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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-I-M253-3   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-I-M253-3
Aaron J Smith/16 Jun 1834
Albert Smith
Albert Wade SmithLincoln County, Mississippi, USA/26 Jan 1875Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Alexander G SmithMontgomery County, North Carolina, USA/1 Jan 1859Montgomery County, North Carolina, USA
Alfred SmithMississippi, USA/c 1846
Allen SmithGeorgia,USA/c 1815Mississippi, USA
Allen SmithHazelhurst, Copiah County, Mississippi, USA/1817Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Allen Harrison SmithFranklin County, Mississippi, USA/24 Apr 1841Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Anderson Smith
Andrew Jackson Smith/1857
Arthur Jackson Smith/1867
Arthur Winfield Smith/1883
Augustus Smith
Barton Dyson SmithMecklenburg County, North Carolina, USA/1821Carroll County, Georgia, USA
Basil SmithMecklenburg County, North Carolina, USA/1799Coweta County, Georgia, USA
Basil Andrew Jackson Smith/27 Mar 1842
Benjamin Thomas SmithBrookhavan,Lincoln,MS,USA/27 Jun 1902Port Arthur,Jefferson County,Texas,USA
Benjamin Thomas SmithBrookhaven, Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA/27 Jan 1870New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana, USA
Benjamin Wade SmithLawrence County,Misssissippi,USA/1824Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Bennet Smith/abt. 1755 Surry County, North Carolina, USA
Bennet SmithNorth Carolina, USA/c 1809McNairy County, Tennessee, USA
Berry Smith
Billy Donald Smith/1928
Blanchard Carl Smith/17 Jun 1915Alexandria, Rapides Parish, Louisiana, USA
Bluford SmithMississippi, USA/c 1841
Brantley SmithFranklin County, Mississippi, USA/12 Aug 1835Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Calloway Calicutt SmithTennessee, USA/17 Jun 1880Tate County, Mississippi, USA
Carey Taylor Smith
Cecil SmithLincoln County, Mississippi, USA/4 Jan 1872Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Cecil Edwin SmithRusk, Cherokee County, Texas, USA/22 Dec 1879Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas, USA
Charles Elliott SmithLincoln County, Mississippi, USA/1925
Charles Leonard Smith/28 Aug 1943Wesson,Copiah County, Mississippi, USA
Charles T. Smith
Charlie Bruce Smith/1923
Christopher Columbus SmithFranklin County, Misssissippi, USA/1856
Clarence Smith
Clarence Grady Smith/28 Jul 1895
Clark SmithMississippi, USA/1812
Clinton SmithBaton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, USA/14 May 1955
Clinton SmithBrookhaven County, Mississippi, USA/11 Sep 1918Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, USA
Commodore Perry SmithLawrence County, Mississippi, USA/25 Sep 1835Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Conway Smith
Crawford Smith/12 Feb 1881Loyd Star, Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Cyrus Marion Smith
David A SmithMississippi, USA/Jan 1869Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Dewey SmithLincoln County, Mississippi, USA/17 Mar 1898Warren,MS,USA
Dewey Beverly SmithMcComb, Pike County, Mississippi, USA/26 Jul 1923Knox County, Tennessee, USA
Dewey James SmithVicksburg, Warren County, Mississippi, USA/21 Jan 1946
Donnie Smith
E Smith/1867
Ed SmithLincoln County, Mississippi, USA/1873Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Edgar Smith/1879
Edgar C SmithLincoln County, Mississippi, USA/1899
Edmund SmithTennessee, USA/1833
Edward Smith
Edward Barton Smith/31 Jan 1878
Elbrit Smith/1862
Eldridge Smith/1867
Eli C SmithMcNairy County, Tennessee, USA/2 May 1847Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas, USA
Elias SmithMonticello, Lawrence County, Mississiipi, USA/3 Jun 1823Lawrence County,Misssissippi,USA
Elijah Calvin SmithMoore County,North Carolina,USA/30 Apr 1787Sontag,Lawrence County, Mississippi, USA
Ernest C SmithMississippi, USA/11 Jun 1907Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Ervin Lonzo SmithMontgomery County, North Carolina, USA/29 Apr 1920Montgomery County, North Carolina, USA
Eugene Smith/1867
Eugene Ray Smith/29 Dec 1934
Eulon John SmithSmith County, Mississippi, USA/1917
Eunice Edward Smith/1917
Everett Smith/1780
Everett Smith/1850
Everett Smith/1776Moore County, North Carolina, USA
Everett SmithFranklin County, Georgia, USA/Jan 1801
Everett SmithFranklin County, Georgia, USA/1809Yazoo County, Mississippi, USA
Everett SmithMoore County,North Carolina,USA/1751Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Everett SmithNorth Carolina, USA/c 1844
Everett Edwin SmithAtoy,Cherokee County,Texas,USA/13 Aug 1915Jacksonville,Cherokee County,Texas,USA
Floyd King SmithCatahoula Parish, Louisiana, UsA/20 Sep 1882Alexandria, Rapides Parish, Louisiana, USA
Fontenoy Smith/1918
Fontenoy SmithTallahatchie County, Mississippi, USA/1876
Forrest Hart Smith
Francis Smith
Frank SmithLawrence County,Misssissippi,USA/abt 1850
G S Smith/1874
Gabriel SmithNorth Carolina, USA/12 Dec 1765
George Smith/1873
George Inee Smith/1881
George Thomas SmithSelmer, McNairy County, Tennessee, USA/18 Jan 1847Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, USA
George W. Smith/1857
George Washington Smith/23 Apr 1885
George Washington Smith/1873
George Washington SmithHaralson County, Georgia, USA/20 Feb 1912Haralson County, Georgia, USA
George Washington SmithPaulding County, Georgia, USA/22 Feb 1950Floyd County, Georgia, USA
Gerald Smith/1941
Gerald Smith
Gerald Smith
Granberry SmithCopiah County, Mississippi, USA/Mar 1854Loyd Star, Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Granberry SmithLincoln County, Mississippi, USA/25 Oct 1893Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
H B Smith/1876
Harbard Brunson SmithGeorgia,USA/1812Franklin County, Mississippi, USA
Harbin SmithNorth Carolina, USA/abt 1791
Harold Donald Smith
Henderson SmithNC or GA,/abt 1796
Henry Smith
Henry SmithGeorgia,USA/abt 1805
Henry SmithGeorgia,USA/1810Franklin County, Mississippi, USA
Henry SmithNorth Carolina, USA/1788
Henry SmithNorth Carolina, USA/c 1774Yalobusha County,Mississippi,USA
Henry SmithPutnam County, Georgia, USA/1790Franklin County, Misssissippi, USA
Henry Allen Smith/1858
Henry Everett SmithNorth Carolina, USA/1783Copiah County, Mississippi, USA
Henry Hamilton SmithCopiah County, Mississippi, USA/24 Oct 1858Texarkana,Bowie County, Texas, USA
Henry Mansfield Smith
Henry W SmithCoweta County, Georgia, USA/15 Apr 1851Texas, USA
Herbert Lorain SmithBuchanan County, Missouri, USA/12 May 1875Greenwood County, Kansas, USA
Horace Benjamin Smith/1900
Howard Clay Smith/1822
Infant SmithPaulding County, Georgia, USA
infant SmithCoosa County, Alabama, USA/1857Coosa County, Alabama, USA
Irvin I SmithFranklin County,Mississippi,USA/16 Oct 1847Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Isaac SmithCumberland County, North Carolina, USA/1772Lawrence County,Misssissippi,USA
Isaac SmithMoore County, North Carolina, USA/1807Montgomery County, North Carolina, USA
Isaac SmithNorth Carolina, USA/c 1842
Isaac A. SmithLawrence County,Misssissippi,USA/abt 1841
Isaac Denman SmithFranklin County, Georgia, USA/Mar 1799Lawrence County,Misssissippi,USA
Isaac Denon SmithMississippi, USAAlexandria, Rapides Parish, Louisiana, USA
Isaiah SmithGeorgia,USA/1816Venus, Highlands County, Florida, USA
Isaiah H Smith/1832
Isham Smith/1838
Isham SmithGeorgia, USA/11 Dec 1796Rankin County, Mississippi, USA
Isham SmithLawrence County,Misssissippi,USA/abt 1821Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Isham SmithMoore County,North Carolina,USA/1760Lawrence County,Misssissippi,USA
Isham SmithRankin County, Mississippi, USA/1836Rankin County, Mississippi, USA
Isham Anderson SmithMoore County,North Carolina,USA/1795Winn Parish, Louisiana, USA
Isham Andrew Jackson SmithLawrence County,Misssissippi,USA/28 May 1835Copiah County, Mississippi, USA
Isham Commodore SmithLincoln County, Mississippi, USA/3 Jan 1843Brookhaven, Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Jacob Smith
James Smith
James Smith
James SmithMississippi, USA/c 1836
James SmithPhillips,AR,USA/1920
James Addison SmithLawrence, Mississippi, United States/3 Oct 1847Jefferson, Mississippi, United States
James Allen SmithCatahoula Parish, Louisiana, UsA/10 Aug 1881Jena,LaSalle,LA,USA
James Allen SmithFranklin County, Georgia, USA/Dec 1808Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
James Andrew Jackson SmithLincoln County, Mississippi, USA/3 Apr 1873Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
James Elliott Smith
James F Smith
James Franklin SmithMississippi, USA/1 Jul 1849
James Henry SmithMecklenburg County, North Carolina, USA/1831Calhoun County,Alabama,USA
James J Smith
James Madison SmithCopiah County, Mississippi, USA/Apr 1828Hurricane, Franklin County, Arkansas, USA
James Milton Smith/1826
James Ryle SmithCanyon,Randall Co,TX,USA/8 May 1910Denison,Grayson County, Texas, USA
James Ryle SmithMcNairy County, Tennessee, USA/24 Dec 1839Collin, TX, USA
James T. L. Smith/1855
James Walter Smith/1873
James William SmithMonticello, Lawrence County, Mississiipi, USA/18 Sep 1864Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Jasper N SmithYalobusha County,Mississippi,USA/29 Apr 1859Grenada,MS,USA
Jeremiah Smith/1830
Jeremiah Benton SmithLawrence County,Misssissippi,USA/1826
Jeremiah Benton SmithSmith County, Mississippi, USA/1858Smith County, Mississippi, USA
Jeremiah P. T. SmithMecklenburg County, North Carolina, USA/1831
Jerry A Smith
Jesse Marion SmithMississippi, USA/c 1819
Jesse Milton SmithCopiah County, Mississippi, USA/1850
Joel H Smith
John Smith/1778
John Smith/1851
John Smith
John Smith
John Smith/c 1843
John SmithNorth Carolina, USA/c 1790Tallahatchie County, Mississippi, USA
John A SmithNorth Carolina, USA/c 1815Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas, USA
John A. Smith/1815
John Allen SmithLouisiana, USA/28 Aug 1874McCall Creek, Franklin County, Mississippi, USA
John Allen Quitman SmithBrookhaven County, Mississippi, USA/c 1858Franklin County, Mississippi, USA
John B Smith/1856
John Bunyan SmithMississippi, USA/1897Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, USA
John Davis SmithCarroll County, Georgia, USA/2 Jun 1876Paulding County, Georgia, USA
John Emerson SmithLincoln County, Mississippi, USA/1905
John H SmithTennessee, USA/1839
John Julius SmithMcCall Creek,MS,USA/1936
John Monroe SmithCopiah County, Mississippi, USA/29 Sep 1860Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
John Oliver SmithGrenada,MS,USA/1889Yalobusha County,Mississippi,USA
John Paul Smith/1929Mississippi, USA
John R SmithMississippi, USA/c 1829
John R SmithMississippi, USA/8 Mar 1891Franklin County, Misssissippi, USA
John W. SmithFranklin County, Misssissippi, USA/1838Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
John William Smith/15 May 1887Langhorne,Bucks Co,PA,USA
John William SmithFranklin County,Georgia,USA/1797Newton County, Mississippi, USA
John William SmithPhiladelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA/21 Jan 1914Bensalem,PA,USA
Johnie Smith/1908
Johnson Smith
Joseph Smith/1902
Joseph Smith/1887
Joseph Frank SmithVoca,McCulloch Co,TX,USA/10 Apr 1869Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, USA
Joseph H Smith/1864
Joseph Robert SmithColdwater,Tate County, Mississippi, USA/11 Jun 1915Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA
Joshua Smith/1834
Joshua Jackson SmithCopiah County, Mississippi, USA/20 Jan 1832Grenada,MS,USA
Keith Smith
Lamar Smith/18 Aug 1908
Leland L Smith/1906
Leonard Smith/10 Jul 1912Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Leonard SmithLincoln County, Mississippi, USA/8 Mar 1880Brookhaven, Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Levi SmithMississippi, USA/1819Grant Parish, Louisiana, USA
Levi SmithNorth Carolina, UsA/1782Lauderdale County, Tennessee, USA
Lot Smith/abt 1809
Lott SmithMoore County,North Carolina,USA/16 Mar 1803Brookhaven, Lawrence County, Mississippi,USA
Loyd Henry Smith/1907
Lucious Gartell Smith/1858
Lyndall R SmithMississippi, USA/1933
Marshall L Smith/1867
Martin Van Buren Smith/1827
Martin Van Buren SmithMississippi, USA/Feb 1837Buchanan Co,MO,USA
Mathie George Smith/1875
Matt Abraham SmithMississippi, USA/5 Feb 1884Mississippi, USA
Matthew SmithMississippi, USA/4 Jan 1916Mississippi, USA
Merrill SmithMississippi, USA/1822Franklin County, Mississippi, USA
Mike Smith
Milton SmithMississippi, USA/1826
Murdoc Hamilton SmithCarroll County, Georgia, USA/29 Apr 1914Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, USA
Nathan Smith/5 Feb 1777
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith
Nathan SmithCumberland County, North Carolina, USA/c 1775Moore County, North Carolina, USA
Nathan SmithMississippi, USA/c 1846
Nathan SmithMoore County,North Carolina,USA/1789Franklin County, Mississippi, USA
Nathan SmithNorth Carolina, USA/c 1731Franklin County,Georgia,USA
Nathan Alexander SmithMoore County, North Carolina, USA/1831Richmond County, Virginia, USA
Nathan W. Smith/1881
Nicholas SmithMcCall Creek, Franklin County, Mississippi, USA/1847Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, UsA
Nicholas SmithMoore County,North Carolina,USA/1758
Nicholas SmithMS/c 1830
Nicholas N SmithFranklin County, Misssissippi, USA/18 Dec 1822Franklin County, Misssissippi, USA
Nicholas Napoleon SmithGeorgia, USA/1802Franklin County, Mississippi, USA
Nicklas Smith/1880
Nicolas Smith
Nola Denver SmithMississippi, USA/1910
Owen SmithMississippi, USA/c 1830
Owen Parson SmithMississippi, USA/25 Oct 1855
Patterson P SmithLawrence County,Misssissippi,USA/abt 1829
Perry Smith/1836Franklin County, Mississippi, USA
Perry Smith
Perry Smith
Perry SmithGeorgia,USA/10 Jan 1810Brookhaven, Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Pleasant Smith/1809
Pleasant Smith/1838
Pleasant SmithMoore County, North Carolina, USA/1779Lawrence County, Mississippi, USA
Pleasant SmithNorth Carolina, USA/abt 1793
Pleasant M SmithMississippi, USA/29 Mar 1834West Lincoln, Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Private Smith
Ransom Edward Smith/10 Apr 1840West Lincoln, Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Reuben Anderson Smith/14 Mar 1835Mississippi, USA
Robert Nicholas SmithRankin County, Mississippi, USA/1874St Louis County, Missouri, USA
Rodwell William SmithGeorgia,USA/9 Aug 1805Grenada Co,MS,USA
Rowan Milton SmithMississippi, USA/25 Aug 1850Jena,LaSalle,LA,USA
Roy Isom SmithRankin County, Mississippi, USA/1897Arkansas, USA
Rufus Franklin SmithLincoln County, Mississippi, USA/1882Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Samuel Smith/1884
Seth SmithMississippi, USA/Aug 1869
Stanford SmithTallahatchie County, Mississippi, USA/1844
Stephen Smith
Stephen SmithCumberland County, North Carolina, USA/1769Lawrence County,Misssissippi,USA
Stephen SmithGeorgia, USA/c 1798Rankin County, Mississippi, USA
Stephen SmithMississippi, USA/c 1832
Stephen Jefferson SmithCreek Lands, Georgia, USA/22 Dec 1802Monticello, Lawrence County, Mississiipi, USA
Stephen Jett SmithGeorgia,USA/c 1808
Stephen S SmithFranklin County, Mississippi, USA/20 Jun 1843Franklin County, Mississippi, USA
Theo Smith/1899
Thomas SmithMississippi, USA/abt 1823Mississippi, USA
Thomas Benson SmithCopiah County, Mississippi, USA/1853
Thomas C. Smith/1814Georgia,USA
Thomas C. SmithMecklenburg County, North Carolina, USA/1827
Thomas Crum Smith/1814
Thomas Eugene Smith/1865Grenada County, Mississippi, USA
Thomas Jefferson SmithFranklin County, Mississippi, USA/1822Brookhaven, Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Thompson Coleman Smith
Thompson Kidd SmithRosefield, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, USA/15 Aug 1893Columbia, Caldwell Parish, Louisiana, USA
Unknown Smith
Vander Bill SmithSmith County, Mississippi, USA/1899
Wallace Berry SmithCarroll County, Georgia, USA/apr 1 1946
Walter Smith/1901
Whitson Smith/c 1842
Wiley SmithCopiah County, Mississippi, USA/28 May 1844McCall Creek,Franklin County, Mississippi, USA
Wiley SmithMississippi, USA/c 1830
Wilford SmithMississippi, USA/c 1838
William Smith/30 Apr 1775Lawrence County,Misssissippi,USA
William Smith
William Smith/1810
William Smith
William SmithCumberland County, North Carolina, USA/1750Moore County, North Carolina, USA
William SmithMoore County, North Carolina, USA/26 Feb 1763Franklin County, Georgia, USA
William SmithMoore County,North Carolina,USA/1786Lawrence County,Misssissippi,USA
William SmithMS/c 1834
William SmithNorth Carolina, USA/c 1855
William SmithWashington, DC, USA/1852Gloucester, Camden County, New Jersey, USA
William A SmithFranklin County, Mississippi, USA/1849Sugartown, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, USA
William A, SmithCopiah County, Mississippi, USA/25 Jan 1867Baskin, Franklin County, Louisiana,USA
William Alfred SmithCopiah County, Mississippi, USA/15 Feb 1816Copiah County, Mississippi, USA
William Allen SmithFranklin County, Mississippi, USA/12 Mar 1849Midway,La Salle Co,LA,USA
William Anderson SmithCopiah County, Mississippi, USA/Jul 1841Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
William Anderson SmithMississippi, USA/1841
William Andrew Jackson Smith/1843
William Bailey SmithLawrence County,Misssissippi,USA/2 Nov 1866Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
William Barnie SmithCarroll County, Georgia, USA/21 May 1904VA Hospital, Atlanta, GA
William Boyce Smith
William C Smith
William Carroll SmithMcNairy County, Tennessee, USA/27 Jul 1840Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas, USA
William Clarence Smith/1871
William Edward SmithFranklin County, Mississippi, USA/4 Nov 1870Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
William Edward SmithLincoln County, Mississippi, USA/1904Alabama, USA
William Henry SmithAlabama, USA/Jul 1851
William Henry SmithFranklin County, Mississippi, USA/24 Jul 1862La Salle,LA,USA
William Isom SmithFranklin County, Misssissippi, USA/29 Mar 1852Franklin County, Misssissippi, USA
William M SmithPaulding County, Georgia, USA/28 Sep 1872Carroll County, Georgia, USA
William Mack SmithMontgomery County, North Carolina, USA/25 Feb 1886Montgomery County, North Carolina, USA
William Milton SmithLawrence County,Misssissippi,USA/abt 1834Mississippi, USA
William R Smith
William Turner SmithMecklenburg County, North Carolina, USA/2 Jan 1825
William W SmithBrookhaven, Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA/1829
William W SmithMississippi, USA/9 Jun 1846Mississippi, USA
William W SmithNorth Carolina, USA/1792Franklin County, Misssissippi, USA
William W SmithNorth Carolina, USA/c 1833
William Washington SmithMississippi, USA/1 Apr 1856
Willie SmithBrookhaven, Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA/Aug 1894West Lincoln, Lincoln County, Mississippi, USA
Willie SmithLouisiana, USA/13 May 1919Louisiana, USA
Willie Lamar Smith/1923
Willis Smith