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The Smith DNA Project Members list sorted by first name of early ancestor. Click on the letter below of first name to find trees/pedigrees of member associated with him or her
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Group Branch Early Ancestor/Migration Path/Contact Gedmatch Discuss/Contact
  Mahalia Smith b 1841 Canada m John Buchanan       Canada> IL Kit # 4412**** FF/AUT 
Not registered 
  Major Lawrence Smith Sr b 1629 England m Mary Debnam       England>VA Kit # 6494**** FF/AUT 
LynnMGallagher Contact via PM  
GRP-R-M269-1   Malcolm Smith b 1765 Chatham NC m Sally Grinad      Kit # B940**** FF/AUT 
Not registered 
  Malcolm Smith b 1770 Scotland m Mary McDonald       Scotland>New Zealand Kit # B297**** FF/AUT 
Not registered 
GRP-I-M253-5   Malcolm Smith b 1800 SC m Lucy Briant 2 Samuel 3 John       SC>TN(Giles) Branch: Zi8M*** Tree Only
tjswt Contact via PM  
GRP-I-M253-5   Malcolm Smith b 1800 SC m Lucy Briant 2 Samuel 3 Newton       SC>TN>TN Kit # 8907**** YDNA 
Not registered 
  Malcolm Smith b 1817 Scotland m Catherine Nicholson       Scotland>Nova Scotia>Quebec Kit # 5765**** YDNA 
Not registered 
GRP-R-M269-1   Malcolm Smith m Sally Grinad (2 Abraham 3 Thomas (Smith Co TN)       TN>TN Kit # 1956**** YDNA 
Not registered 
  Manson Smith b Sumter SC      Kit # 8981**** YDNA 
Not registered 
  Manuel Smith Liera b 1818 Mexico m Anna Romero       Mexico Kit # 2281**** YDNA 
Not registered 
GRP-I-M223-1   Marcellus Smith b 1859 NC m Annie Lee Cooper       NC Kit # 3061**** mtDNA 
tambarnc Contact via PM  
GRP-R-M269-54   Marcus Hamilton b 1847 Rutherford Co NC       NC>NC>NC Kit # 1337**** YDNA 
glensummer5 Contact via PM  
  Margaret Schmidt m Raymond Sampson Sr      Branch: oTJ4*** Tree Only
Not registered 
  Margaret Smith m Duncan McArthur       Scotland>Australia Kit # B496**** FF/AUT 
WB3014582/ Malcolmm Contact via PM  
  Mariah Chase Smith b 1810 VT m Reuben Parker       VT>NE Kit # 3720**** FF/AUT 
Not registered 
  Mark Anthony Smith b 1858 Tipton Co TN m Nora Griffin (father poss John Smith b 1807 TN       TN (White) Kit # B519**** FF/AUT 
Gail.Ellis Contact via PM  
  Mark Smith b c 1807 Ossett Yorkshire ENG m Maria Fawcett      ENG>ENG Kit # 2168**** YDNA  BigY 
Not registered 
  Mark Smith b c 1816 VA m Lucy Johnson       VA>CO Kit # 2816**** YDNA 
donny292 Contact via PM  
GRP-R-M269-68   Mark Smith b perhaps CT; m (1) 1796 Sarah Hull       CT>CT>NY>OH Kit # 1809**** YDNA 
nancy Contact via PM  
GRP-R-M269-26   Marmaduke Smith b 1788 NC m Elizabeth Beasley       NC>NC>NC Kit # 1091**** YDNA 
prsmith Contact via PM