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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-I-M253-30   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-I-M253-30
Adam SmithPennsylvania, USA/1769Pike, Stark County, Ohio, USA
Adam SmithPike, Stark County, Ohio, USA/1833Chester, Wabash County, Indiana, USA
Carver R Smith/1885Indiana, USA
Charles Edward SmithStark County, Illiinois, USA/1859
Claude E Smith/1921Indiana, USA
Daniel SmithOhio, USA/c 1804
Daniel P SmithCentre County, Pennsylvania, USA/30 Jun 1810West Jersey, Stark County, Illinois, USA
Esta Orville Smith/1887Indiana, USA
George SmithPennsylvania, USA/27 Mar 1799Chester, Wabash County, Indiana, USA
George G Smith/1871,,WA,USA
Henry SmithOhio, USA/c 1841
Henry Harrison SmithIndiana, USA/1863Indiana, USA
Jacob SmithPennsylvania, USA/c 1805
Jacob SmithPennsylvania, USA/c 1783Ohio, USA
John SmithPennsylvania, USA/c 1801
L C Smith
Levi SmithOhio, USA/c 1846
Marion W SmithIllinois, USA/c 1901
Maurice Otis Smith/1907
Otis B SmithOhio, USA/c 1841
Peter Smith/4 Apr 1773Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois, USA
Verl Victor Smith/1893Indiana, USA
William Smith/1870