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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-J-M172-10   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-J-M172-10
A J SmithWilkinson County, Georgia, USA/1850
Andrew L Smith/1872
Archibald Bryant Smith/28 May 1808Wilkinson County, Georgia, USA
Archibald James SmithWilkinson County, Georgia, USA/Jun 1859Dodge County, Georgia, USA
Archibald James SmithWilkinson County, Georgia, USA/1838Macon, Bibb County,Georgia,USA
Archibald Thomas Smith/3 Apr 1836
Arthur Russell Smith/13 Mar 1892
Asa Bronner SmithGeorgia,USA/1852
Benjamin Edmund Smith/1871
Benjamin Kennon Smith/28 Oct 1861
Benjamin Lewis SmithWilkinson County, Georgia, USA/13 Sep 1846Statesboro,Bulloch County,Georgia,USA
Charlie Tillman Smith/1909
David Josiah SmithFranklin County,Georgia,USA/1 Oct 1823Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia, USA
Earnest SmithGeorgia, USA/13 Nov 1902
Elijah Washington Smith/1885
Enos SmithGeorgia, USA/28 Jul 1894Glynn, Georgia, USA
George Leonard SmithWilkinson County, Georgia, USA/1867Chauncey, Dodge County, Georgia, USA
George Washington SmithWilkinson County, Georgia, USA/14 Oct 1849Gordon ,Wilkinson County,Georgia,USA
James Alver SmithAlabama, USA/11 May 1868OK,USA
James E SmithGeorgia,USA/1841Cherokee County, Alabama, USA
James Kirkland SmithSouth Carolina, USA/c 1788Franklin,Hart County,Georgia,USA
James Wiley SmithSpring Place, Murray County, Georgia, USA/13 Feb 1876Ocklocknee,Thomas,GA,USA
John Andy SmithElbert County, Georgia, USA/12 Dec 1882
John Andy SmithTalbot County,Georgia,USA/19 Nov 1917
John G SmithWilkinson County, Georgia, USA/1847
John Gabriel SmithGeorgia,USA/19 Dec 1813Carroll County, Georgia, USA
John J Smith/1857
John Lindsey Smith/26 Jan 1850
John Washington SmithSouth Carolina, USA/Sep 1821
John William SmithGeorgia,USA/c 1835
Leonard S SmithGeorgia, USA/16 Jan 1907
Lester Rufus Smith/1893
Philip SmithThomas County, GA/Aug 1952
Porter Gonzalus SmithAlabama, USA/1877Collinsville, DeKalb County, Alabama, USA
Richard Sampson SmithWilkinson County, Georgia, USA/6 Dec 1833Wilkinson County, Georgia, USA
Sampson Smith/1843
Thomas Bartow Smith/1891
Thomas Leonard Smith/1874
Thompson Terrell SmithGeorgia,USA/9 Nov 1863Meigs, Thomas County, Georgia, USA
Walter Bennie SmithNorman,OK,USA/3 Aug 1911Rosenburg,Douglas Co,OR,USA
Walter Benton SmithPhoenix Co,AZ,USA/4 Jul 1943
Wellborn Marion Smith/1848
William Harlan SmithOcklocknee,Thomas,GA,USA/12 May 1924Thomasville,Thomas,GA,USA
William J Smith/1855
William K SmithGeorgia,USA/1809Stafford, Cherokee County, Alabama, USA
William Newton SmithDalton,GA,USA/21 Aug 1897Mitchell County, Georgia, USA
William T Smith/1857
William Washington SmithBanks County, Georgia, USA/16 Jan 1846Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia, USA