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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-I-M253-18   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-I-M253-18
Charles Smyth/c 1897
Howard Jay SmithWI, USA/1859WI, USA
Ira Condit Smith/14 Dec 1826
Jacob Socrates Smith/25 Feb 1804
James Smyth
James SmythIreland/c 1841
James E Smyth/c 1905
John SmithCaldwell, Essex County, New Jersey, USA/23 Apr 1763Washington Valley,Morris County, New Jersey, USA
John Mills Smith/13 Dec 1820Green Bay, WI
Jonathan Huger SmithCaldwell, NJ/1790
Nathan Smyth
Ralston Blackburn Smyth/14 Aug 1895
Richard Andrew SmythMilton, MA /28 Dec 1933Orange County, North Carolina, USA
Samuel B SmythNew York, USA/Feb 1866
Samuel Beach Smith/3 Oct 1822
Silas Nathaniel Smith/20 Feb 1836
Zenas Smith/12 Jun 1796
Zenas Henry Smith/20 Aug 1830