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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-I-M223-1   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-I-M223-1
Abraham Lincoln SmithOverton County,Tennessee,USA/1850
Absalom Smith/1726
Absalom SmithCross Roads District, Wake County, North Carolina. USA/c 1793Wake County, North Carolina, USA
Alford SmithGeorgia, USA/1808Georgia, USA
Alford Pittman SmithJackson County, Georgia, USA/3 Oct 1814Cherokee County, Alabama, USA
Alfred Beaty SmithFentress County, Tennessee, USA/1894Delaware County, Indiana, USA
Arthur Smith
Arthur Washington SmithBarnesville,Monroe County, Georgia, USA/31 Jul 1834Carthage, Panola County, Texas, USA
Asberry Smith
Benjamin Sample SmithKentucky, USA/1 Nov 1843Bonham, Fannin County, Texas, USA
Berry Smith
Bobbie Eugene SmithMarshall,Harrison,TX,USA/17 Jan 1928White Oak,Gregg,TX,USA
Carroll Smith
Carson Vernon SmithHouse Creek, Wake County, North Carolina, USA/25 May 1910
Charles Smith/1804
Charles SmithVirginia, USA/1804West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, USA
Charles Barron DeKalb Smith/1875
Charles Hardy Smith/23 Feb 1851Lamar County, Georgia, USA
Charles J Smith/1832
Collie SmithBonham, Fannin County, Texas, USA/3 Nov 1886Paris, Lamar County, Texas, USA
Columbus SmithAlabama, USA/1859
Cuthbert SmithSurry County, Virginia, USA/c 1720Brunswick County, Virginia, USA
Dudley Gene SmithAbilene, Taylor County, Texas, USA/26 Aug 1964
Dudley Gene SmithBailey, Fannin County, Texas, USA/5 Apr 1938Granbury, Hood County, Texas, USA
Dudley Jared Smith
Edward SmithCarthage, Panola County, Texas, USA/17 Mar 1898Marshall,Harrison,TX,USA
Edward SmithVirginia, USA/1792Redbone, Lamar County, Georgia, USA
Edward Calvin Smith
Edward Marcus SmithHouse Creek, Wake County, North Carolina, USA/1892Garner, Wake County, North Carolina, USA
Elijah SmithOverton County,Tennessee,USA/4 Mar 1854Tennessee, USA
Ernest B Smith/17 Mar 1896
Etheldred Smith/1760
Flood SmithIsle of Wight County,Virginia,USA/1730Northampton County,North Carolina,USA
George SmithAlabama, USA/1864
George SmithFentress County, Tennessee, USA/1821Moodyville, Pickett County, Tennessee, USA
George SmithNorth Carolina, USA/1775North Carolina, USA
George Leford SmithGadsden, Etowah County, Alabama, USA/5 Jan 1897Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama, USA
George Marshall Alexander Ernest Smith/1882
George Washington Lewis SmithJackson County, Georgia, USA/27 May 1842Cherokee County, Alabama, USA
Henry Smith
Henry Smith
Henry Forney Smith/1877
Henry Newton SmithMonroe County, Georgia, USA/23 Sep 1840Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, USA
Henry Thompkins Smith/1846
Herman K Smith/2 Jan 1915
Herman Stephens SmithBailey, Fannin County, Texas, USA/20 Aug 1912Dallas County, Texas, USA
Isaac Butler SmithMonroe, GA /21 Aug 1872East Atlanta,Dekalb County, Georgia, USA
Isham SmithSussex County, Virginia, USA
J Bernard SmithPike County, Georgia, USA
James Smith
James Smith
James SmithBertie County, North Carolina, USA /c 1730Franklin County, North Carolina, USA
James SmithEdgecombe County, North Carolina, USA/c 1757Jackson County, Georgia, USA
James SmithIsle of Wight County,Virginia,USA/ABT 1674Perquimans County, North Carolina, USA
James SmithNorth Carolina, USA/1785Jackson County, Georgia, USA
James SmithPerquimans, North Carolina, USA/1700Perquimans, North Carolina, USA
James Franklin SmithFentress County, Tennessee, USA/7 Jun 1860Fentress County, Tennessee, USA
James H Smith/1824
James Rufus SmithWake County, North Carolina, USA/1826House Creek, Wake County, North Carolina, USA
Jeremiah SmithAlabama, USA/c 1841
Jeremiah SmithCharles City, VA /1701Halifax, NC
Jeremiah SmithSouth Carolina, USA/c 1773
Jeremiah SmithSouth Carolina, USA/c 1815
Joel Smith
Joel SmithSouth Carolina, USA/c 1831
John Smith
John SmithAlbemarle Parish, Surry Co, VA /1685
John SmithBerkeley, Perquimans County, North Carolina, USA/1708
John Allen Smith/6 Sep 1875Overton County,Tennessee,USA
John B SmithSouth Carolina,USA/c 1815
John Booher Smith/1 Jan 1846Overton County,Tennessee,USA
John H Smith/1781
Joseph Smith
Joseph SmithVirginia, USA/c 1725Belleview, Northampton County, North Carolina, USA
Joseph SmithWake County, North Carolina, USA/1794Auburn Co,NC,USA
Joseph Edward SmithBarnesville,Monroe County, Georgia, USA/9 Oct 1855Carthage, Panola County, Texas, USA
Josiah SmithSussex County, Virginia, USA/1728York County, South Carolina, USA
Lawrence Smith/c 1736
Lawrence SmithWake County, North Carolina, USA
Lawrence SmithSurry County, Virginia, USA/1687Isle of Wight County,Virginia,USA
Lawrence SmithVirginia, USA/1797Lamar County, Georgia, USA
Littleberry SmithNorthampton County,North Carolina,USA/c 1750Northampton County,North Carolina,USA
Luke SmithAlabama, USA/c 1848
Luke SmithSouth Carolina, USA/c 1822
Marcellus SmithHouse Creek, Wake County, North Carolina, USA/12 Apr 1859House Creek, Wake County, North Carolina, USA
Marcus Smith
Marcus Edward Smith
Marshall Earnest SmithAlabama, USA/1922
Nicholas SmithVirginia, USA/bef 1656Surry County, Virginia, USA
Nicholas SmithVirginia, USA/c 1682Westmoreland County, Virginia, USA
Obediah Gibson SmithUpson County, Georgia, USA/c 1849Pike County, Georgia, USA
Robert SmithIsle of Wight County,Virginia,USA/1675Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Robert SmithLondon, Middlesex, England/c 1617Pagan Creek,Isle of Wight Co,VA,USA
Robert SmithPagan Creek, Isle of Wight, VA /1655Surry County, Virginia, USA
Robert Alton Smith/1904
Robert Hovell SmithEngland/1564
Robert M Smith/1848
Rufus M SmithHouse Creek, Wake County, North Carolina, USA/3 Mar 1909
Russell Theodore Smith
Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith/1815
Sherman A Smith/2 Jul 1874
Silas SmithNorth Carolina, USA/1788Parker County, Texas, USA
Solomon SmithBerkeley, Perquimans County, North Carolina, USA/1706
Thomas SmithAlabama, USA/c 1850
Thomas Chinn Smith/1850
Thomas Emerise SmithCherokee County, Alabama, USA/16 Jun 1852Albertville, DeKalb County, Alabama, USA
Thomas Monroe SmithAlabama, USA/May 1869Limestone County, Alabama, USA
Willard Samuel Smith
William SmithAlabama, USA/c 1839
William SmithIsle of Wight County,Virginia,USA/1634
William SmithNorthampton County,North Carolina,USA/1762Buffalo Twp,Wake County, North Carolina, USA
William SmithSurry County, Virginia, USA/1695Surry County, Virginia, USA
William SmithSurry County, Virginia, USA/c 1730Patrick County, Virginia, USA
William Alan SmithShreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana, USA/1961
William Alfred SmithEtowah County, Alabama, USA/10 Mar 1870Muscle Shoals,Colbert County,Alabama,USA
William Allen SmithLittle Crab, TN/1887Fentress County, Tennessee, USA
William David SmithNorth Carolina, USA/28 Jun 1793Jackson County, Georgia, USA
William Gray Smith
William Hovell SmithEngland/1590
William Joseph SmithCherokee County, Alabama, USA/21 Feb 1865DeKalb County, Alabama, USA
William S Smith
William S Smith/1820
William Tice Smith/1905