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Each Smith DNA Project group below represents a distinct family group.  Each group shares a common ancestor in the participant's male lines, proven by the YDNA results, but the specific paper trail connections may be unknown.  Matches are not always perfect and may be refined as additional markers for given kits are taken, including subgroups. As variations increase in results from others in the group, the more likely it is that the common ancestor is more generations removed from others in the group. The group numbering is simply sequential- R-M269, for example, is the 3rd unique group from the Haplogroup R-M269. The haplogroup is using the FTDNA shorthand haplogroup conventions.  Kit #s are partially privatized.
To form a YDNA based grouping, there must be at least 2 good YDNA matches based on 1. at least 37 markers 2, known and proven tree match along with less than 37 markers or 3 known and proven kinship if less than 37 markers. The groups may also include autosomal, mtdna and tree only participants based upon tree lines. The latter are presumed to be true but have not been proven. If you are a male Smith or a female who has male Smith kin that can do a YDNA test for you, or you are a male Smith who has done an autosomal test but not YDNA, we recommend you do so. We also have groups for those that have proven autosomal Smith/Schmidt matches -if you have autosomal matches, please encourage your matches to upload (free) their dna to FamilyTreeDNA and join the Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA.

If you know a better match, or one that should be made, let us know.
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Groups by Haplogroup: B-M181    E-M2    G-M201    H-M269    I-M223    I-M253    I-P37    J-M172    J-M267    Q-M242    R-M124    R-M152    R-M173    R-M198    R-M259    R-M269    XAU   
# of Matched Groups 3 # of Kits Matched into Groups 19

Smith DNA Group GRP-Q-M242-1 - Andrew Smith b c1650 ENG d 1704 NJ m 1674 Olive Foster b c1653 ENG.
Locations: England, NC, Hunterdon Co NJ, MO, Kansas City, MO

Andrew Smith b c1650 ENG d 1704 NJ m 1674 Olive Foster b c1653 ENG. This family immigrated to NJ c1677, from which most of their next two generations of descendants removed 1735 to VA. Some went later to NC, from which their descendants settled in KY, MO, TX, OR, etc. The direct yDNA haplogroup lines from Andrew show an anomaly in the mid 1700s: descendants of Andrew

Haplogroup Q-M346 is a subclade of Y-DNA Haplogroup Q. Haplogroup Q-M346 is defined by the presence of the M346 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP).Q-M346 was discovered in Central Asia and announced in Sengupta 2006.[2] A latter paper suggested that its ancestral state was isolated to India,[3] but this has since been refuted by its presence in West Asia,[4] Europe[citation needed] and the Americas.[5]-Wikipedia

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Andrew SMITH b. c.1650, d. 1704 Kit# 7448**** Branch: GRP-Q-M242-1-7 Group Contact
Andrew Smith b 1643/4 ENG; res Hopewell, Hunterdon Co., NJ Kit# 1006**** Branch: 100633
Andrew Smith b 1649 ENG Kit# 1193**** Branch: 119352
Unknown Willows HOme KCMO Kit# 1715**** Branch: GRP-Q-M242-1-11
Cornelius Smith b 1783 NC m Elizabeth Roberts Kit# 1651**** Branch: 165144 NC>TX
Unknown Kit# 1164**** Branch: GRP-Q-M242-1-14
Frum-Matches Smith Kit# 3650**** Branch: GRP-Q-M242-1-15 VA>WV
Andrew Smith b 1652 Yorkshire England 2 Thomas 3 John Andrew Kit# 2147**** Branch: xH7ytf18093241
Smith DNA Group GRP-Q-M242-2 - Henry Smith b 1588/1600 ENG (Hingham/Norfolk ENG) d 1649 Rehoboth Bristol MA.
Locations: Hingham, Norfolk England; Addison VT, Bristol Co MA, Rehoboth, MA, NY; Rockingham NH; Grafton NH

Henry Smith b 1588/1600 ENG (Hingham/Norfolk ENG) d 1649 Rehoboth Bristol MA. Also Justus Smith b 1796 Addison VT. Some descendants in Rockingham NH and Grafton NH


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Henry Smith b 1588 Eng m Judith Ray 2. Daniel 3. Daniel 4 John Kit# **** Branch: DWu62b19011752 ENG>MA
Justus Smith b 1796 Addison Co VT m Amy Kit# 1338**** Branch: GRP-Q-M242-2-3 VT>VT
Henry Smith b 1588 ENG; d 1649, Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA Kit# 2170**** Branch: GRP-Q-M242-2-2 ENG>ENG>MA>MA
Henry Smith b 1600 Hingham, Norfolk, Eng.; d 1647 Rehoboth, MA Kit# 1052**** Branch: 105231
Harry Eugene Kelso b NE Kit# 3254**** Branch: GRP-Q-M242-2-5 NE
James Fuller,, MA, d. Jan. 29, 1749,CT Kit# 2110**** Branch: GRP-Q-M242-2-1 MA>CT>NY
Unknown Kit# 5661**** Branch: xvia7V18022801
Fuller (Smith match) Kit# 9042**** Branch: W8AzBY18013213
Smith DNA Group GRP-Q-M242-3 - John B Smith b 1858, James Henry Smith b 1845
Smith Group GRP-Q-M242-3 Discussion Community Forum   Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA Activity Feed    Facebook
Richard Smith b 1533 Alverstoke, Hampshire UK Kit# 1584**** Branch: 04OctUgZmH ENG>ENG
James Henry Smith b 1844 m Sarah Jane Arnold Kit# 6641**** Branch: Kgd4Js17105917 TX
Reuben Smith b 1790 VA m Lavina Brown/Cammon 2. John Smith 3 James Kit# 2875**** Branch: u1jpw718013434 VA>IL>MO