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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-E-M2_-3   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-E-M2_-3
Abraham Lincoln Smith/1861
Abram Reece Smith/1879
Albert James Smith/1891
Albert Sidney Johnston Smith/14 Jan 1869
Alexander Smith/1849
Amphinamus Smith/1847
Andrew Jackson SmithMissouri, USA/c 1850
Archer Tinsley Smith/1876Bardolph,McDonough Co,IL,USA
Archibald Smith
Archibald D SmithLouisiana, USA/c 1840
Arthur SmithVirginia, USA/Jul 1873
Bathurst Smith
Bathurst SmithVirginia, USA/c 1856
Bathurst Lee Smith
Bathurst Lee SmithRichmond County, Virginia, USA/15 Jul 1846Knoxville,Knox County,Tennessee,USA
Benjamin Ford Smith/17 Mar 1924
Benjamin Franklin Smith/1864
Benjamin Franklin SmithCasey, KY, USA/1 Aug 1832Ellenorah, Gentry County, Missouri, USA
Benjamin Franklin SmithGreene County, Tennessee, USA/29 Oct 1817Murray County, Georgia, USA
Benjamin Franklin SmithGreene County, Tennessee, USA/29 Oct 1817Murray County, Georgia, USA
Benjamin Jasper Smith/30 Jul 1887
Bennet SmithVirginia, USA/c 1840
Beverley T. SmithVirginia, USA/1785Greene County, Tennessee, USA
Bird Smith/4 Aug 1783
Bird SmithHenry County,Virginia,USA/4 Aug 1783Chambers County, Alabama, USA
Boyd Lee SmithGentryville, Gentry County, Missouri, USA/16 Aug 1891Newman, Coweta County, Georgia, USA
Byrd Flemings Smith/1 Feb 1824Tennessee, USA
Calvin Wright Smith/1836
Catesby Jones SmithPointe Coupee Parish,LA,USA/c 1859
Champ Beauchamp SmithTennessee, USA/1811Houston,Texas County, Missouri, USA
Charles SmithVirginia, USA/1 Oct 1760Tuscambia, Miller County, Missouri, USA
Charles Cleveland Smith/1886
Charles Elmer Smith/1919
Charles Jefferson Smith/1840
Charles Russell Smith
Charles Russell SmithFlorida, USA/1896Palm Beach,FL,USA
Charles Warren Smith/14 Jan 1946
Claiborne SmithTennessee, USA/c 1830
Clarence Willard Smith/1879
Claude David SmithLaHarpe, Hancock County, Illinois, USA/12 Sep 1877Macomb, McDoonough County, Illinois, USA
Claude Lester Smith/1897
Claude Mornington SmithOzark County, Missouri, USA/9 Dec 1878Benton County, Missouri, USA
Clive SmithPointe Coupee Parish,LA,USA/Jul 1854
Coleman SmithBedford County, Virginia, USA/1771Franklin County, Virginia, USA
Coleman M SmithNashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA/28 Jan 1825Council Grove, Morris County, Kansas, USA
Colmond SmithUnion Hall,Franklin,VA,USA/29 Mar 1778Henry,Franklin,VA,USA
Constantine SmithEssex County, Virginia,USA/16 Sep 1717Essex County, Virginia,USA
Crawford Early SmithFranklin, Cooper, MO/6 Aug 1825Saline County, Missouri, USA
David Smith
David Russell Smith
David William SmithBedford County, Virginia, USA/23 Feb 1766Union Hall,Franklin,VA,USA
Dewitt T Smith/1892
Donald Smith
Drewery Red Smith/1784
Earl Smith/1917Marion, VA
Ebenezer Smith/1780Wilkes County, Georgia, USA
Edwin Bathurst Smith
Edwin Bathurst SmithBathurst, Essex County, Virginia, USA/20 Sep 1775Jacksonville Co,IL,USA
Edwin Bathurst SmithSmithland Plantation,Pointe Coupee Parish,LA,USA/17 Jan 1849
Ernest Hamilton SmithPointe Coupee Parish,LA,USA/Jul 1854
Evandrew Berton SmithSt Clair, Hawkins County, Tennessee, USA/9 Jun 1833Deil Delight, Benton, MO
Floyd Smith
Francis Smith/1774
Francis Smith
Francis Smith
Francis SmithEssex County, Virginia,USA/1749Wilkes County, Georgia, USA
Francis SmithSouth Farnham Parish,Essex County,Virginia,USA/1702Essex County, Virginia,USA
Francis SmithVirginia, USA/Sep 1871
Francis C SmithHawkins County, Tennessee, USA/c 1801Ludlow,Scott Co,MS,USA
Francis Ellen Smith/22 Mar 1822
Francis L SmithWashington,MO,USASulphur Springs,Jefferson County, Missouri, USA
Francis Meriwether SmithPlatin Rock,MO,USA/25 Dec 1854
Francis Thurman Smith/1810
Frank Armstrong SmithCleveland, Bradley County, Tennessee, USA/23 Nov 1884Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, USA
Frank Milton Smith/1865
Fred Taylor Smith/1886
Fred Taylor SmithLA/Feb 1915Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, USA
George SmithVirginia, USA/1780
George William Smith
George Brooking SmithMacomb, McDoonough County, Illinois, USA/26 Dec 1893
George Clay SmithGentry County, Missouri, USA/18 Aug 1857
George Eldridge Alfonso Smith/1885
George Guy SmithIllinois, USA/Jun 1850Bardolph,McDonough Co,IL,USA
George Howard Smith/1886Bardolph,MdDonough Co,IL,USA
George Newton SmithGentry County, Missouri, USA/23 Nov 1855Gentry County, Missouri, USA
George Penn Smith/12 Jan 1864
George Penn SmithMissouri ,USA/3 Feb 1857
George Stephen SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/191860SepFranklin County, Virginia, USA
George W Smith
George W Smith/c 1846
George W SmithCasey, KY, USA/2 May 1815Gentryville, Gentry County, Missouri, USA
George William Smith/1853
George William Smith/14 Sep 1795
George William Smith/1762Richmond County, Virginia, USA
George William Smith/1856
George William SmithEssex County, Virginia,USA/1762Richmond County, Virginia, USA
Gerald Wayne SmithDanville, Independent City, Virginia, USA/4 Mar 1942Danville, Independent City, Virginia, USA
Grant Smith/c 1863
Gregory Harris Smith
Guy Smith
Guy SmithEly, Cambridgeshire, England/c 1675Abingdon Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia, USA
Harlan Lee Smith/1882
Henry SmithBedford County, Virginia, USA/24 Mar 1791Maury County, Tennessee, USA
Henry SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/1810Franklin County, Virginia, USA
Henry SmithTennessee/1836
Henry Fontaine SmithLynchburg,Franklin Co,Virginia,/15 Sep 1903Danville, Independent City, Virginia, USA
Henry Grady SmithKosciusko, Attala County, Mississippi, USA/15 Aug 1921Baton Rouge, East Baton Rough Parish, Louisiana, USA
Henry Silas Smith/1834
Henry Silas Smith/28 Feb 1854
Henry Silas SmithBedford County, Virginia, USA/1775Franklin County, Virginia, USA
Henry William SmithCanton, Madison County, Mississippi, USA/21 Nov 1847Attala County, MIssissippi, USA
Hiram Smith/1858
Hiram C Smith/ABT 1852
Hollis Earl Smith/1905
Homer Charles SmithCross Timbers, Hickory County, Missouri, USA/27 Dec 1917Cross Timbers, Hickory County, Missouri, USA
Homer William Smith/1881
Howell Holly SmithGeorgia,USA/1818
Hugh Lawson Smith/2 Dec 1818
Infant son Smith/1913
Isaac England Parker SmithDeil Delight, Benton, MO /23 Sep 1861Greenfield, Blaine, OK
Isaac William Smith/1855
Jack Brooks Smith/1924
Jack Paul Smith
Jacob Smith/bef 1625
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith
James Smith
James Smith/1841
James Smith/1798
James Smith/1854
James SmithNorth Carolina, USA/13 Apr 1778Williamsburg, Covington County, Mississippi, USA
James SmithVirginia, USA/6 Nov 1801
James SmithVirginia, USA/c 1855
James A SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/1812
James A. SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/1832West Virginia, USA
James Della SmithAlbany, MO /23 Sep 1871Missouri ,USA
James Franklin Smith
James G SmithGentry County, Missouri, USA/7 Dec 1853
James Garmon SmithIllinois, USA/Nov 1859
James Harvey Smith/1851
James Homer SmithBardolph,McDonough Co,IL,USA
James Hyphen SmithBedford County, Virginia, USA/13 Jul 1788Tennessee, USA
James Lilburn Smith/ABT 1842
James Mayborn SmithPointe Coupee Parish,LA,USA/c 1862
James Monroe Smith/5 May 1849Casey, KY, USA
James Napoleon Smith/1864
James Robert Alexander SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/15 OCT 1838Franklin County, Virginia, USA
James Thomas SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/1858
James W Smith/1804
James W SmithVirginia, USA/c 1828
James Welby Smith/1860
James White Smith/5 Sep 1815
Jason P Smith
Jefferson D Smith
Jesse Smith/1853
Job William SmithGentry County, Missouri, USA/3 Apr 1863Logan,OK,USA
John Smith/1810
John Smith
John Smith/2 May 1781
John Smith/2 May 1781
John Smith/bef 1625
John Smith
John SmithGloucester County,Virginia,USA
John Smith/1812
John Smith/1725
John SmithTennessee, USA/1800Jackson County,Alabama,USA
John SmithVirginia, USA/15 Dec 1735Montgomery County, Virginia, USA
John SmithVirginia, USA/28 Jan 1795Council Grove, Morris County, Kansas, USA
John Smith T /ca 1770
John Smith T Essex County, Virginia,USA/1770Wilkes County, Georgia, USA
John A SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/11 Feb 1800
John Adams SmithRichmond County, Virginia, USA/1802Richmond County, Virginia, USA
John Augustine SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/1763-1769Greene County, Tennessee, USA
John Benjamin SmithTennessee, USA/JAN 1847Pleasanton, Atascosa, Texas, USA
John C SmithAlabama, USA/c 1821Pulaski County,Arkansas,USA
John Calvin Smith/1891
John Calvin SmithMonticello, KY/9 Mar 1885Monticello, KY
John Campbell Smith
John Delbert SmithApison,Hamilton,TN,USA/1938Tunnel Hill, Whitfield County, Georgia, USA
John Griffin SmithAlbany, Gentry County, Missouri, USA/5 Apr 1820Albany, Gentry County, Missouri, USA
John Griffin SmithBardolph,McDonough Co,IL,USA/10 Jan 1854Macomb, McDoonough County, Illinois, USA
John Henry SmithGreene County, Tennessee, USA/29 Feb 1876Bartow County, Georgia, USA
John Lampkin Smith/1846
John Marion Smith/25 Oct 1822
John O'Fallon Pope Smith/23 Nov 1874
John Patterson SmithTennessee/29 Jul 1839Red Bank, Hamilton County, TN
John Peter SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/1836Glade Hill, Franklin County, Virginia, USA
John R SmithGentry County, Missouri, USA/12 Jan 1846
John Richard Smith/1921
John Sterling Smith/1701
John Thomas SmithEllaville,Schley,GA,USA/Jan 1870
John Thomas SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/3 Mar 1913Danville, Independent City, Virginia, USA
John W Smith/1780
John William SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/1857
John Wood SmithVA
Joseph Smith/8 Nov 1735
Joseph John SmithAlabama, USA/17 Nov 1905Catoosa,GA,USA
Joseph Robert Smith
Joseph Walter Marryman SmithRocky Mount, Franklin, Virginia, USA/10 JUN 1889Ellensburg, Kittitas, WA
Kenneth Smith
Lawrence Smith/c 1755Cumberland County, Virginia, USA
Lawrence Smith/29 Mar 1629
Leonard Franklin SmithWarsaw, Benton County, Missouri, USA/13 Oct 1899Watonga, Blaine, OK
Leonard Virgil Smith
Leonard Virgil Smith
Leonidas Theodore SmithDalton, Whitfield County, Georgia, USA/JUN 1860
Luke Smith/1694
Luke SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/5 May 1803Floyd County, Virginia, USA
Mark Grierson Smith
Mason Easley Smith/4 Apr 1852
Melvin R SmithRushville, Rush County, Indiana, USA/17 Jul 1840Elk Fort,Pettis Co,MO,USA
Meriweather Smith/1769
Meriwether Smith/24 Jun 1876
Meriwether SmithBathurst, Essex County, Virginia, USA/20 Mar 1730Marigold, Essex, VA
Meriwether SmithBathurst, Essex County, Virginia, USA/1730Essex Couny, Virginia, USA
Meriwether SmithBathurst, New South Wales, Australia/ca 1730Marigold
Meriwether SmithVirginia, USA/c 1869
Meriwether Bathurst SmithKentucky, USA/1829Gentry County, Missouri, USA
Michael Smith
Michael Todd Smith
Milton V Smith
MIlton W SmithAlbany, MO /1845Eureka, UT
Murray Stover Smith
Nathan Greenberg Smith/26 Feb 1834
Nathaniel Smith/c 1852
Newton J SmithAlabama, USA/c 1831
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas SmithEssex County, Virginia,USA
Nicholas SmithVirginia, USA/Abt 1706
Nicholas SmithVirginia, USA/c 1680Essex County, Virginia,USA
Norman Montgomery SmithChambers County, Alabama, USA/18 Dec 1846Lanett,Chambers Co,AL,USA
Obadiah Smith/1717
Obadiah Smith/1678
Orid H Smith/1890
Orville G Smith/11 Sep 1889
Otis Leslie Smith/1888
Pance Monroe SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/1886
Philemon Smith/c 1812
Philemon SmithGoochland County, Virginia, USA/29 Mar 1756Franklin County, Virginia, USA
Philip Montague Smith/3 Jul 1871
Philip Wilson SmithOak Grove, Jackson County, Missouri, USA/5 Jan 1836Kalispell, Flathead County, Montana, USA
Phillip Francis Smith/22 May
Randolph SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/1916Halifax Co., VA
Ray Smith/1900
Reginald SmithLynchburg,Franklin Co,Virginia,/9 Dec 1914Norfolk County, Virginia, USA
Reginald Winston SmithVirginia, USA/9 Dec 1914
Reuben Smith/17 Jul 1756
Reuben Smith/c 1859
Reuben Adams SmithKentucky, USA/5 Mar 1818McDonough Co,IL,USA
Reuben E Smith/10 Nov 1839
Reuben Ebenezer SmithGeorgia,USA/3 Dec 1810Wilkes County, Georgia, USA
Richard Franklin Smith/1882
Richard L SmithCasey, KY, USA/15 Feb 1838
Richard Lee Smith/c 1839
Richard Lee SmithEssex County, Virginia,USA/2 Apr 1794Kentucky, USA
Richard Lee SmithGentry County, Missouri, USA/15 Mar 1853Albany, Gentry County, Missouri, USA
Richard Meriwether SmithNapton,Saline,MO,USA/20 Sep 1912
Robert SmithMaury County, Tennessee, USA/18 Nov 1822Attala County, MIssissippi, USA
Robert SmithVirginia/1804
Robert A Smith/1857
Robert L SmithVirginia, USA/c 1831
Robert Milton SmithOzark County, Missouri, USA/9 Aug 1859Fristoe, Benton County, Missouri, USA
Robert N Smith/1893
Robert W Smith/1881
Roger L Smith/1887
Ronald Thomas Smith
Roscoe Smith/1887
Roy Silas Smith/1893
Ruben P SmithGentry County, Missouri, USA/12 May 1849
Ruhlin N (Jack) Smith/27 Dec 1908
Samuel SmithMaury County, Tennessee, USA
Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith/1793
Samuel Smith/1765
Samuel SmithBedford County, Virginia, USA/c 1763Cocke County, Tennessee, USA
Samuel SmithEssex County, Virginia,USABedford County, Virginia, USA
Samuel SmithMaury County, Tennessee, USA/c 1790
Samuel Harris SmithCouncil Grove, Morris County, Kansas, USA/28 Sep 1874Pueblo County, Colorado, USA
Samuel Jordan SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/6 Nov 1832Franklin County, Virginia, USA
Samuel R SmithMissouri ,USA/c 1841
Samuel Robert SmithBedford County, Virginia, USA/28 May 1734Hawkins County, Tennessee, USA
Samuel Wood Smith/5 Aug 1813
Sevier SmithTennessee/5 Sep 1850Langston, Jackson County, AL
Silas Benjamin SmithAlabama, USA/22 Aug 1914Texas, USA
Stephen SmithBedford County, Virginia, USA/1787
Stephen SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/16 APR 1805Franklin County, Virginia, USA
Stephen Bird SmithChambers County, Alabama, USA/28 Apr 1841Jefferson,FL,USA
Stephen F Smith/1802
Stephen Lewis Smith/1883
Stephen V SmithMonongalia,WV,USA
Steven SmithHamilton County,Tennessee,USA/1973
Stuart Gibson SmithAttala County, MIssissippi, USA/17 Oct 1886Attala County, MIssissippi, USA
Theodore Smith/1886
Thomas Smith/8 Sep 1806
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith/c 1856
Thomas Smith/c 1796
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith
Thomas SmithBedford County, Virginia, USA
Thomas SmithHenry County,Virginia,USA
Thomas SmithHenry County,Virginia,USA/1752
Thomas SmithVirginia, USA/c 1835
Thomas SmithVirginia, USA/1765Grainger County, Tennessee, USA
Thomas Adams SmithEssex County, Virginia,USA/12 Aug 1781Experiment Farm, Saline County, Missouri, USA
Thomas Adams SmithExperiment Farm, Saline County, Missouri, USA/10 Sep 1858
Thomas Adams SmithSaline County, Missouri, USA/1906
Thomas Bowler SmithKentucky, USA/9 Oct 1822Casey, KY, USA
Thomas C Smith/ABT 1857
Thomas Gans SmithWilson County, Tennessee, USA/Oct 1816Benton County, Missouri, USA
Thomas Jefferson SmithGeorgia,USA/c 1811
Thomas M Smith/28 Jun 1826
Thomas Parker SmithWarsaw, Benton County, Missouri, USA/24 Jul 1844Windsor, Henry County, Missouri, USA
Thomas Z Smith/c1850
Troup Smith/20 Jul 1827
Uber Jacob Smith/1895
Unknown Smith/18 May 1874
W H Smith
Wade O Smith/1885
Washington George SmithVirginia, USA/22 Jun 1816
Wesley C SmithFlorida, USA/23 Nov 1881
William Smith/Mar 1775
William Smith/c 1777
William Smith/1799
William SmithDickens, SC/1755Campbell County, Tennessee, USA
William SmithEssex County, Virginia,USA/c 1745Essex County, Virginia,USA
William SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/1801
William SmithGoochland County, Virginia, USA/1752Franklin County, Virginia, USA
William SmithGoochland County, Virginia, USA/15 Nov 1752Chesterfield County,Virginia,USA
William B Smith
William B. SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/1 Jan 1910White Stone,Lancaster Co.,Virginia,
William Baldwin SmithSontag, Franklin County, VA/1 Jan 1910White Stone, sVA
William Daingerfield SmithOhio, USA/c 1819
William Daingerfield SmithPointe Coupee Parish,LA,USA/31 Mar 1852
William Duncan SmithTennessee/1843
William Ebenezer Smith
William Griffith SmithKentucky, USA/1 Oct 1847Casey, KY, USA
William H Smith/1811Chambers County, Alabama, USA
William H Smith/1861
William H SmithMercer County, Missouri, USA/18 Aug 1842
William Haynes Smith/1788
William Henry SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/22 May 1872Franklin County, Virginia, USA
William Hobson Smith/1858
William J SmithTexas, USA/5 Oct 1879Jefferson,FL,USA
William L Smith
William L Smith/1824
William Noland Berkeley Smith/12 Aug 1866
William Penn SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/26 Feb 1860
William Thomas SmithGrainger County, Tennessee, USA/25 Apr 1809Benton County, Missouri, USA
William Wilkinson SmithVirginia, USA/24 Apr 1774Wilkes County, Georgia, USA
Wright Smith/23 Apr 1807Jonesburg,Montgomery Co,MO,USA
Wright L Smith/7 Jul 1848Jonesburg,Montgomery Co,MO,USA
Wyatt SmithBedford County, Virginia, USA/1783Franklin County, Virginia, USA
Zachary T SmithBardolph,McDonough Co,IL,USA/25 Dec 1847Macomb, McDoonough County, Illinois, USA
Zeb Wright Smith/26 Oct 1924Orange, FL