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Georgia, USA

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aaron B  c 1874Georgia, USA I150094
2 Eurena  1832Georgia, USA I146183
3 J  c 1838Georgia, USA I150991
4 Jane  1820Georgia, USA I151070
5 Jennie  1808Georgia, USA I151322
6 Julia Ann  c 1832Georgia, USA I151088
7 Lucretia  c 1810Georgia, USA I151057
8 Matilda  Feb 1818Georgia, USA I151813
9 Nancy  Georgia, USA I151146
10 Nancy  c 1783Georgia, USA I150990
11 Nancy  1811Georgia, USA I153145
12 Nancy Sue  Apr 1862Georgia, USA I151001
13 Rebecca  c 1832Georgia, USA I150067
14 Sarah  c 1808Georgia, USA I85432
15 Bailey, Adeline  c 1864Georgia, USA I153187
16 Bailey, Jacob A.  20 Aug 1871Georgia, USA I153189
17 Bailey, Mary Ann  c 1853Georgia, USA I153183
18 Bailey, S. A.  c 1859Georgia, USA I153186
19 Bailey, Susan D. J.  c 1857Georgia, USA I153185
20 Berry, Andrew Jackson  22 Jun 1822Georgia, USA I144499
21 Bowen, Perry  Ma 1860Georgia, USA I151068
22 Brady, Alvin Dean  c 1837Georgia, USA I149789
23 Branan, James  1811Georgia, USA I153178
24 Brooks, Susan  May 1870Georgia, USA I151015
25 Broughton, Louisa Ellender  1816Georgia, USA I147116
26 Bryant, Emily Antoinette  c 1819Georgia, USA I150827
27 Case, Patsy  1806Georgia, USA I152351
28 Clements, Angelina A  Jan 1830Georgia, USA I145291
29 Crew, Mary Ann  8 Feb 1843Georgia, USA I146682
30 Day, James Franklin  17 Dec 1851Georgia, USA I153117
31 Day, Mary Emma  1 Jun 1848Georgia, USA I153116
32 Day, Thomas J.  1846Georgia, USA I153115
33 Duffee, Unknown  c 1838Georgia, USA I153265
34 Duffie, Franklin  c 1837Georgia, USA I152773
35 Durrance, Maude Lyons  15 May 1876Georgia, USA I146675
36 Elmore, Homer  5 Mar 1918Georgia, USA I148878
37 Elmore, Marry  c 1890Georgia, USA I148892
38 Elmore, Willie  c 1873Georgia, USA I148886
39 Gaskins, James  c 1829Georgia, USA I150021
40 Glozier, Jacob F  c 1852Georgia, USA I153055
41 Green, Inez  2 Oct 1911Georgia, USA I150158
42 Green, Joseph Carter  1834Georgia, USA I151000
43 Green, Sarah Ann  1823Georgia, USA I150056
44 Hammond, Leonard Luther  16 Oct 1900Georgia, USA I146880
45 Hill, George L  25 Mpv 1930Georgia, USA I150738
46 Hill, Jannette  Abt. 1863Georgia, USA I153113
47 Hill, William M.  14 Feb 1831Georgia, USA I153109
48 Hutson, Elizabeth  1792Georgia, USA I152195
49 Kennedy, Nancy Ann  1755Georgia, USA I17908
50 Kent, Henry M.  12 Dec 1843Georgia, USA I153180

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Garner, Martha Ann  1850Georgia, USA I150162
2 Godwin, Elizabeth  29 Apr 1884Georgia, USA I150917
3 Hill, William M.  3 Aug 1896Georgia, USA I153109
4 Kerns, Alpheus  29 Jun 1864Georgia, USA I145864
5 Seay, Susan Christianna  18 Jun 1919Georgia, USA I149998
6 Smith, Amos  29 Apr 1876Georgia, USA I150916
7 Smith, Parks W  c 1839Georgia, USA I150081
8 Smith, Sarah Ann  1 Sep 1902Georgia, USA I152850
9 Smith, Simeon  c 1860Georgia, USA I151041
10 Smith, Sophronia Ardelia  1 Nov 1954Georgia, USA I152889
11 Smith, William Carson  Georgia, USA I16943


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Event    Person ID 
1 Boyd, John  1827Georgia, USA I150876
2 Smith, William  1785Georgia, USA I44337

Military War of 1812

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military War of 1812    Person ID 
1 Smith, Wiley  1812Georgia, USA I117874


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Duffie, Franklin  Bet. 1861-1865Georgia, USA I152773


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Smith /   c 1817Georgia, USA F49902