Smith Official DNA & One Name Study

Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA


 #   Report Name   Description 
1. Latest Smith/Schmidt/Smythe-2016 These are Smith/Schmidt et all who have been added or their information has been modified in the current year 
2. Smith DNA Kits Sorted by Birth Location Members of the Smith DNA Project who have tested DNA, have supplied trees, with links to the DNA kit results as well as to the lineage and to matched groupings. If you do not see a link to your tree and you are a DNA project member, means either that you are not registered on TNG or have not supplied your tree. 
3. Smith Marriages Sorted by Male-Smith DNA Project Sorted by first name, last name, marriage place, marriage date. See also Smith Marriages Sorted by Female 
4. Smith Website Links Websites referencing various Smith/Smythe/Smyth/Schmidt families 
5. YDNA Conflicted Tree Lines These are trees in which two or more people do not match but claim the same descent line 
6. YDNA Haplogroup Report