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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-Q-M242-1   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-Q-M242-1
Alexander Smith/1839
Alton A Smith/1891
Amos Merrill Emmitt SmithLincoln County, Tennessee, USA/1831Iredell Bosque Co TX USA
Anderson Smith
Anderson SmithFrederick Creek, Frederick (later Hampshire) Co., Virginia Colony/1743Pulaski County, Kentucky,USA
Anderson SmithSullivan County, Tennessee, USA/17 Dec 1781Cameron, Clinton County, Missouri, USA
Anderson Best SmithDekalb County, Missouri, USA/19 Apr 1837Dekalb County, Missouri, USA
Anderson C SmithMissouri ,USA/c 1834
Anderson Cole SmithRowan County,North Carolina,uSA/29 Aug 1798Wilson, TX
Andrew Smith/1819
Andrew SmithHopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA/30 Dec 1718on Swearing Creek, Rowan Co., North Carolina Colony
Andrew SmithHopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA/4 Nov 1709Hopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA
Andrew SmithHopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA/1734
Andrew SmithHopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA/25 Aug 1744Hopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA
Andrew SmithJersey Settlement, Rowan County, North Carolina, USA/31 Jul 1779New Franklin, Howard County, Missouri, USA
Andrew SmithMorgan Co., Missouri/1835Carroll County, Missouri, USA
Andrew Smithprob. Chesterfield MM, near Burlington, West New Jersey Province/8 Feb 1689Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA
Andrew SmithRowan County,North Carolina,uSA/1762
Andrew 'immigrant' Smithnear Monk Bretton, South Riding [was West], Yorkshire, England/c 1652Hopewell Twp, Mercer Co. [was Burlington], New Jersey Colony
Andrew J Smith/1817
Andrew J Smith/1842
Asa Smith/1838
Barclay Smith/1806
Benjamin F SmithMissouri ,USA/c 1844
Caleb Smith/1848
Campbell E Smith/1845
Charles SmithHopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA/1732
Charles SmithHopewell, NJ/30 Nov 1718New Jersey, USA
Charles Edward SmithEl Dorado Springs, Cedar County, Missouri, USA/1922
Charles W Smith/1879
Clinton B Smith/1867
Clinton Emmet Smith/1901
Cornelius Smith/c 1745
Cornelius Smith/1790
Cornelius SmithMissouri ,USA/c 1836
Cornelius SmithNew Jersey, USA/31 Aug 1791
Cornelius SmithRowan County,North Carolina,uSA/23 Dec 1783Brazoria, TX, UsA
Cornelius SmithSwearing Creek,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA/23 Dec 1783Brazoria County,Texas,USA
Cornelius William SmithTrumansburg, Tompkins, NY /19 May 1845
Daniel Smith/1790
Donald Eugene SmithCalifornia,USA/1939
Edward Smith/c 1830
Edward Smith/1802
Edward SmithMissouri ,USA/c 1829
Edward Anderson Smith/1874Dekalb County, Missouri, USA
Edward Anderson SmithTennessee, USA/7 Sep 1807Dekalb County, Missouri, USA
Edward C SmithMissouri ,USA/Apr 1867
Edward Henry SmithCA/1871
Edward J Smith/1846
Elijah SmithSullivan Co,NC,USA/1786Lincoln, Andrew County, Missouri, USA
Elizah Smith/c 1815
Ezekiel W Smith/1806
Floyd Floy SmithNew Pine Creek, Lake Co., Oregon/22 Apr 1904Grants Pass, Josephine Co., Oregon
Gail George Smith
Gary Donovan SmithKlamath Falls, Klamath County, Oregon, USA/9 Mar 1937
George Smith/1824
George Smith/1804
George SmithHopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA/10 Aug 1745Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, USA
George SmithHopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA/c.1727
George SmithHopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA/c.1727
George Lockhart SmithTexas, USA/1884Washington, USA
George W Smith/1712
George W SmithMissouri ,USA/c 1847
George Washington SmithHopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA/May 1784Harbourton,Mercer,NJ,USA
George Wylie SmithCheyenne,Laramie Co,WY,USA/7 May 1920San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, USA
Gerald Squires Smith
Grant Ulysses Smith/1864
Gustavus Pierpont Smith/1836
H Smith/1836
Harlan Smith/1826
Harold Marshall Smith/10 Sep 1902
Hiram SmithTennessee, USA/1809
Hiram Shelby Smith/1830
Ira Samuel SmithCedar Springs,Cedar County,Missouri,USA/9 Nov 1876Alturas, Modoc Co., California
Isaac Smith/c 1862
Isaac Smith/1851
Isaac Newton Smith/1918
Isaac Newton Smith/1877
Isaac V Smith/c 1842
Jack Arthur Smith
James Smith/1864
James Smith/1843
James Smith/1770
James B Smith/1844
James Coldwell Smith/1821
James John SmithHopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA/1730Camden Jail British POW Stockade, Camden (later Kershaw) Co., South Carolina Colony
James Morgan SmithSyracuse, Onondaga County, New York, USA/19 Jul 1909
James Sterling SmithMissouri ,USA/30 May 1893Houston,Texas County, Missouri, USA
Jeremiah SmithChantey,Salem,VA,USA/1711Gore,Frederick County, Virginia, USA
Jeremiah SmithChantey,Salem,VA,USA/14 Sep 1687Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA
Jesse T Smith/1857
Jessie A SmithMissouri ,USA/4 Dec 1836Guthrie, Logan County, Oklahoma, USA
Joel H Smith/1838
John Smith/c 1792
John SmithChesterfield Twp, Burlington County, New Jersey, USA/31 Jan 1698on Swearing Creek, Rowan Co., North Carolina Colony
John SmithNew Jersey, USA/1724New Jersey, USA
John A SmithMissouri ,USA/1840
John Berrian SmithHopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA/6 Jun 1768Seneca, NY
John Evan SmithWoodsville, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA/22 Oct 1826Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA
John M SmithPulaski,Giles County, Tennessee, USA/2 Dec 1808Maysville, De Kalb County, Missouri, USA
John Mackie SmithHoward County, Missouri, USA/19 Jan 1813Cedar County,Missouri,USA
John Marshall SmithIllinois, USA/Dec 1861
John Obadiah SmithCedar County,Missouri,USA/Apr 1874El Dorado Springs, Cedar County, Missouri, USA
John Payton SmithMissouri ,USA/1842
John Payton SmithTennessee, USA/1799Missouri ,USA
John Simpson SmithPennsylvania, USA/25 Mar 1802Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, USA
John T SmithGrand River Twp, Carroll, MO /1859
John U Smith/1852
John W Smith
John William SmithPlattsmouth, NE/29 Jun 1866Scottsbluff, NE
Jonathan SmithNew Jersey, USA/1711
Jonathan SmithPennsylvania, USA/22 Jan 1770
Joseph SmithNew Jersey, USA/1722New Jersey, USA
Linus Howard SmithCA/1913
Marcus Smith
Martin M Smith/1816
Mathias J Smith/1830
Micajah Edwards SmithCedar County,Missouri,USA/25 Jul 1960
Morgan SmithOK/c 1899
Morgan Babcock SmithSyracuse, Onondaga County, New York, USA/27 Apr 1880
Nathan Smith/1805
Nathaniel SmithHopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA/27 Oct 1783West Farms, Westchester Co., New York
Nathaniel Ballard SmithFarmer Village, Seneca County, New York, USA/12 Oct 1819
Obediah SmithSomerset,Pulaski County,Kentucky,USA/12 Oct 1806Cedar Springs,Cedar County,Missouri,USA
Olin E Smith/c 1894
Oliver O Smith/c 1873
Peter Booth SmithCedar Springs, St. Clair Co. (Cedar Co. in 1845), Missouri/13 Jun 1844Augusta, Butler County, Kansas, USA
Preston Smith/1832
Reuben SmithNorth Carolina, USA/1766North Carolina, USA
Reuben Andrew Smith/1833
Robert Smithon Swearing Creek, Jersey Settlement, Rowan Co., North Carolina Colony/10 Feb 1776Wayne Co., Indiana
Robert N SmithCedar County,Missouri,USA/1848Cedar County,Missouri,USA
Robert W Smith/1850
Samuel SmithFrederick County, Virginia, USA/1737
Samuel SmithMissouri ,USA/c 1860
Samuel W Smith/1846
Simpson Smith/1806
Solomon K Smith/1833
Thomas Smith/1797
Thomas Smith/7 Nov 1727New Jersey, USA
Thomas Smith/1817
Thomas Smith(poss. Crosswicks village) Burlington, New Jersey /20 Nov 1677Hampshire County, Virginia, United States
Thomas SmithHopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA/c. 1720Anson County, North Carolina, USA
Thomas SmithSwearing Creek, Rowan Co., North Carolina Colony/21 Mar 1781killed near Boones Lick, Boone country, Missouri Territory
Thomas A. SmithPulaski County, Kentucky,USA/21 Sep 1807Grant City, De Kalb Co., Missouri
Thomas B. SmithJersey Settlement, Anson County, North Carolina, USA/15 Oct 1752Pulaski County, Kentucky, USA
Thomas C Smith/1841
Thomas H Smith/1836
Thomas W Smith/c 1808
Thompson Smith/1847
Thompson SmithPulaski County, Kentucky,USA/1802Cameron, MO
Timothy SmithHopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA/20 Nov 1730
Vincent SmithPulaski County, Kentucky,USA/15 May 1803Harrison County, Missouri, USA
Vincent (Vinson) SmithNorth Carolina, USA/1778Bedford County, Tennessee, USA
Walter H Smith/1881
Wellman Meredith SmithNew Pine Creek, Lake Co., Oregon/9 Jun 1907San Francisco, San Francisco County, California, USA
Willard Peyton Smith/1887
Willard Peyton SmithMissouri ,USA/1857Oregon, USA
William Smith
William Smith/1841
William SmithGrand River Twp, Carroll, MO /c 1858
William A Smith/1836
William Cornelius SmithBrazoria, TX, UsA/29 Aug 1843Caldwell, TX
William Cornelius SmithLuling, Caldwell County, Texas, USA/11 Nov 1874San Angelo,Tom Green County ,Texas,USA
William H Smith/c 1875
William H Smith/1822
William Henry Smith/1838
William Henry SmithCedar Springs, Rives Co. (became Cedar in 1845), Missouri/21 Feb 1840Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, USA
William Jackson SmithClay, MO/20 Sep 1832Marshall, OK
William John Smith/May 1900
William Roberts SmithPulaski County, Kentucky,USA/29 Apr 1816Brazoria, TX, UsA
William Vinson SmithTennessee, USA/1819Missouri ,USA
Woodson SmithMissouri ,USA/c 1869
Zebulon SmithHopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA/c 1731