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Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA

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1810 Artemas SMith, Abjijah Smith, William Smith, Elizah Smith, Ichabod Smith, K M Smith

1820 Samuel Smith, Abraham Smith, Ichabod Smith, Eliab Smith, Abijah SMith

1830 Abigail Smith, Ichabod Smith, Samuel Smith, Benjamin C Smith, Peter G Smith, Abram Smith

Latitude: 44.55201050000002, Longitude: -69.6317121


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Smith, Baxter Crowell  7 Jul 1807Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA I116091
2 Smith, Betsy  1801Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA I116659
3 Smith, Daniel  18 Apr 1809Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA I116065
4 Smith, Eliab  11 Feb 1789Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA I13842
5 Smith, Hartson  1816Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA I120079
6 Smith, Louisa  Aug 1802Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA I116654
7 Smith, Martha Jane  5 Feb 1813Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA I116655
8 Smith, Perley  1806Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA I116656
9 Smith, Taylor  1800Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA I116658
10 Smith, Wallace B  Oct 1834Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA I116822
11 Williams, Clymena  30 Apr 1779Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA I6505


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Crowell, Levi  1807Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA I116664
2 Smith, Abijah  31 Oct 1841Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA I6502
3 Smith, Jessie B  5 May 1945Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA I116821
4 Smith, Wallace B  12 Nov 1909Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA I116822
5 Williams, Clymena  30 Mar 1872Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA I6505

Census (Family)

Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Census (Family)    Family ID 
1 Macartney / Smith  1850Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA F42129
2 Macartney / Smith  1860Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA F42129
3 Smith /   1860Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA F42604
4 Smith / Crowell  1810Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA F41941
5 Smith / Crowell  1820Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA F41941
6 Smith / Crowell  1830Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA F41941
7 Smith / Hayden  1870Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA F42103
8 Smith / Hayden  1870Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA F42103
9 Smith / Hussey  1860Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA F42102
10 Smith / Lewis  1810Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA F12269
11 Smith / Lewis  1820Waterville,Kennebec County,Maine,USA F12269