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New Jersey, USA

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Latitude: 40.0583238, Longitude: -74.4056612


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Delilah  c 1794New Jersey, USA I2434
2 Esther  7 May 1793New Jersey, USA I73154
3 Hetta  c 1787New Jersey, USA I13385
4 Margaret  New Jersey, USA I2660
5 Mary  c 1785New Jersey, USA I13382
6 Mary A  1830New Jersey, USA I73080
7 ?, Catherine  New Jersey, USA I400
8 Baxter, Mary  c 1782New Jersey, USA I129259
9 Bellis, Jane  5 Mar 1792New Jersey, USA I118315
10 Coats, Joseph  30 Mar 1787New Jersey, USA I118314
11 Cory, Eunice  c 1777New Jersey, USA I108178
12 CRETSLEY, William  1790New Jersey, USA I496
13 Dailey, Hettie  14 Feb 1834New Jersey, USA I101352
14 Dailey, William Kenney  1 Jul 1827New Jersey, USA I101349
15 Davenport, Sarah E  New Jersey, USA I124715
16 Dennis, Alice E  c 1848New Jersey, USA I95725
17 Edwards, Thomas Francis  1903New Jersey, USA I91962
18 Fables, Mary Jane  c 1838New Jersey, USA I94964
19 Flowers, Catherine  27 May 1878New Jersey, USA I53547
20 Frey, Dorothea  1905New Jersey, USA I13756
21 Hall, Hannah  1758New Jersey, USA I49356
22 Hartz, Elsie  1906New Jersey, USA I13749
23 Hayes, Sarah  c 1823New Jersey, USA I13089
24 Janes, Mary Lucretia  1845New Jersey, USA I110653
25 Leeds, Hannah P  New Jersey, USA I90413
26 Lucas, John  14 Jan 1801New Jersey, USA I129904
27 Lynch, Anne Theresa  1881New Jersey, USA I101066
28 Marsh, James  1760New Jersey, USA I67322
29 Matthews, Euphemia  2 Mar 1796New Jersey, USA I23734
30 Means, Gertrude Howard  26 Jun 1889New Jersey, USA I100149
31 Merill, Benjamin  1731New Jersey, USA I31276
32 Mizner, Rosanna  New Jersey, USA I78960
33 Ogden, Elizabeth  1741New Jersey, USA I119162
34 Osmun, Ann  23 Nov 1816New Jersey, USA I101315
35 Parker, Elizabeth  29 Jan 1782New Jersey, USA I123908
36 Pharo, Elizabeth  1744New Jersey, USA I91023
37 Rounsabell, Mahettibal  Sep 1825New Jersey, USA I101335
38 Ryerson, Abraham  21 Nov 1814New Jersey, USA I91749
39 Ryerson, Sarah Catherine  c 1836New Jersey, USA I91751
40 Schmitt, Margaret M  1 May 1898New Jersey, USA I94853
41 Schmitt, Rev William Martin  1888New Jersey, USA I92991
42 Scott, Alexander Jr  1698New Jersey, USA I81368
43 Sheats, Tunis Smith  1832New Jersey, USA I34691
44 Simpson, Elizabeth L  New Jersey, USA I76812
45 Simpson, Elizabeth L  New Jersey, USA I92955
46 Simpson, Jacob  New Jersey, USA I53603
47 Smith  New Jersey, USA I93612
48 Smith, Abel  c 1895New Jersey, USA I95718
49 Smith, Abigail  c 1706New Jersey, USA I65459
50 Smith, Abner  c 1819New Jersey, USA I13088

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Van Campen, Catharine  19 Jan 1747New Jersey, USA I00542


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Albertson, Sarah  15 Feb 1896New Jersey, USA I6966
2 Barton, Charlotte Elizabeth  1777New Jersey, USA I60464
3 DeKay, Hillegonde  25 Nov 1733New Jersey, USA I60466
4 Farrow, George Washington  1991New Jersey, USA I91015
5 Fitzsimmons, Bridget  New Jersey, USA I101064
6 Hoffman, Catherine  1919New Jersey, USA I92990
7 Lee, Rejoice  1 Jun 1873New Jersey, USA I6964
8 Merill, Benjamin  1771New Jersey, USA I31276
9 Murray, Katherine  28 Mar 1950New Jersey, USA I125230
10 Osmun, Ann  5 Mar 1865New Jersey, USA I101315
11 Schmidt, Elizabeth  Bef 1860New Jersey, USA I34693
12 Schmidt, Henry Fredrick  New Jersey, USA I38798
13 Schmidt, Mathis  1753New Jersey, USA I34716
14 Schmitt, Rev William Martin  1937New Jersey, USA I92991
15 Scott, Alexander Sr  1700New Jersey, USA I81369
16 Simpson, Isaac  New Jersey, USA I76808
17 Simpson, Isaac V  New Jersey, USA I92953
18 Smith, Alden Mason  3 Dec 1979New Jersey, USA I82591
19 Smith, Charles  Bef 1763New Jersey, USA I31253
20 Smith, Daniel  23 May 1769New Jersey, USA I64205
21 Smith, David  5 Feb 1777New Jersey, USA I56199
22 Smith, Dorcas  5 Nov 1688New Jersey, USA I25346
23 Smith, Edward Howard  Nov 1982New Jersey, USA I27555
24 Smith, Eleazer  1783New Jersey, USA I64207
25 Smith, Elisha  1788New Jersey, USA I33093
26 Smith, Elisha  c 1830New Jersey, USA I33122
27 Smith, Francis Howard  1918New Jersey, USA I27545
28 Smith, George B  1913New Jersey, USA I27546
29 Smith, Gilbert  c 1811New Jersey, USA I129230
30 Smith, Hannah  19 Jul 1853New Jersey, USA I44875
31 Smith, Henry Callis  Oct 1967New Jersey, USA I34843
32 Smith, Israel  7 Nov 1940New Jersey, USA I6970
33 Smith, James  12 Aug 1752New Jersey, USA I25446
34 Smith, John  7 Sep 1744New Jersey, USA I31256
35 Smith, John  1790New Jersey, USA I56895
36 Smith, Joseph  17 Aug 1744New Jersey, USA I31255
37 Smith, Joseph  Bef 1761New Jersey, USA I63265
38 Smith, Leonard Richard Jr  New Jersey, USA I10793
39 Smith, Lucetta  12 Jul 1892New Jersey, USA I44880
40 Smith, Margaret  9 Aug 1869New Jersey, USA I38717
41 Smith, Mary B  13 Nov 1878New Jersey, USA I6975
42 Smith, Nathan  1780New Jersey, USA I27779
43 Smith, Noah  15 Dec 1836New Jersey, USA I52510
44 Smith, Oliver  26 Mar 1833New Jersey, USA I44869
45 Smith, Oliver  12 Nov 1895New Jersey, USA I40372
46 Smith, Philip  New Jersey, USA I101063
47 Smith, Ruth Ann  28 Mar 1893New Jersey, USA I62700
48 Smith, Samuel  1758New Jersey, USA I59861
49 Smith, Sara Francis  8 Aug 1908New Jersey, USA I48578
50 Smith, Sarah Elizabeth  11 Aug 1916New Jersey, USA I44872

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Moisan / Smith  1908New Jersey, USA F34236
2 Reynolds / Lowther  10 Nov 1678New Jersey, USA F00763
3 Schmidt / Smith  1931New Jersey, USA F39209
4 Scott /   Abt 1688New Jersey, USA F29804
5 Smith / Laboytaux  c 1800New Jersey, USA F27180
6 Smith / MacLean  1909New Jersey, USA F632
7 Smith / Simonson  1814New Jersey, USA F19401
8 Smith / Whitman  1918New Jersey, USA F9747