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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-I-M223-8   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-I-M223-8
Albert Alma SmithIllinois, USA/1877
Alfred F SmithKentucky, USA/1837Charleston, Mississippi County, Missouri, USA
Allen SmithVirginia, USA/1817
Alonzo SmithIndiana, USA/1 Jun 1853Indianola, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, USA
Cephas SmithHardin County, Kentucky, USA/1 Mar 1817Elizabethtown, Hardin County, Kentucky, USA
Charles Smith/1852
Charles SmithKentucky, USA/c 1812
Chilton R Smith/1829
David Gentry Smith/1827
David Gentry SmithVirginia, USA/1796Scotland County, Missouri, USA
David Thomas Smith/1840
David Thomas SmithHardin County, Kentucky, USA/15 Feb 1811Meade County, Kentucky, USA
Dwight Vancil Smith
Elijah SmithBotetourt County,Virginia,USAMacoupin Co,IN,USA
Elijah Ashcraft Smith/1842
Elisha Ashcraft Smith/1841
George Robert Smith/1851
George Washington Smith/1836
George Washington SmithAlbemarle Parish, Sussex County, Virginia, USA/16 Oct 1786Hardin County, Kentucky, USA
George Washington SmithHardin County, Kentucky, USA/15 Mar 1813Laurel County, Kentucky, USA
Gilbert W Smith/1847
Howard Stanley SmithFort Collins, Larimer County, Colorado, USA/19 Mar 1921Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, USA
Jacob SchmidtBucks, Zurich, Switzerland/1702Milford, Bucks, PA
Jacob Smith
Jacob SmithBucks, St Gallens, Switzerland/1720Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA
Jacob SmithMilford,Bucks Co,PA,USA/20 Aug 1748Washington Co,IN,USA
James SmithVirginia, USA/1760Hardin County, Kentucky, USA
James Blancet Smith/1846
James Henry Smith/1863
James Washington Smith/1839
James Washington SmithKentucky, USA/12 Apr 1808Mississippi County, Missouri, USA
John SmithIndiana, USA/1834
John SmithVirginia, USA/1735Elizabethtown, Hardin County, Kentucky, USA
John H Smith/1847
Joseph Smith/1848
Joseph SmithIllinois, USA/1848
Joseph SmithIndiana, USA/1846
Joseph SmithIndiana, USA/1843
Joseph SmithIndiana, USA/c 1839Baltimore County, Maryland, USA
Joseph SmithVirginia, USA/1780Horton, Bremer County, Iowa, USA
Joseph SmithVirginia, USA/2 Apr 1819Bremer County, Iowa, USA
Josephus Cephas Smith/1854
Levi SmithIndiana, USA/1840
Lloyd SmithVirginia, USA/12 Nov 1814Horton, Bremer County, Iowa, USA
Martin G Smith/1847
Matthew Allen SmithHorton, Bremer County, Iowa, USA/1 May 1861Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA
Samuel A SmithIndiana, USA/1849
Silas Smith/1819
Silas SmithKentucky, USA/c 1810Sefton, Fayette County, Illinois, USA
Silas Elmer SmithBrownstown,Fayette County,Illinois,USA/Nov 1854Blue Mound, Macon County, Illinois, USA
Silas Swank SmithHardin County, Kentucky, USA/24 Nov 1833Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, USA
Squire Gentry Smith/1835
Stanley Henry SmithShell Rock, Butler County, Iowa, USA/20 Sep 1889CO,USA
William SmithIndiana, USA/1839
William SmithMissouri/c 1859
William SmithVirginia, USA/10 Jun 1793Hardin County, Kentucky, USA
William Charles Smith/1840
William W Smith/1844