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Sometimes trees are incorrect, and sometimes the results of DNA show that believing a particular tree is yours leads to a different direction than you originally thought. If you see an error in any tree, you are encouraged to send in corrections, sources, etc or post about it on the forum. These lines represent people's research. What the Smith DNA Project attempts to do in those cases where there is a suggested change, is, with sources or reasoning, get the people together in a given group, or individually to discuss and then come to a consensus about the data for updating or correcting. We do not remove information without the people who have the trees, if possible, being aware through a process so they can confirm or not, or describe the issue if there is a conflict that cannot be easily resolved. We also cannot know if there are places on the internet that have additional information. We rely on people whose trees these are, as project members, or interested passersby providing information that will set a new light on members data. There is a Submit Photo/Document/Source link on every ancestor page, as well as a Suggest changes and Contact link.

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KitNo Early Ancestor/Migration Path/Contact  Groups Gedmatch Migration
Kit # B100**** YDNA 
James William Smith b 1819 MS m Sarah Benge 2 Horace 3 LJ   
Not registered Contact Options 
Kit # B100**** FF/AUT 
James William Smith b 1819 MS m Sarah Benge 2. Horace 3 Louis   
sblakeney Contact via PM  
Kit # B100**** FF/AUT 
John B Smith b 1751 England m Sarah Cary   
Not registered Contact Options 
Kit # B101**** FF/AUT 
John B Smith b 1792 VA m Catherine Dispennet 2. Joseph W 3. Walter Friend   
Not registered Contact Options 
Kit # B101**** FF/AUT 
George *Burnt Face* Smith m Ann Bailey 2 Thomas 3 George   
ShaCat2 Contact via PM  
Kit # B102**** FF/AUT 
Smith (sons Timothy Caleb and Alexander) -Smith Co TN   
mistory Contact via PM  
Kit # B102**** FF/AUT 
John W Smith b 1836 TN m Luticia Hill 2 John A 3 Lillie   
Not registered Contact Options 
Kit # B102**** FF/AUT 
William Smith b c 1830 (Eng?) m Jane Farrell 2. William H 3 William A   
Not registered Contact Options 
 Eng (?) > Australia (Tasmania)
Kit # B103**** YDNA 
Joseph Smith b 1760 VA m Ellitha Fowlkes 2. Ewell 3 Jesse   
McCrae Contact via PM  
 VA (Patrick, Carroll)
Kit # B103**** FF/AUT 
(1) Thomas Obediah Smith b 1818 VA m Anne S Withers (2) David Thomas Smith b 1698 VA   
marquessbuso Contact via PM  
    Gedmatch: A102662/
Kit # B103**** FF/AUT 
Thomas Abraham Smith b 1750 VA m Elizabeth Hight 2. Goodman   
Not registered Contact Options 
 NC (Franklin)
Kit # B104**** YDNA 
John R Smith b 1832 VA m Frances Freeman   
Not registered Contact Options 
Kit # B104**** YDNA 
James M Smith b 1778 ENG m Mary Roland   
t2knight Contact via PM  
Kit # B104**** FF/AUT 
Erastus Smith b 1796 NY m Louise Stanley   
Not registered Contact Options 
 NY (Genesee)
Kit # B104**** FF/AUT 
James F Smith b 1835 Ireland m Mary Flynn 2 Francis Johnstone   
Not registered Contact Options 
Kit # b107**** FF/AUT 
Thomas J Smith b 1814 TN m Margaret L McRoberts   
Not registered Contact Options 
Kit # B107**** FF/AUT 
George Smith b 1796 Scotland m Christiana 2. William 3 George   
Snike Contact via PM  
Kit # B108**** FF/AUT 
James William Smith b 1819 MS m Sarah Benge 2. Horace   
Daruss Contact via PM  
    Gedmatch: A042665/
Kit # B108**** YDNA 
Scudder Smith b 1790 Scotland d 1849 MO 2 Alexander   
Not registered Contact Options 
Kit # B108**** FF/AUT 
James Cuddy Smith b 1760 NC m Martha P 2. Richmond 3 William   
Not registered Contact Options