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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-I-M253-13   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-I-M253-13
Aaron SmithHartford County, Connecticut, USA/16 Apr 1738
Abner Smith/10 Apr 1752Chester, MA
Abner SmithConnecticut, USA/9 Nov 1722Chester, Hampden County, Massachusetts, USA
Abraham Smith/30 May 1760
Abraham SmithBoxford Station, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA/19 Aug 1755Bradford,Merrimack County, New Hampshire, USA
Addison R Smith
Adna Smith/c 1757West Haven, CT
Agrippa SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/10 Mar 1753
Alanson SmithWindsor, Broome County,New York,USA/10 Jun 1807Bradford, PA
Alanson Wesley SmithGrant, WI/14 Dec 1854King, WA
Albert SmithHaddam,Middlesex County,Connecticut,USA/20 Jul 1836Middletown, Middlesex County, Connecticut, USA
Albert Harvey SmithChicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA/20 Jan 1890Belvidere, Boone County, Illinois, USA
Alfred M Smith/1875
Allen SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/11 Mar 1758Plattsburgh,Clinton County, New York, USA
Amos SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA
Andrew SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/30 Jun 1686
Andrew SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/15 Nov 1701
Andrew SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA
Andrew H SmithConnecticut, USA/23 Feb 1840Hamden,New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Andrew Jackson Smith/11 Dec 1832Kitsap Co,WA,USA
Anson Smith/1784
Anson SmithWaterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA/1774Naugatuck, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Anthony SmithWaterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA/15 Mar 1762Naugatuck, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Anthony SmithWest Haven, CT /10 Jun 1791Roane County, Tennessee, USA
Arabel Smith
Arthur T SmithHerkimer County, New York, USA/6 May 1857Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York, USA
Asa Smith/c 1772
Asa SmithWest Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA/c 1727West Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Asahel SmithConnecticut, USA/1804Naugatuck, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Augustine Smith
Austin Smith/c 1742
Austin SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/14 Feb 1678
Austin SmithNew Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA/04 APR 1711
Barzilla Smith/1765
Barzilla Smith
Belosta Smith/1802
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith/22 Mar 1723West Haven, CT
Benjamin SmithHaddam,Middlesex County,Connecticut,USA/20 Mar 1784Higganum,Middlesex, Connecticut, USA
Benjamin F Smith/1871
Bethel SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/1753
Bradford Smith/1773
Byron SmithOhio, USA/12 Jul 1849Grand Ledge,MI,USA
Byron J Smith/c 1847
Calvin Smith
Charles Smith/1745
Charles Francis SmithMonona Co,IA,USA/Jan 1864Iowa City,IA,USA
Charles Harvey SmithPlattsburgh,Clinton County, New York, USA/9 Jan 1843Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, USA
Charles Melancthon SmithPlattsburgh,Clinton County, New York, USA/19 Sep 1821Cherokee Co,IA,USA
Chester Smith
Chester Foote SmithCromwell, Middlesex County, Connecticut, USA/1813
Christopher SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/19 Sep 1735Seymout,New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Clarence Smith/1850
Curtis Smith/1763
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith/1758Chester, MA
Daniel Smith/1765
Daniel SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/4 Jul 1693Chester, Hampden County, Massachusetts, USA
Daniel SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/8 Mar 1710Connecticut, USA
Daniel SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/1 Feb 1701/2
Daniel Albert Smith/1837
Daniel H SmithNew York, USA/May 1853
Daniel H SmithVermont, USA/1818
Daniel W SmithOhio, USA/c 1835
David SmithBradford, PA
David Smith
David Smith/Mar 1717West Haven, CT
David SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/18 Mar 1717West Haven, CT
David SmithWoodbridge, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA/18 Oct 1747Woodbridge, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Dee H SmithNew York, USA/c 1893
Ebenezer SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/21 Nov 1688
Ebenezer SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/4 Apr 1730Middlebury, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Ebenezer SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/1756New Haven County,Connecticut,USA
Ebenezer SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/1760Lyons, Wayne, NY, USA
Ebenezer SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/15 Nov 1653New Haven County,Connecticut,USA
Ebenezer SmithVermont, USA/18 Aug 1796Livonia,Wayne,MI,USA
Edward Smith/1732
Edward Payson Smith/17 Oct 1836
Edwin Smith/1791
Edwin Smith/1836
Edwin F Smith
Eli Smith
Eliakim Smith/24 Oct 1750
Elias SmithBoston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA/6 Mar 1678Boxford Station, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA
Enoch Smith
Enos Smith/1697
Enos Smith/1760
Ephraim Smith/1806Seymout,New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Ephraim SmithCheshire, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Ephraim Smith/4 Nov 1777
Ephraim SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/12 Jul 1733Prospect, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Ephraim SmithWest Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA/9 Oct 1760
Ezekiel Smith
Fayette Raymond SmithGrand Ledge, Eaton County, Michigan, USA/17 Nov 1891State College, Centre County, Pennsylvania, USA
Fayette Wilney SmithOhio, USA/1855MI
Francis SmithCanada/c 1845
Frederick SmithHerkimer County, New York, USA/9 Jan 1826
Frederick Byington SmithNaugatuck, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA/ABT 1832Southington, Hartford County, Connecticut, USA
Frederick H SmithTroy,Miami Co,OH,USA/1879
Frederick Worthington Smith/1895
Friend Smith/1823
Gad SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/29 Jul 1740
Garrett G Smith/1824
Garrett Worthington SmithPlymouth, Litchfield County, Connecticut, USA/12 DEC 1862South Windham, Windham County, Connecticut, USA
George Smith/1794
George Smith/1834
George SmithCleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA/23 Oct 1867Toledo,Lucas Co,OH,USA
George SmithEngland/ABT 1611New Haven County,Connecticut,USA
George Federal Smith/1804
George L SmithConnecticut, USA/1811Naugatuck, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
George Nelson Smith/13 May 1867
George Shepard SmithBridgeport, Fairfield County, Connecticut, USA
George Willard SmithLitchfield, Litchfield County, Connecticut, USA/4 Jul 1839Bridgeport, Fairfield County, Connecticut, USA
Gideon Smith/Jul 1720West Haven, CT
Gustavus Smith/1821
Harlow Edward SmithSouth Windham, Windham, CT/16 JUN 1909Willimantic, Piscataquis County, Maine, USA
Harris Smith
Harry Smith
Harvey SmithConnecticut, USA/1783Ohio, USA
Harvey SmithPlattsburgh,Clinton County, New York, USA/4 Jul 1796Beaver Dam, Dodge County, Wisconsin, USA
Henry Smith
Hezekiah Smith/1726
Horace SmithWaterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA/26 OCT 1799Southington, Hartford County, Connecticut, USA
Horace Alden Smith/1904
Horace Sylvester SmithLivonia,Wayne,MI,USA/30 Jul 1856Toledo,Lucas,OH,USA
Howard Herman SmithOregon, USA/21 May 1914Oregon, USA
Ira SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/2 Feb 1793St Louis, Gratiot County, Michigan, USA
Ira SmithWallingford, New Haven, Connecticut, USA/11 SEP 1757Prospect, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Ira T SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/22 May 1824Hamden,New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Isaac Smith
Isaac Smith/28 Sep 1767
Isaac SmithBeekmantown, Clinton County, New York, USA
Isaac SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/27 Nov 1727
Israel Smith/29 Apr 1762
Israel SmithHaddam,Middlesex County,Connecticut,USA/12 Oct 1762
James Smith/1815
James Gordon SmithNew York, USA/c 1832
James Vernon SmithToledo,Lucas Co,OH,USA
Jared SmithHuntington,Fairfield Co,CT,USA/25 Jul 1741Salisbury,Litchfield County, Connecticut, USA
Jared SmithSouthbury, New Haven County,Connecticut,USA/11 Apr 1766Norway, NY
Jeffrey Thomas Smith
Jeremiah Smith
Joab SmithConnecticut, USA/1760Chester, Hampden County, Massachusetts, USA
John Smith
John Smith/1781
John Smith/1832
John SmithBoxford Station, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA/9 Aug 1724
John SmithDurham,Middlesex,CT,USA/1 Sep 1728Bedford County, Pennsylvania, USA
John SmithHaddam,Middlesex County,Connecticut,USA/19 Jul 1755Higganum,Middlesex, Connecticut, USA
John SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/03 SEP 1673New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA
John SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/3 Jan 1707
John SmithNew Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA/18 APR 1647New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA
John SmithOxford, New Haven County, Connecticut/26 Jan 1776Oxford, New Haven County, Connecticut
John SmithWallingford, New Haven, Connecticut, USA/21 Dec 1729
John Andrew SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/28 Oct 1797New Haven County,Connecticut,USA
John Wallace SmithHutchinson,Reno,KS,USA/18 Feb 1931
Johnson SmithNorway, NY/30 Oct 1798New York, USA
Jonathan Smith/1741
Jonathan SmithHaddam,Middlesex County,Connecticut,USA/2 Nov 1797Higganum, CT
Jonathan SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/27 Oct 1692West Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Jonathan SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/7 Jan 1715West Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Jonathan SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/16 Feb 1758
Joseph Smith/23 Jan 1706Cheshire, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Joseph SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/14 Aug 1655
Joseph SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/5 Mar 1680
Josephus SmithWayne,NY,USA/17 Dec 1826Napoleon,Henry,OH,USA
Julius SmithConnecticut, USA/c 1836Prospect, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Justus SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/25 Nov 1740New Haven County,Connecticut,USA
Justus SmithWest Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA/11 Oct 1754West Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Kevin Smith
Laban Smith
Lamberton Smith/1783
Lamberton Smith/1787
Lamberton SmithConnecticut, USA/1701
Lamberton SmithWest Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA/28 Nov 1734West Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Laud Smith/24 Oct 1841Naugatuck, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Leroy Dee SmithCastana,Monona,IA,UsA/29 Dec 1905San Gabriel,Los Angeles County, California, USA
Lester SmithConnecticut, USA/1801
Leverett Smith
Levi Smith
Linus Burr SmithConnecticut, USA/14 Apr 1818Haddam,Middlesex County,Connecticut,USA
Linus Burr SmithCromwell, Middlesex County, Connecticut, USA/24 Dec 1875Cincinnatti, Hamilton County, Ohio, USA
Linus Burr SmithHigganum,Middlesex,CT,USA/12 Aug 1854Minneapolis,Ottawa,KS,USA
Lucius Edwin SmithHaddam,Middlesex County,Connecticut,USA/10 Dec 1835Markesan, WI
Luther SmithNew York, USA/22 Oct 1838Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, USA
Lyal James SmithNapoleon,Henry,OH,USA/15 Sep 1915Toledo,Lucas,OH,USA
Lyman Smith/1788
Lyman SmithConnecticut, USA/c 1784
Manly SmithMichigan, USA/28 Jun 1874Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, USA
Monroe Smith
Nathan Smith/1 Mar 1713West Haven, CT
Nathan SmithHaddam,Middlesex County,Connecticut,USA/18 Jun 1730Haddam,Middlesex County,Connecticut,USA
Nathan SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/27 Dec 1656
Nathaniel Smith/27 Apr 1758
Nehemiah SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/19 Jun 1783
Nehemiah SmithNew Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA/12 Oct 1730West Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Nelson Guy SmithCA/1882CA
Oel Thayer SmithNew York, USA/1827MI
Oliver Smith/1735
Orlando P Smith/10 Jan 1827
Oscar B SmithCrawford County,Pennsylvania,USA/23 Aug 1836Wildwood, NJ
Otis Lyle SmithMI/1886MI
Parnel Smith
Parnel SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/19 Dec 1725
Paul Smith
Persis Smith/1788
Peter Smith/11 Aug 1709New Haven County,Connecticut,USA
Philemon Smith/1778
Philemon SmithWest Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA/8 Dec 1747West Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Ralph W SmithEllisburg, Jefferson County, New York, USA/3 Apr 1927
Raymond Smith/1781
Reuben SmithConnecticut, USA/1755
Richard Smith/1806
Richard A Smith
Richard Henry Smith/1924
Robert George SmithBelvidere, Boone County, Illinois, USA/5 Mar 1919Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, USA
Robert Kinsel SmithState College,PA,USA/28 Mar 1925Princeton,NJ,USA
Robert Webster Smith/1833
Roswell Smith/1774
Samuel Smith/1726
Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith/1783
Samuel SmithConnecticut, USA/19 Dec 1729
Samuel SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/4 Dec 1651New Haven County,Connecticut,USA
Samuel SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/14 May 1678
Samuel SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/31 Mar 1738
Samuel Buwell Smith/12 Jan 1761
Samuel Church SmithConnecticut, USA/1825San Diego County,California,USA
Samuel Church SmithHigganum, CT/1789
Seth SmithBradford Center,Merrimack County, New Hampshire, USA/25 Jul 1804Kennebec Township,Monona,IA,USA
Shepard Griswold SmithConnecticut, USA/1878
Shepard Griswold SmithWinsted, Litchfield County, Connecticut, UsA/27 Jan 1878Middletown, Middlesex County, Connecticut, USA
Sidney L Smith/c 1822
Silas SmithWest Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Simeon Smith
Simeon SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA
Socrates SmithLyons,Ontario,NY,USA/28 May 1813Castana,Monona,IA,USA
Stephen SmithHaddam,Middlesex County,Connecticut,USA/8 Jan 1715Connecticut, USA
Stephen SmithHaddam,Middlesex County,Connecticut,USA/18 Apr 1749Haddam,Middlesex County,Connecticut,USA
Stephen SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/16 Nov 1686Middlesex,Middlesex County,Connecticut,USA
Sylvester Smith/1786
Thomas Smith
Thomas SmithNew Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA/c 1715
Thomas SmithWest Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA/1 Jul 1724Connecticut, USA
Thomas Edward SmithHigganum, CT/9 Oct 1832Turlock, CA
Thomas Johnson Smith/2 Sep 1784
Thomas William SmithToledo,OH,USA/1948
Timothy Smith
Titus Smith
Titus Smith/1779
Titus SmithWoodbury, Litchfield County, Connecticut, USA/1722Amity,New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Unknown Smith
Vernon Eugene SmithArgentine,Genesee,MI,USA/22 May 1890Toledo,Lucas,OH,USA
Warham SmithNew Haven County,Connecticut,USA/2 Dec 1760
Warren Albert Smith/1838
Wellington Conger Smith/1829
William Smith/1720
William Smith
William Smith/24 Nvo 1798
William Smith/1957
William SmithHaddam,Middlesex County,Connecticut,USA/1804
William Donald SmithMinneapolis,Ottawa,KS,USA/30 May 1900Omaha,Douglas County,Nebraska,USA
William Douglas SmithToledo,Lucas Co,OH,USA/28 Jun 1923Toldeo,Lucas Co,OH,USA
William George SmithCleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA/26 Mar 1895St Petersburg,Pineallas Co,FL,USA
William Horace SmithSouthbury, New Haven County,Connecticut,USA/13 Jul 1793Middlebury, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
William J Smith/1832
William Lonon SmithMeadville, PA /1846Oakland,Alameda County,California,USA