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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-I-M253-17   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-I-M253-17
Aaron Smith
Abijah Smith
Abner Smith/1826
Albert SmithPhelps County, Missouri, USA/26 Nov 1846Rankin, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma, USA
Alexander Smith/1808
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith/1775
Alexander Smith/1866
Alexander SmithJackson, KY/1878
Alexander SmithKentucky, USA/Sep 1850
Alexander SmithKnox County, Kentucky, USA/11 Feb 1836Rockcastle,KY,USA
Alfred Clem Smith/1865
Allen A SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/30 Jul 1854Henryetta, Okmulgee County, Oklahoma, USA
Ambrose SmithGuilford County, North Carolina, USA/4 Feb 1807Russell County, Kentucky, USA
Ambrose SmithSouth Carolina, USA/1846
Andrew Smith/1844
Andrew M SmithKnox County, Kentucky, USA/28 Dec 1858Knox County, Kentucky, USA
Ara Smith/c 1837
Archie SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/25 Jul 1921Salem,Washington,IN,USA
Artis Allen SmithClarksville, Johnson County, Arkansas, USA/10 May 1908Henryetta, Okmulgee County, Oklahoma, USA
Asa SmithKentucky, USA/1811
Benjamin SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/1847Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Benjamin SmithNorth Carolina, USA/c 1780Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Benjamin F Smith/1828
Billy Joel SmithThayer, Oregon County, Missouri, USA/15 Feb 1932Ponte Vedra Beach, St Johns County, Florida, USA
Birt Smith
Blevins Smith/1862
Bobby Ray SmithOklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma , USA/19 Feb 1932Midwest City, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Brittan SmithKentucky, USA/c 1849
Calvin Smith/22 Oct 1869Barbourville, Knox County, Kentucky, USA
Calvin Smith/26 May 1932Barbourville, Knox County, Kentucky, USA
Calvin Coolidge SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/3 Apr 1946
Campbell Smith/10 Nov 1827
Campbell Smith/1878
Campbell Smith
Campbell Smith/c 1869
Carl D SmithMissouri, USA/7 Sep 1918Jonesboro, Craighead County, Arkansas, USA
Charles Smith/1858
Charles SmithBrunswick County, Virginia, USA/1748Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Charles Cecil SmithFulton County, Arkansas, USA/3 May 1908Mammoth Spring, Fulton County, Arkansas, USA
Chester SmithJackson County, Kentucky, USA/28 Nov 1908Henry County, Indiana, USA
Claiborne SmithKentucky, USA/c 1824
Claude Orvis SmithMissouri, USA/29 Oct 1921Arkansas, Riverside County, California, USA
Clyde Fryar SmithThayer, Oregon County, Missouri, USA/11 Jan 1910Springfield, Greene County, Missouri, USA
Daniel Arthur SmithArlington, Calhoun County, Georgia, USA/2 Oct 1913Shelton,Mason,WA,USA
Daniel Arthur SmithCalhoun,Gordon County,Georgia,USA/21 Feb 1873Tampa,Hillsborough County,Florida,USA
Daniel Tucker SmithKentucky, USA/18 Jun 1863Knox County, Kentucky, USA
Darby Allen SmithGoose Creek, Clay County, Kentucky, USA/1866Goose Creek, Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Daugherty W Smith/1849
David Smith
David Smith/1841
David Smith
Dennis James SmithDanville, Vermillion County, Illinois, USA/1951
Eddie Ray Smith/1939
Edward SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/1812
Edward SmithKentucky, USA/1927
Edward Louis SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/1912
Elhannon Murphy Smith/1860
Elias Smith/1825
Elias Smith/1843
Elias T Smith/1823
Eliijah B SmithHarrison, Charles City, Virginia, USA/18 Dec 1817Tyler, West Virginia, USA
Elijah Smith/c 1847
Elijah "Lige" SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/1825Kentucky, USA
Elmer Joe SmithFulton County, Arkansas, USAFulton County, Arkansas, USA
Enoch SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/1855
Enoch SmithKentucky, USA/c 1855
Enoch SmithManchester, Clay County, Kentucky, USA/1828Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Enos SmithKentucky, USA/7 Oct 1910Knox County, Kentucky, USA
Everett T SmithHardy, Sharp County, Arkansas, USA/8 Apr 1891Thayer, Oregon County, Missouri, USA
Farris SmithJackson,KY,USA/14 Aug 1910Wayne,IN,USA
Floyd Ramsey SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/22 Nov 1884Hammons Fork,Knox,KY,USA
Ford SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/12 Feb 1927Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, USA
Ford Tate SmithJefferson County, Kentucky, USA/1963
Francis M SmithKentucky, USA/c 1843
Francis Marion SmithPhelps County, Missouri, USA/18 Mar 1878
Franklin Smith
G W Smith
Gabriel SmithVirginia, USA/c 1813Marion, West Virginia, USA
Garland SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/1806Monroe County, Tennessee, USA
George Smith
George Smith
George SmithMissouri ,USA/8 Dec 1849
George Edward SmithMammoth Spring, Fulton County, Arkansas, USA/14 Jun 1918
George Francis Smith/1888
George Watson Smith,Shannon ,MO,USA/9 Aug 1906
George William Smith/2 Dec 1931
Gilbert Smith/1883
Gilbert G SmithKentucky, USA/c 1866Kentucky, USA
Greenup Smith/1847
Gustavus SmithKnox County, Kentucky, USA/Mar 1867Knox County, Kentucky, USA
Harlan SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/c 1826
Harmon SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/c 1849Laurel County, Kentucky, USA
Harrison Smith
Harrison SmithKnox County, Kentucky, USA/16 Aug 1827Kenton County,Kentucky,USA
Harvey Smith
Harvey SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/c 1823Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Harvey M Smith/20 Dec 1916Thayer, Oregon County, Missouri, USA
Henderson SmithKentucky, USA/1830
Henry Smith
Henry SmithKentucky, USA/1804Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Henry SmithKnox County, Kentucky, USA/c 1803Manchester, Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Henry C SmithVirginia, USA/c 1803Randolph County, Georgia, USA
Henry Clay SmithKentucky, USA/c 1844Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Henry James SmithKnox County, Kentucky, USA/15 Nov 1852Knox County, Kentucky, USA
Henry Wise SmithGoose Creek,Jefferson Co,KY,USA/29 Sep 1816Foothill, Russell County, Kentucky, USA
Hiram SmithKentucky, USA/1824
Hugh Smith
Hugh Benjamin SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/1823Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Ira SmithSouthfork, Fulton County, Arkansas, USA/12 Jul 1899Mammoth Spring, Fulton County, Arkansas, USA
Isaac SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/16 Apr 1829Shamrock, Callaway County, Missouri, USA
J B SmithArkansas, USA/20 Aug 1925Texas, USA
Jabe SmithKentucky, USA/4 Sep 1856Pineville, Bell County, Kentucky, USA
Jabel Smith
Jabel Smith
Jabel Smith/1841
Jabel SmithKentucky, USA/c 1805Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Jabel SmithKentucky, USA/13 Mar 1858Knox County, Kentucky, USA
Jabel SmithKentucky, USA/c 1861
Jabel SmithKentucky, USA/c 1838
Jabel M SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/1781Smith Henson Cemetery, Plank, Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Jack Henry SmithSt.Louis, MO.,/18 12 1929Duke, MO.,
James Smith/c 1857
James Smith
James Smith
James Smith/1887
James Smith/1841
James SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/16 May 1818Clay County, Kentucky, USA
James SmithKentucky, USA/c 1836
James SmithKnox County, Kentucky, USA/c 1830Hammond, Knox County, Kentucky, USA
James A SmithLouisiana, USA/Nov 1848
James Claude SmithOverton County, Tennessee, USA/22 May 1916California, USA
James Farmer SmithKentucky, USA/c 1844
James Henry SmithBrightshade, Clay County, Kentucky, USA/Mar 1834Upper Sinking Creek, Knox County, Kentucky, USA
James K P Smith/1848
James M SmithKentucky, USA/1829
James P SmithMissouri, USA/5 May 1849
James Reecy SmithUnion County, Arkansas, USA/31 Dec 1877El Dorado,Union County, Arkansas, USA
James Valentine SmithKentucky, USA/14 Oct 1896Butler County, Ohio, USA
James William SmithPhelps County, Missouri, USA/1886Cherokee County, Kansas, USA
James William SmithRandolph County, Georgia, USA/28 Feb 1841Early County, Georgia, USA
Jarvis SmithHamilton County,Ohio,USA/10 Dec 1924Camden,New Jersey,USA
Jarvis Lee SmithKentucky, USA/29 Jan 1900Hamilton,Butler County,Ohio,USA
Jeffery Smith
Jesse SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/c 1829Clover Bottom,Jackson County,Kentucky,USA
Jessie Smith/1898
Jessie Ray Smith/1940
John Smith/c 1841
John Smith
John Smith
John Smith
John Smith
John Smith
John SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/1851
John SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/6 Aug 1801Flat,Phelps County, Missouri, USA
John SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/9 Jul 1861
John SmithKentucky, USA/26 Mar 1836Wellsville, Montgomery County, Missouri, USA
John SmithMorgan, Ashe County, North Carolina, USA/c 1786Clay County, Kentucky, USA
John SmithVirginia, USA/1754Clay County, Kentucky, USA
John D Smith/1842
John D SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/1880
John H Smith/1881
John Hansel SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/26 May 1856Clay County, Kentucky, USA
John L SmithBuzzard Creek, Clay County, Kentucky, USA/21 Oct 1861Bluehole, Clay County, Kentucky, USA
John P SmithKentucky, USA/c 1846
John R SmithArkansas, USA/Jul 1899
John S Smith
John Speed SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/28 Dec 1811Plank, Clay County, Kentucky, USA
John W SmithGeorgia,USA/c 1811Scott County, Arkansas, USA
John Walter SmithUnion, Fulton County, Arkansas, USA/2 Oct 1881Thayer, Oregon County, Missouri, USA
John Wesley SmithSugar Grove,Logan,AR,USA/6 Feb 1877Logan County, Arkansas, USA
John William SmithPhelps County, Missouri, USA/14 Jan 1869Lubbock County, Texas, USA
Joseph SmithKentucky, USA/Jan 1843Brightshade,Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Joseph SmithKnox County, Kentucky, USA/1 Apr 1843Clover,Jackson County,Kentucky,USA
Joseph S Smith/1856
Joshua Smith/c 1865
Josiah Smith/10 Sep 1867Barbourville, Knox County, Kentucky, USA
Julius SmithKentucky, USA/c 1847
Keith Smith
Larry Wayne SmithSalem, Arkansas/1980
Lasan Smith/1836
Leander W SmithRussell County, Kentucky, USA/1814
Lewis Edward Smith/6 Apr 1920France
Lloyd Smith/27 Apr 1911Barbourville, Knox County, Kentucky, USA
Malekiah Smith/1810
Marion Edward Smith/1870
Marshall SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/1 May 1845Laurel County, Kentucky, USA
Martin Isaac SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/1850Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Martin M Smith/1816
Martin M SmithKentucky, USA/1816Kentucky, USA
Matterson Mayhew SmithFlat Lick, Knox County, Kentucky, USA/10 May 1872Hilham, Overton County, Tennessee, USA
Maurice Smith/c 1859
Messenior Smith/1857
Michael Dean Smith
Michael Peter Smith
Michael Peter SmithSeattle, King County, Washington, USA/8 Nov 1942
Michael R Smith
Milton Smith/c 1859
Milton B SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/1815Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Moses Smith/1756Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Moses SmithGuilford County, North Carolina, USA/1780Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Moses SmithYork County, South Carolina, USA/1786Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Nathan SmithJackson, KY/1908
Newberry Smith
Nimrod SmithKentucky, USA/c 1845
Nimrod SmithYork County, South Carolina, USA/4 Sep 1802Nine Mile Prariie, Callaway County, Missouri, USA
Obediah Smith
Oscar Avery SmithThayer, Oregon County, Missouri, USA/22 Feb 1883Mammoth Spring, Fulton County, Arkansas, USA
Oswald James SmithIllinois, USA/29 Apr 1924
Otis Howard Smith
Owen Ray Smith
Palestine SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/Jan 1836Knox County, Kentucky, USA
Paul SmithAshe County, North Carolina, USA/1799Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Paul L Smith/1912
Perry Smith
Pierce SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/1855
R T SmithLouisiana, USA/c 1854
Raleigh SmithKentucky, USA/c 1915
Randolph A SmithFalling Spring, Douglas County, Missouri, USA/Mar 1850Mammoth Spring, Fulton County, Arkansas, USA
Randolph Getty SmithChatham, Pittsylvania County, Virginia, USA/6 Apr 1795St Louis County, Missouri, USA
Randolph Spicer SmithChatham, Pittsylvania County, Virginia, USA/1770Taylor, Scott County, Virginia, USA
Raymond Eugene SmithSan Diego County,California,USA/21 Sep
Rhesa SmithMississippi, USA/1821
Rhiney E SmithLouisiana, USA/c 1860
Richard Smith
Richard G Smith
Rinie Smith/1891
Robert Smith
Robert Smith
Robert Smith
Robert SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/c 1817Knox County, Kentucky, USA
Robert SmithKentucky, USA/c 1808Knox County, Kentucky, USA
Robert SmithKentucky, USA/c 1775Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Roland SmithKentucky, USA/1 Jan 1875Laurel County, Kentucky, USA
Roy SmithArkansas, USA/22 Sep 1900Arkansas, USA
Roy D SmithHardy, Sharp County, Arkansas, USA/9 Nov 1893Thayer, Oregon County, Missouri, USA
Roy Everett SmithThayer, Oregon County, Missouri, USA/29 Jan 1915Excelsior Springs, Clay County, Missouri, USA
Sam Lafayette SmithArkansas, USA/16 Apr 1884Union,AR,USA
Samuel Smith/c 1860
Samuel SmithKentucky, USA/c 1803Nickel Branch,Clay County,Kentucky,USA
Sawyer Smith
Sawyers Smith/c 1854
Seth/Silas SmithGuilford County, North Carolina, USA/12 Mar 1812Highland, OH
Sherman Smith/c 1866
Silas Charles Smith/28 Mar 1917
Simpson Smith
Solomon Smith
Spead SmithKentucky, USA/c 1837
Speed Smith/c 1834
Speed Henry Smith
Straton Smith/1865
Theophilus SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/28 Feb 1828Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Theophilus SmithKentucky, USA/c 1842
Thomas Smith/c 1836
Thomas SmithCallaway County, Missouri, USA/1839
Thomas SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/1810
Thomas SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/1835Knox County, Kentucky, USA
Thomas SmithKentucky, USA/c 1856Knox County, Kentucky, USA
Thomas SmithNorthamshire, England/1674Virginia, USA
Thomas SmithVirginia, USA/c 1800
Thomas SmithVirginia, USA/1720
Thomas A Smith/1887
Thomas Harrison SmithKentucky, USA/1826
Thomas III Smith/1750Goose Creek, Knox County, Kentucky, USA
Thomas J Smith/1827
Thomas J SmithMississippi, USA/24 Apr 1850Arkansas, USA
Thomas Jefferson SmithKentucky, USA/c 1850
Thomas Madison Smith/16 Feb 1843Logan County, Arkansas, USA
Thomas Marler SmithSouth Carolina, USA/c 1788Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Thomas N SmithDouglas County, Missouri, USA/Mar 1843
Thomas W SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/17 Jul 1843Brightshade,Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Tip W SmithKentucky, USA/c 1895
Uel SmithThayer, Oregon County, Missouri, USA/7 Feb 1926Jonesboro, Craighead County, Arkansas, USA
Unknown Smith
Walter SmithKnox County, Kentucky, USA/1903
William Smith/1823
William Smith
William SmithBurke County, North Carolina, USA/1784Kentucky, USA
William SmithBurkesville, Cumberland County, Kentucky, USA/18 Jan 1820Little River, Rice County, Kansas, USA
William SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/c 1838Kentucky, USA
William SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/11 Dec 1833Shamrock, Callaway County, Missouri, USA
William SmithKentucky, USA/29 Aug 1873Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA
William SmithKentucky, USA/c 1823
William SmithKentucky, USA/Jul 1875Fount, Knox County, Kentucky, USA
William SmithManchester, Clay County, Kentucky, USA/1 Nov 1904Pineville,Bell,KY,USA
William SmithNorth Carolina, USA/1784Clay County, Kentucky, USA
William Aladin SmithPhelps County, Missouri, USA/1859Phelps County, Missouri, USA
William Elijah SmithHenry County, Virginia, USA/30 Oct 1784Russell County, Kentucky, USA
William Garrett SmithKentucky, USA/12 Mar 1844Garrard County, Kentucky, USA
William Hosea SmithTennessee, USA/8 Aug 1943Michigan, USA
William Joshua SmithKnox County, Kentucky, USA/18 Feb 1865Knox County, Kentucky, USA
William Madison SmithJackson, KY/4 Mar 1868Jackson, KY
William McVey SmithKentucky, USA/c 1880
William O B Smith/1848
William Samuel SmithVirginia, USA/1805West Virginia, USA
William Shelton SmithJackson County, Kentucky, USA/5 May 1884
William Silas SmithIndiana, USA/1829Paris, Lamar County, Texas, USA
William Theodore SmithCass County, Illinois, USA/Jan 1856Mitchell, Rice County, Kansas, USA
William W. SmithGuilford County, North Carolina, USA/1809
William Wiley SmithClay County, Kentucky, USA/May 1850Otter Creek, Clay County, Kentucky, USA
Willie Smith/1857
Willie Smith/1885
Willie SmithKentucky, USA/Jun 1880
Wm O Smith
Woodson SmithKnox County, Kentucky, USA/1876Knox County, Kentucky, USA
Woodson P SmithBrightshade,Clay County, Kentucky, USA/Aug 1895Garrard, KY, USA