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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-I-M253-10   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-I-M253-10
Aaron Smith/5 Apr 1747
Aaron Smith/1772
Aaron Smith/c 1715East Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
Aaron SmithIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA/25 Aug 1713East Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
Aaron Potter Smith/1824
Ammi Ruhamah SmithIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA/18 Nov 1764Ipswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA
Benjamin SmithWentworth,Grafton Co,NH,USA/c 1756Wentworth,Grafton Co,NH,USA
Benjamin SmithWentworth,Grafton Co,NH,USA/25 May 1825Lyme, Grafton County, New Hampshire, USA
Benjamin Harvy Smith/c 1814
Biley SmithBrentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA/c 1752Cornville,Somerset Co,ME,USA
Byron SmithNew Hampshire, USA/c 1834
Caleb SmithBrentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA/22 Jan 1761Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA
Charles SmithIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA/27 Feb 1735
Charles SmithLincoln County, Maine, USA/2 Jun 1781Kane County, Illinois, USA
Charles William SmithIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA/14 Oct 1813Nashville,Davidson County,Tennessee,USA
Cheney Smith/1 Apr 1739Paris,Oneida County, New York, USA
Cheney SmithIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA/2 Mar 1711
Cyrus Smith/1767
Daniel Smith
Daniel SmithBrentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA/12 Nov 1788Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA
Daniel SmithIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA/c 1673Ipswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA
Daniel SmithIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA/2 Sep 1705Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA
David Smith/1779
David Smith
Ebenezer SmithIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA/1 Jan 1734Meredith,Strafford County, New Hampshire, USA
Ebenezer SmithIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA/10 Nov 1770Paris Hill,Oneida County, New York, USA
Edward SmithPilling, Lancashire, England/c 1666
Elkins SmithCornville,Somerset Co,ME,USA/19 Feb 1793Cornville,Somerset Co,ME,USA
Ephraim SmithIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA/27 Mar 1727Wayland, MA
Ezekiel SmithIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA/bef 2 Nov 1714
Ferdinand Elbert SmithPrattville, AL/1 Oct 1874Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama, USA
Ferdinand Ellis SmithBrentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA/6 Jul 1824Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama, USA
Frank Smith
Frank Sherwood SmithJanesville, WI/18 Nov 1855Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas, USA
Fred Smith
Gilman Smith/after 1784
Henry SmithGoosnargh, Lancashire, England/about 1740unknown
Horace Cushing SmithIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA/8 Mar 1840Nashville,Davidson County,Tennessee,USA
Horace Hudson SmithNashville,Davidson County,Tennessee,USA/17 May 1872Nashville,Davidson County,Tennessee,USA
Horace Hudson SmithNashville,TN,USA/11 May 1907Memphis,TN,USA
Isaac Smith/1716
Isaiah Munson SmithUtica, Oneida County, New York/1 Sep 1817Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas, USA
Jabez SmithIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA/20 Dec 1709
Jeremiah Smith/1735
Jeremiah Smith
Jeremiah SmithIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA/bef 6 dec 1707
John Smith/1765
John Smith
John SmithEssex County, Massachusetts, USA/22 Jan 1707Ipswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA
John SmithIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA/2 Mar 1677Ipswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA
John SmithIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA/1 Jun 1729
John SmithPreston, Lancashire, England /c 1738
John Trefathern Smith/1803
John Winston SmithBirmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama, USA/28 Jul 1913Kingsport, Sullivan County, Tennessee, USA
Jonathan SmithWentworth, Grafton, NH/1803Lyme, Grafton County, New Hampshire, USA
Joseph SmithEast Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA/1 Nov 1715East Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
Joseph SmithExeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA/c 1738Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA
Joseph SmithIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA/16 Jul 1685Middlesex County,Massachusetts,USA
Josiah Smith/c1813
Josiah SmithIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA/23 Apr 1749
Josiah SmithNew York, USA/c 1780
Lawrence John Manning SmithMemphis,TN,USA/10 Mar 1957
Luther SmithNew Hampshire, USA/c 1840
Luther Thomas SmithNew Hampshire, USA/1884
Moses SmithIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA/21 Sep 1711
Nathaniel Smith/27 Feb 1710
Nathaniel Smith
Nathaniel SmithIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USAHopkinton,Middlesex Co,MA,USA
Raymond Sherwood SmithTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas, USA/3 Oct 1890Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas, USA
Richard Smith/1659Ipswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA
Richard Smith
Richard SmithIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA/8 Jul 1704Massachusetts, USA
Richard SmithShropham, Breckland Borough, Norfolk,England/1629Ipswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA
Richard SmithShropham, Norfolk, EnglandIpswich,Essex County,Massachusetts,USA
Samuel Smith/24 Nov 1751
Sydney Smith/c 1842
Thomas Choate SmithKingsport, Sullivan County, Tennessee, USA
Trueworthy Smith/1783
William SmithPilling, Lancashire, England/c 1693