carolina, USA/1780Tatnall Co,GA,USA
James SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/1658Sudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA
James SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/16 Dec 1680Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut, USA
James Barton SmithStewart County, Tennessee, USA/1806Clinton,East Feliciana Co,LA,USA
James Bell SmithTattnall County, Georgia, USA/1 Feb 1823Tattnall County, Georgia, USA
James Enoch SmithBeaufort County, North Carolina, USA/9 Dec 1915
James Enoch SmithSouth Carolina, USA/18 Oct 1877Beaufort County, North Carolina, USA
James F Smith/c 1846
James Henry Smith/28 Nov 1831
James M SmithJohnson County, Illinois, USA/15 Sep 1832Vienna, Johnson County, Illinois, USA
James Sidney Smith/1890
James Sidney SmithGreenville,Hunt County Co,Texas,USA/2 Sep 1855Hunt County, Texas, USA
James W Smith/c 1840
Jason Smith/c 1790
Jay Smith/1889
Jeddediah Smith
Jedediah SmithCanterbury, Windham County, Connecticut, USA/24 Dec 1706
Jedediah SmithCanterbury, Windham County, Connecticut, USA/18 Apr 1753
Jerry Everette SmithClaxton, Evans County, Georgia, USA/9 Aug 1955
Jesse Smith/1784
Jesse Smith
Jesse SmithManchester, Morgan County, Ohio, United States/22 OCT 1834
Jesse SMITHManchester, Morgan County, Ohio, United States/22 OCT 1834
John Smith/1745Manchester, Bennington County, Vermont, United States
John Smith
John Smith/c 1761
John Smith/1728
John Smith/1789
John SmithLancaster,Middlesex,MA,USA
John Smith
John SmithSudbury, England/1622Sudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA
John SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/7 Jan 1648
John SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/1 Mar 1682
John Anderson SmithGreene County, Tennessee, USA/10 Aug 1835Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee, USA
John C SmithVermont, USA/23 SEP 1799Delaware County, Indiana, USA
John D SmithDelaware County, Indiana, USA/27 SEP 1845
John F Smith/1868
John F SmithMissouri ,USA/c 1887
John Frazier SmithGeorgia,USA/1814Manor,Ware County,Georgia,USA
John J SmithCastleton, Rutland, Vermont, USA/1869Castleton, Rutland, Vermont, USA
John L Smith/c 1839
John L SmithCastleton, Rutland, Vermont, USA/1841Castleton, Rutland, Vermont, USA
John Madison SmithCocke County, Tennessee, USA/1857
John P Smith
John W SmithTexas, USA/9 Jul 1884Texarkana,Bowie County, Texas, USA
Johnathan Paul SmithJacksonville, FL/18 Dec 1963
Jonah Raleigh Smith/1994
Jonathan SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/2 Jan 1689Sudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA
Jonathan SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/16 Jul 1744
Jordan Smith/1790Lee County,Georgia,USA
Jordan SmithNash County, North Carolina, USA/16 Jan 1777Washington County, Georgia, USA
Joseph SmithLeominster,Worcester County,Massachusetts,USA/29 Mar 1783Leominster,Worcester County,Massachusetts,USA
Joseph SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/12 Oct 1688
Joseph A Smith/5 Jul 1821
Joseph Clarence SmithCandler County, Georgia, USA/11 Feb 1946KIA Vietnam
Joseph Howard SMITH/1900
Joseph Howard SmithMadison IN/29 JUN 1900Madison IN
Joseph Mather Smith/11 Oct 1851
Joseph Wayne SmithGeorgia,USA/1842
Kenneth O SmithHubbardton, Rutland, Vermont, USA/1920Ripton, Addison, Vermont, USA
Laban Jasper SmithIllinois, USA/c 1845
Larry Kenneth Smith
Lawrence Luther SmithMatteson Branch, MI /15 Jan 1884Jackson, MI
Lawton A Smith/1887
Leland D SmithPalestine, Anderson County, Texas, USA/1905
Leon H SmithMiddlebury, Addison, Vermont, USA/1978
Lewis SmithVermont, USA/14 SEP 1811
Lewis SmithVermont, USA/1807Castleton, Rutland, Vermont, USA
Lewis Henry SmithGeorgia,USA/3 Aug 1880Pompano Beach,Broward County,Florida,USA
Lovick Smith/18 Jan 1919
Lovick Pierce Smith/1868Chatham County, Georgia, USA
Luther J Smith
Lyman Smith/25 Jan 1822
Male/1 age<5-1830 SmithWare County, Georgia, USA/<1830
Marshall David Smith/ABT 1899
Matthew SmithFlorida, USA/20 Aug 1883Folkston,Charlton County,Georgia,USA
Michael J SmithCastleton, Rutland, Vermont, USA/25 Jan 1878Middlebury, Addison, Vermont, USA
Millington SmithEdgecomb County, North Carolina, USA/1760Johnson County, Illinois, USA
Millington S SmithIllinois, USA/c 1827
Milo Augustus Smith/24 Oct 1844
Moses Smith/1830
Moses Smith/1744
Moses SmithCanterbury, Windham County, Connecticut, USA/31 Jan 1718
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith/1794
Nathan Smith/1750
Nathan SmithBerkshire County,Massachusetts,USA/5 Jan 1781Greene, Chenango County, New York, USA
Nathan SmithManchester, Bennington County, Vermont, United States/25 NOV 1771Manchester, Morgan County, Ohio, United States
Nehemiah Smith/1755
Norman L SmithHamilton County, Indiana, USA/03 MAR 1868
Norman T Smith
Oliver SmithCanterbury, Windham County, Connecticut, USA/2 Mar 1707
Oliver SmithGreene County, Tennessee, USA/13 May 1843Oronogo,Jasper,MO,USA
Oliver F SmithTennessee, USA/1818
Oliver Greenberry SmithPickens County, South Carolina, USA/Oct 1849
Oliver J SmithSouth Carolina, USA/5 May 1867Six Mile, SC
Orren E Smith/ABT 1908
Oscar Frederick SmithNew York, USA/04 JUN 1856SD
Otavious Hopkins Smith Evans County, Georgia, USA/3 Jan 1935
Otavious Hopkins Smith Tattnall County, Georgia, USA/1888Evans County, Georgia, USA
Paul H SmithIllinois, USA/c 1935
Paul Howard SmithMissouri ,USA/c 1913
Peter SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/10 Oct 1742Sudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA
Peter Samuel SmithGeorgia,USA/1835
Philander Smith/1809
Phinehas SmithCanterbury, Windham County, Connecticut, USA/5 Jul 1710Windham County,Connecticut,USA
R. M. Smith
Raleigh Arnold Smith/1903
Raleigh Arnold Smith/1923
Raleigh Arnold Smith/1953
Ransom Smith/c 1841
Ransom SMITHVermont, USA/18 JAN 1804Turney, Clinton County, Missouri, USA
Raymond Carlow SmithJameson,Daviess Co,MO,USA/Feb 1914Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas, USA
Reuben SmithNelson ,Cheshire County, New Hampshire, USA/22 Aug 1781Rodman, Jefferson, NY
Reuben Greene SmithBerkshire County,Massachusetts,USA/20 Jul 1792Caney Branch,Greene,TN,USA
Reuben S SmithGreene County, Tennessee, USA/12 Aug 1814Six Mile,Pickens County,South Carolina,USA
Reuben W SmithArkansas, USA/c 1848
Richard Smith
Richard Smith/1625
Richard SmithSurry County, Virginia, USAEdgecombe County, North Carolina, USA
Richard Hampton SmithHomerville, Clinch County, Georgia, USA/ABT 1851Waynesville,Brantley County,Georgia,USA
Richard Middleton SmithWaldron, Scott County, Arkansas, USA/28 Mar 1853Lamar County, Texas, USA
Robbie Byrd SmithCandler County, Georgia, USA/13 Jun 1935Evans County, Georgia, USA
Robert SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/1654
Robert E SmithSpartanburg County,South Carolina,USA/Oct 1878Chesnee, Spartanburg, SC
Robert Franklin Smith
Robert Lewis Smith/1932Fitchburg, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA
Robert Paul SmithWinokur, GA/18 Apr 1937Jacksonville, FL
Robert Walker Beaton Smith
Roland Franklin SmithBrookville, WI/22 JUN 1891Seattle, King County, Washington, USA
Roscoe Thurman SmithDaisy, Evans County, Georgia, USA/17 Jun 1921
Roscoe Thurman SmithTattnall County, Georgia, USA/11 Nov 1882Claxton, Evans County, Georgia, USA
Roy L SmithSouth Carolina, USA
Russell SmithHubbardton, Rutland, Vermont, USA/1923Middlebury, Addison, Vermont, USA
Russell Fairbanks Smith/1830
Samuel Smith/1748
Samuel SmithHebron, CT/22 Dec 1828West Springfield, MA
Samuel SmithPickens County, South Carolina, USA/4 May 1904Inman, Spartanburg, SC
Samuel SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/1690
Samuel (Fletcher) SmithDaisy, Evans County, Georgia, USA/26 Aug 1919
Samuel B SmithVermont, USA/1786Michigan, USA
Sardis SmithChatham, Columbia, NY /1 Jul 1808Davis County, Iowa, USA
Seth Smith/27 Sep 1824Hartford County, Connecticut, USA
Seth SmithManchester, Bennington County, Vermont, United States/27 AUG 1787
Shirley Dermont Smith
Sidney Smith/c 1858
Silas SmithManchester, Bennington County, Vermont, United States/01 MAR 1781
Silas SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/26 Apr 1760Sudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA
Simon SmithEdgecombe County, North Carolina, USA/c 1758Tattnall County, Georgia, USA
Simon SmithLyme, New London County, Connecticut, USA/1759Westfield,Hampden Co,CT,USA
Stephen Smith/1797
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith/1790Pickens County, South Carolina, USA
Stephen SmithSouth Carolina, USA/1790Pickens County, South Carolina, USA
Stephen SmithSouth Carolina, USA/c 1842
Stephen A SmithOhio, USA/BEF 1823
Stephen T Smith/1851
Stuart Plunkett SmithBellville,Tattnall County, Georgia, USA/1875
Thankful SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/9 Aug 1728
Theophilus Smith/c 1721
Thomas Smith/1734
Thomas Smith/1795
Thomas Smith
Thomas SmithCanterbury, Windham County, Connecticut, USA/18 Feb 1707
Thomas SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/29 Jul 1658Sudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA
Thomas SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/3 Dec 1679Sudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA
Thomas SmithTennessee, USA/c 1813
Thomas A Smith/1855
Thomas B SmithMissouri ,USA/c 1841
Thomas Byron Smith/1888
Thomas Edwin Smith/24 AUG 1923
Thomas Green SmithJohnson County, Illinois, USA/26 NOV 1826Cash,Hunt Co,TX,USA
Thomas Hamilton SmithSouth Carolina, USA/16 Jun 1840South Carolina, USA
unknown Smith
W.C. Smith
Wade Smith
Warren Smith
Warren Smith/1856
Washington SmithNew York, USA/1850
Wheeler M Smith/24 Jan 1794
Who Knows Smith
Wilbur C SmithFolkston,Charlton County,Georgia,USA/1 Jun 1926Jacksonville, FL
Wiley Hubert Cronje Smith/1900
Wiley James Sidney SmithFouke, Miller County, Arkansas, USA/13 Aug 1893Dallas County, Arkansas, USA
Wiley Jones Sorelle SmithCampbell, Hunt County, Texas, USA/02 DEC 1857Fouke, Miller County, Arkansas, USA
Wilfred Charles Smith/3 Oct 1858
Will Smith/1793
Willard Smith/1745
Willard SmithGeorgia,USA/Dec 1891
William Smith/9 Dec 1772
William Smith
William Smith
William Smith
William Smith
William SmithManchester, Bennington County, Vermont, United States/06 DEC 1785
William SmithSouth Carolina, USA/c 1843
William A Smith/ABT 1894
William A SmithSouth Carolina, USA/1847
William A T SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/2 Apr 1851New Haven County,Connecticut,USA
William Alexander SmithSouth Carolina, USA/25 Feb 1871Pickens County, South Carolina, USA
William Barton SmithCape Girardeau County, Missouri, USA/08 APR 1839Paris,Logan County,Arkansas,USA
William Barton SmithStewart County, Tennessee, USA/c 1800Vienna, Johnson County, Illinois, USA
William Dalton Smith/1907
William H SmithCastleton, Rutland, Vermont, USA/1880Hubbardton, Rutland, Vermont, USA
William H SmithDelaware County, Indiana, USA/25 NOV 1832
William Henry SmithTexas, USA/1867Johnson County, Texas, USA
William M SmithGeorgia,USA/13 Jan 1860Folkston,Charlton County,Georgia,USA
William T Smith/ABT 1852
William Youmans SmithBeaufort County, South Carolina, USA/25 Aug 1788Hampton Co,SC,USA
Willie SmithFlorida, USA/1896
Willis SmithHalifax County, North Carolina, USA/BEF 1740Halifax County, North Carolina, USA
Willis S SmithElkton,Logan Co,KY,USA/10 Aug 1810Rawls Hills Plantation,Clark County, Arkansas, USA
Willis Thomas SmithHunt County, Texas, USA/4 Mar 1854Hunt County, Texas, USA
Zebulon SmithBradford, Yorkshire, England/1759
Zephaniah SmithSudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA/29 Oct 1705Sudbury,Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA