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The Smith DNA Project Members list sorted by first name of early ancestor. Click on the letter below of first name to find trees/pedigrees of member associated with him or her
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Group Branch Early Ancestor/Migration Path/Contact Gedmatch Discuss/Contact
  Aaron Smith b 1791 m Mary Ann Davis       Canada Branch: uP98*** Tree Only
KendraMae Contact via PM  
GRP-R-M269-4   Aaron Smith b 1807 TN m Lotty (2. Andrew J 3. Mary L)       TN>TN Branch: GRP-*** FF/AUT 
BaileyRose Contact via PM  
  Aaron Smith b c 1815 Yorkshire ENG       ENG>ENG>ENG Kit # N381**** YDNA 
Not registered 
  Aaron Smith b c 1823 IN m Jemima Howard       IN>IA>IA Kit # 3298**** YDNA 
terrysmith48 Contact via PM  
GRP-I-M253-12   Aaron Smith b CT m Olive Hurd > NY       CT>NY (Otsego) Kit # IN88**** YDNA 
A555328/ Smithwd Contact via PM  
GRP-I-M253-9   Aaron Smith d 1879 Canada m Mary Davis       ME>CAN Kit # 3591**** YDNA 
orlansmith Contact via PM  
GRP-R-M269-48   Aaron Smith, b 1751; d 1826; res Trenton, NJ (2 Aaron 3 James)       NJ>VA>VA Kit # 1853**** YDNA 
Not registered 
  Abednego S F Smith b 1820 GA m E F Snape       GA>AL Kit # 4210**** FF/AUT 
Sherry Gerald Contact via PM  
  Abner Jackson Smith b 1832 TN m Penina Watson       TN>TX>OK>TX Branch: mGFJ*** Tree Only
Trinity1969  Contact via PM  
  Abner Smith b 1713 NY m Sarah Ramsey 2 Elisha 3 Elisha       NJ Kit # B607**** FF/AUT 
Nikki Contact via PM  
  Abner Smith b 1762 Ireland m Massey Morris 2. John 3 Abner      Branch: GdiX*** Tree Only
Not registered 
GRP-R-M269-7   Abner Smith b 1781 NC m Siddy Busbee (2 Bethel 3 Eurastus)       TN>LA>TX Kit # 1513**** YDNA 
Not registered 
BY-R-M269-7 GRP-R-M269-7   Abner Smith b 1781 NC m Siddy Busbee (2 Newman 3 Christopher)       NC Kit # 6148**** YDNA  BigY 
M848299/ WCS5656 Contact via PM  
  Abner Smith b 1792 Ireland d 1828 Coweta Co GA       Ireland>GA Kit # 5408**** FF/AUT 
Not registered 
  Abner Smith b 1819 NJ m Sarah Hayes      Kit # 2277**** YDNA 
Not registered 
  Abner Smith b after 1740 MA m Jerusha Hutchins       MA>NY Branch: YHrO*** Tree Only Contact via PM  
  Abraham Possinger Smith b c 1833 PA m Emily Thompson       PA>PA Kit # 1058****
Not registered 
  Abraham Smith b 1547 LI NY (Father) - William Smith b 1784 VA (Mother)       NY also VA Branch: em34*** Tree Only
T644729/ dboyles Contact via PM  
GRP-E-M2_-6   Abraham Smith b 1622 Eng m Mary Pines      Kit # 3502**** FF/AUT 
Not registered 
GRP-E-M2_-6   Abraham Smith b 1647 LI NY > NJ      Branch: uHem*** Tree Only
alzibiades Contact via PM