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Louisiana, USA

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Latitude: 30.8703881, Longitude: -92.007126


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Emeline  Louisiana, USA I76824
2 Sella  c 1857Louisiana, USA I90281
3 Bean, Herbert  1905Louisiana, USA I13971
4 Black, Thomas D  Abt 1822Louisiana, USA I16390
5 Bouton, Martha Ann  c 1835Louisiana, USA I153910
6 Bridges, Lavina Abigail  3 Dec 1858Louisiana, USA I31143
7 Cavanaugh, Michael A  1 Jun 1858Louisiana, USA I161653
8 Cavanaugh, Michael Andrew Jr  16 Oct 1876Louisiana, USA I161371
9 Cavanaugh, Patrick  Aug 1873Louisiana, USA I163406
10 Cooper, Mona  c 1895Louisiana, USA I73591
11 Corley, Lilian  Louisiana, USA I75834
12 Courville, Elia  20 Sep 1902Louisiana, USA I162655
13 Craft, Nancy Elizabeth  c 1853Louisiana, USA I163400
14 Deason, William Alice  5 Jan 1901Louisiana, USA I164426
15 Dupree, Susan M  Nov 1821Louisiana, USA I105933
16 Dyson, Ada  15 Aug 1885Louisiana, USA I119661
17 English, John William  8 Nov 1867Louisiana, USA I94263
18 English, Steven Madison  1869Louisiana, USA I94264
19 Flynn, Sarah P  14 Dec 1846Louisiana, USA I162943
20 Franklin, Mary Jane  26 May 1852Louisiana, USA I163433
21 Gartman, Mary S  6 Aug 1822Louisiana, USA I16505
22 Gassaway, Mary Elizabeth  24 Apr 1855Louisiana, USA I70316
23 Graham, Lorenzo Dow  1 Mar 1848Louisiana, USA I96940
24 Griffin, Shirley  Louisiana, USA I163416
25 Henderson, Augustine  c 1900Louisiana, USA I160311
26 Henry, Bertha  22 Feb 1905Louisiana, USA I144186
27 Kay, Missouri Ann  c 1860Louisiana, USA I163531
28 Leatherman, Caroline  20 Apr 1874Louisiana, USA I105591
29 Lovering, Mary E  5 Dec 1858Louisiana, USA I157107
30 McGinnis, Thomas A  1911Louisiana, USA I161366
31 Morgan, Adeline  1846Louisiana, USA I157197
32 Morgan, Charles Hatto  1813Louisiana, USA I15138
33 Morgan, Mary Elizabeth  8 Feb 1884Louisiana, USA I152529
34 Morgan, William Clark  1840Louisiana, USA I157194
35 Morris, Winston  Louisiana, USA I161798
36 Phillips, Louise J  Sep 1873Louisiana, USA I157164
37 Pleasant, Frank  1844Louisiana, USA I144183
38 Pleasant, Leona Ellen  10 Jan 1874Louisiana, USA I144184
39 Pollard, Caswell Frederick  30 Jul 1838Louisiana, USA I163421
40 Pollard, Caswell Frederick  c 1864Louisiana, USA I163530
41 Pollard, Lucinda Pearl  Sep 1885Louisiana, USA I163532
42 Pollard, Nancy Jane  7 May 1858Louisiana, USA I163412
43 Pujol, Martha  21 Apr 1873Louisiana, USA I53878
44 Riser, Lona Frances  22 Aug 1898Louisiana, USA I53054
45 Rouquette, Jules  Apr 1853Louisiana, USA I157155
46 Rouquette, Jules  Jan 1884Louisiana, USA I157157
47 Rouquette, Lucian  2 May 1889Louisiana, USA I157161
48 Rouquette, Mary  Oct 1876Louisiana, USA I157156
49 Rouquette, Stella  Feb 1887Louisiana, USA I157158
50 Samples, Elizabeth Matilda  1813Louisiana, USA I162890

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Collier, Thomas Marion  19 Feb 1907Louisiana, USA I90936
2 Craft, Nancy Elizabeth  c 1890Louisiana, USA I163400
3 Edwards, Bolivar Eugene  10 Aug 1949Louisiana, USA I164752
4 Edwards, Dorothy Louise  13 Dec 1941Louisiana, USA I161799
5 English, Steven Madison  2 Sep 1948Louisiana, USA I94264
6 Hollis, Jemimah  1820Louisiana, USA I48170
7 Lasyone, Alice  17 Jan 1980Louisiana, USA I98423
8 Selman, Penelope  1850Louisiana, USA I15686
9 Smith, Allie Fair  21 Sep 1969Louisiana, USA I152950
10 Smith, Barney Lawrence  1998Louisiana, USA I120053
11 Smith, Dozier L  Jul 1978Louisiana, USA I93969
12 Smith, James McDonald  6 Aug 1861Louisiana, USA I48472
13 Smith, James Thomas  4 Jan 1906Louisiana, USA I161360
14 Smith, James William  30 Dec 1937Louisiana, USA I10837
15 Smith, James William  30 Dec 1937Louisiana, USA I17089
16 Smith, Jesse L  30 Jan 2002Louisiana, USA I98424
17 Smith, Joseph Marshall  8 Mar 1937Louisiana, USA I15134
18 Smith, Leonard James  9 Feb 1869Louisiana, USA I12709
19 Smith, Lewis  1906Louisiana, USA I160314
20 Smith, Marion Leroy  1954Louisiana, USA I128872
21 Smith, Minnie Lee  15 Jul 1902Louisiana, USA I153270
22 Smith, Peter C  Louisiana, USA I72375
23 Smith, Robert Milson  3 Jan 1927Louisiana, USA I114985
24 Smith, Sarah  1830Louisiana, USA I48176
25 Smith, Thomas Louis  1933Louisiana, USA I157163
26 Smith, Thompson  10 Aug 1895Louisiana, USA I15139
27 Smith, Willam Lacy  24 Oct 1967Louisiana, USA I98422
28 Smith, William  Louisiana, USA I108031
29 Smith, William  9 Oct 1922Louisiana, USA I15689
30 Smith, William F  c 1840Louisiana, USA I15687
31 Smith, William H  16 Feb 1884Louisiana, USA I162650
32 Smith, William Jesse Sr  13 Aug 1949Louisiana, USA I98420
33 Smith, Willie  23 Dec 2013Louisiana, USA I75784
34 Spell, Celina  9 Sep 1931Louisiana, USA I157121
35 Sutherland, Rebecca Ann  Before 1906Louisiana, USA I114956
36 Taylor, Mary  1825Louisiana, USA I73736
37 Warren, Susan Nancy  25 Apr 1941Louisiana, USA I75832


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Fact    Person ID 
1 Smith, Fleming Thomas  1842Louisiana, USA I161495


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Smith / Lee  2 Dec 1908Louisiana, USA F13374
2 Smith / Waller  1931Louisiana, USA F45818