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New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA

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Latitude: 41.298434349999994, Longitude: -72.93102342707913


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALSOP, Mary  03 Oct 1654New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I08615
2 BALL, Sarah  26 Sep 1687New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I08311
3 Bradley, Lt Jared  30 May 1749New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I103848
4 Candee, Thankful  19 May 1730New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I35445
5 Clark, Elizabeth  14 Mar 1710New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I97512
6 Clark, John  14 Jun 1637New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I97398
7 Fleet, Sarah  1670New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I30222
8 Hill, Henry  18 Apr 1794New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I19087
9 Jocelyn, Albert Higley  21 Dec 1827New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I107667
10 Mallory, Daniel  2 Jan 1687New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I61278
11 MERRIMAN, Mary  17 Jul 1657New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I08651
12 Morris, Hannah  10 Aug 1671New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I36183
13 Moulthrop, Mary  4Jun1701New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I32113
14 Moulthrop, Mary  4Jun1701New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I32120
15 MOULTHROP, Mary  04 Jun 1701New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I01373
16 Painter, Rebecca  28 Jun 1695New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I750
17 Perkins, Abigail  17Jun1746New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I32101
18 PERKINS, Abigail  17 Jun 1746New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I07511
19 Perkins, Elisha  6 Jul 1688New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I10291
20 POTTER, Gideon  03 Jun 1700New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I01372
21 Rowe, Lydia  10 Jun 1726New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I43842
22 Smith, Austin  04 Apr 1711New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I705
23 Smith, Dorothy  c 1713New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I35341
24 Smith, Job  10 Nov 1722New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I43841
25 Smith, John  18 Apr 1647New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I701
26 Smith, John  3 Jun 1693New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I36184
27 Smith, Mabel  22 Dec 1723New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I35397
28 Smith, Margaret  12 Jun 1711New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I706
29 Smith, Nehemiah  12 Oct 1730New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I35349
30 Smith, Sarah  31 Jan 1747New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I103847
31 Smith, Thomas  c 1715New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I35342
32 Talmadge, Rev Benjamin  31 Dec 1723New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I118358
33 Talmadge, Mehitabel  13 Dec 1686New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I704
34 THOMPSON, Abigail  26 Jan 1651New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I08634


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bourne, Ann  12 Jan 1683New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I26195
2 BRESSEY, Thomas  Aft 1641New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I01205
3 Clark, Elizabeth  23 May 1739New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I97512
4 HERRIMAN, Experience  03 Dec 1675New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I08317
5 MILES, John  10 Feb 1709New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I08314
6 Smith, John  19 Dec 1711New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I701
7 Smith, John  17 Dec 1760New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I703
8 Smith, Polly  28 Sep 1866New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I110855
9 Smith, Sarah  28 Sep 1866New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I110849
10 Talmadge, Mehitabel  07 Aug 1750New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I704
11 Tuttle, Martha  1731New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I43839
12 Winston, Grace  22 Oct 1695New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA I702


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MILES / BALL  02 Aug 1710New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA F03564
2 MILES / PRINDLE  1687New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA F03567
3 Smith /   1641New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA F334
4 Smith / Morris  1692New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA F12782
5 Smith / Smith  c 1750New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA F38606
6 Smith / Tuttle  15 Feb 1717New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA F15878
7 Smith / Winston  24 Oct 1672New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA F335

Census (Family)

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Census (Family)    Family ID 
1 Smith / Maxwell  1900New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA F951
2 Smith / Phelps  1900New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut,USA F36517