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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-E-M2_-1   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-E-M2_-1
Abraham SmithVirginia, USA/1800
Abraham SmithWest Virginia, USA/1853
Albert SmithKentucky, USA/1834
Allenthus Cerresford SmithTazewell County, Virginia, USA/1853
Allie W. SmithOhio, USA/About 1953
Benjamin Smith
Bennett SmithIN/7 Oct 1877
Bryan D Smith
Burl Harvey SmithVirginia, USA/1855
Charles Edward SmithGriffithsville,WV,USA/1881
Clarence SmithCabell County, West Virginia, USA/1888
David SmithCabell County, West Virginia, USA
Elias G Smith/1810
Erastus Smith/1856
Francis SmithWaynesville,OH,USA
Fred J SmithWest Virginia, USA/c 1909
General Grant Smith
George Smith
George Ware Smith/1827
Harrison SmithWayne County, West Virginia, USA/Apr 17 1889
Henderson Raughley SmithKentucky, USA/c 1866
Henry Smith
Henry Jefferson SmithMontgomery County, Virginia, USA/1802Wayne County, West Virginia, USA
Hiram Smith
Hiram Hornbuckle Smith/1816Union County, Kentucky, USA
Hugh Henry SmithWayne County, WV/1845
Jacob SmithVirginia, USA/1841
Jacob SmithVirginia, USA/1830
Jacob B SmithMontgomery County, Virginia, USA/ABT 1770Beechfork, Wayne County, West Virginia, USA
Jacob B SmithMontgomery County, Virginia, USA/1806
Jacob Marion SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/1826Cabell, Wayne County, West Virginia, USA
James Smith
James A SmithWest Virginia, USA/c 1869
James Alfred SmithWest Virginia, USA/1858
James Benjamin Smith
James Buchannan Smith/c 1856WV shot by police
James Leroy Smith/14 Oct 1931
Jesse Ware SmithCaswell County, North Carolina, USA/1785Hills,Union County, Kentucky, USA
Jessey H Smith
John Smith/1803
John Henry Smith/c 1845
John Henry SmithWyoming County, West Virginia, USA/1880
Kevin Smith
Leonard Warren Smith
Lincoln Smith
Owen Smith
Peter SmithFranklin County, Virginia, USA/1828
Peter M SmithMuhlenberg County, Kentucky, USA/1818Myers, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, USA
Philip Gardner SmithHuntington,Cabell County,West Virginia,USA/14 Jun 1895Boyd Co,KY,USA
Philip Sheridan SmithAshland, Boyd County,Kentucky, USA/8 Jan 1871Ashland, Boyd County,Kentucky, USA
Ralph SmithOhio, USA/1903
Richard Smith
Richard SmithOhio, USA/1955
Richard B SmithWest Virginia, USA/1843
Robert Lee Smith
Robert W Smith/1854
Samuel Smith
Samuel B Smith
Thomas J SmithWest Virginia, USA/27 Dec 1854
Thomas S Smith/1802
Tyson Douglas Smith
Tyson Douglas Smith/1982
Tyson Douglas Smith
Vernon Smith
William Adams SmithKentucky, USA/1836
William Burl SmithFranklin,Montgomery Co,VA,USA/30 Mar 1833Ashland, Boyd County,Kentucky, USA
William Sherman SmithKentucky, USA/c 1869
William Thomas SmithKentucky, USA/1822