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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-I-M253-4   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-I-M253-4
Augustine SmithVirginia, USA/22 Oct 1777Monroe County, Missouri, USA
Brent Smith
Catlet Smith/1843
Catlett SmithVirginia, USA/c 1789Surry County, North Carolina, USA
Cecil Coleman SmithWallville, Garvin County, Oklahoma, USA/4 Jan 1903Florien, Sabine Parish, Lousianna, USA
Charles Smith/c 1680Gloucester County,Virginia,USA
Charles Smith/c 1849
Charles SmithAlbemarle Parish, Sussex County, Virginia, USA/30 Aug 1730Surry County, North Carolina, USA
Charles SmithGloucester County,Virginia,USA/1713
Daniel Smith
David Bartholomew SmithSurry County, North Carolina, USA/17 Aug 1810Surry County, North Carolina, USA
David M Smith
Drury SmithSurry County, North Carolina, USA/1828
Dudly Howard SmithLogan County, Kentucky, USA/1 Jul 1861
Easley Smith/1820
Edward SmithTexas, USA/28 Oct 1900Los Angeles County,California,USA
Elijah SmithSurry County, North Carolina, USA/1828Indian Territory,Oklahoma,USA
Elton Giles Smith/1942
Elton Giles SmithNevada,Collin Co,TX,USA/27 Jan 1920Slaton,Lubbock County, Texas, USA
Flavius Josephus Smith/1 Jul 1809
Frank SmithTexas, USA/12 Jun 1913Los Angeles County,California,USA
George William Smith
George William SmithRed Rock, TX/14 Mar 1898Pomona Cemetery, Los Angeles County, California, USA
Grady Thomas SmithFingerville, Spartanburg County, South Carolina, USA/1915Great Falls, SC
Haden W SmithKentucky, USA/c 1864
Harley Covington Smith/1903
Harvey Benton SmithTennessee, USA/1875
Herbert K SmithKentucky, USA/4 Nov 1893Central City,,KY,USA
Hugh James SmithLogan County, Kentucky, USA/10 Dec 1858Warren County, Kentucky, USA
Irvin Harrison SmithMissouri ,USA/1914
Jackson Tucker Smith/1902Carroll County, Arkansas, USA
James Smith/c 1851
James Smith/9 Apr 1765Jackson County, Georgia, USA
James Smith
James Smith/1806
James SmithSurry County, North Carolina, USA/1792Clay, TN
James SmithTexas, USA/1905Los Angeles County,California,USA
James SmithVirginia, USA/c 1736
James Madison SmithSurry County, North Carolina, USA/19 Oct 1838Hillsville,Carroll County,Virginia,USA
James Turner SmithNorth Carolina, USA/1810Cumberland County, Kentucky, USA
Jefferson Smith/c 1843
John Smith/c 1857
John Smith/1734
John SmithGloucester County,Virginia,USA/1706St Thomas, Orange County, Virginia, USA
John SmithOrange County, Virginia, USA/1734
John SmithSurry County, North Carolina, USA/20 Jul 1767
John Burcham SmithSurry County, North Carolina, USA/19 Oct 1848Surry County, North Carolina, USA
John Chester Smith
John Chester SmithClinton County, Kentucky, USA/1888Cotton, OK
John H Smith/c 1781
John Sherman Smith/1888
John Wesley Smith/1864
John Wesley SmithRed Rock,Bastrop County,Texas,USA/28 Oct 1868Huntington Park,Los Angeles Co,CA,USA
Jonathan Alford SmithClinton County, Kentucky, USA/1857
Judge Cooper SmithTexas, USA/22 Mar 1891Collin, TX, USA
Justaphenica SmithGloucester County,Virginia,USA/c 1703Orange County, Virginia, USA
Mallory SmithSurry County, North Carolina, USA/21 Sep 1769Surry County, North Carolina, USA
Mordecai Millard SmithOverton County,Tennessee,USA/1840Tennessee, USA
Moses SmithSurry County, North Carolina, USA/May 1827Surry County, North Carolina, USA
Nathaniel SmithKentucky, USA/c 1834
Oliver C Smith/1819
Peyton SmithOrange County, Virginia, USA/10 Apr 1773Barren County, Kentucky, USA
Richard Smith
Samuel Smith/c 1864
Samuel Day SmithTennessee, USA/1869
Samuel J SmithSurry County, North Carolina, USA/1821
Sawyer SmithGloucester County,Virginia,USA/1708
Stephen I K SmithOrange County, Virginia, USA/18 Apr 1756Surry County, North Carolina, USA
Stephen I K SmithOverton County,Tennessee,USA/29 Dec 1837Newton County, Arkansas, USA
Stephen Irving SmithOrange County, Virginia, USA/1834
Tarleton SmithOrange County, Virginia, USA/c 1787
Tarleton SmithOrange County, Virginia, USA/15 Mar 1772Rutherford County, North Carolina, USA
Thomas Smith/1839
Thomas Calaway SmithRutherford County, North Carolina, USA/1837Polk, NC
Thornton J SmithBarren County, Kentucky, USA/1807Logan County, Kentucky, USA
Travis Wendel Smith/6 Dec 1931Florien, Sabine Parish, Lousianna, USA
Unknown Smith/1718
Wilburn S Smith/1834
Willard Howard SmithMissouri ,USA/1887
William SmithOrange County, Virginia, USASurry County, North Carolina, USA
William SmithOverton County,Tennessee,USA/1832Fentress County, Tennessee, USA
William SmithRutherford County, North Carolina, USA/1820Polk, NC
William Cole SmithSurry County, North Carolina, USA/1801Fannin County, Georgia, USA
William Giles SmithTennessee, USA/1859
William Miller SmithPolk Co, NC/1869Spindale, NC