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Mississippi, USA

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Latitude: 32.3546679, Longitude: -89.3985283


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Delilia Dennis  24 Jan 1832Mississippi, USA I68773
2 Izell  1914Mississippi, USA I121158
3 Josephine  1854Mississippi, USA I89668
4 Nancy E  c 1857Mississippi, USA I98289
5 Rebecca  c 1824Mississippi, USA I129945
6 Allen, Elizabeth Catherine  18 Oct 1865Mississippi, USA I68945
7 Ballentine, Hiram Calvin  21 Oct 1846Mississippi, USA I69891
8 Beard, Sarah W.  Abt 1844Mississippi, USA I16422
9 Bishop, Robert L  c 1868Mississippi, USA I110209
10 Black, Lorena  Mississippi, USA I16391
11 Blackledge, Lula  27 Mar 1915Mississippi, USA I97865
12 Blassingame, Willie  Dec 1852Mississippi, USA I67862
13 Bond, Jane  c 1847Mississippi, USA I83400
14 Cade, Nancy  Mississippi, USA I53131
15 Calcote, Laura Cornelia  Jan 1870Mississippi, USA I92066
16 Campbell, Mary  Mississippi, USA I75829
17 Case, Missouri A  Apr 1846Mississippi, USA I72675
18 Case, Ruth Calcote  30 Oct 1888Mississippi, USA I92070
19 Case, William M  1823Mississippi, USA I92068
20 Chandler, Elizabeth Louetta  12 Sep 1884Mississippi, USA I72676
21 Chennault, Frances  12 Aug 1840Mississippi, USA I30528
22 Christy, Harriet E  c 1835Mississippi, USA I124441
23 Clark, James T  1824Mississippi, USA I75868
24 Cockerham, Jane  Jan 1871Mississippi, USA I70413
25 Coleman, Addie Jane  1877Mississippi, USA I2736
26 Corley, Nancy  14 Feb 1842Mississippi, USA I53058
27 Cotton, James M  c 1849Mississippi, USA I2115
28 Craft, Susan  1820Mississippi, USA I56649
29 Cross, Emma L  Feb 1879Mississippi, USA I105201
30 Cross, Lena  Jun 1889Mississippi, USA I76855
31 Edwards, Charity  1826Mississippi, USA I69252
32 Farrar, Mary Ova  c 1897Mississippi, USA I104091
33 Faust, Eugenia  Mississippi, USA I128557
34 Fisher, Jay Hugh  12 May 1919Mississippi, USA I70419
35 Floyd, Martha Jane  1826Mississippi, USA I130302
36 Flynt, Byron Lucien  9 Feb 1879Mississippi, USA I124390
37 Foreman, Lattie C  1890Mississippi, USA I4787
38 Furlow, Mary Elizabeth  Nov 1853Mississippi, USA I73609
39 Furr, Henry Hastings  Abt 1846Mississippi, USA I16394
40 Graham, Mary Ann  4 Feb 1834Mississippi, USA I128587
41 Graham, Robert  20 Aug 1818Mississippi, USA I96938
42 Graves, Elizabeth Jane  24 Feb 1824Mississippi, USA I98589
43 Gray, Eleanor Jane  31 Oct 1870Mississippi, USA I28173
44 Gray, Elmira  Oct 1858Mississippi, USA I62766
45 Green, Nancy M  c 1820Mississippi, USA I124442
46 Greer, Elizabeth A  3 May 1848Mississippi, USA I124427
47 Grice, Mary Jane  1822Mississippi, USA I122966
48 Griffin, Thomas Henry  23 Oct 1850Mississippi, USA I77451
49 Griffith, Charles F  c 1849Mississippi, USA I121160
50 Grissom, Lula  12 Feb 1875Mississippi, USA I94402

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Martha  After 1850Mississippi, USA I127713
2 Bankston, Rebecca Narcissus  After 1870Mississippi, USA I48469
3 Black, Thomas D  Mississippi, USA I16390
4 Bowman, Charlotte  Aft 1880Mississippi, USA I25482
5 Burford, Narcissa M  30 Aug 1845Mississippi, USA I112527
6 Burt, Leathan  16 Jun 1908Mississippi, USA I83590
7 Carpenter, Mary  Abt 1855Mississippi, USA I16470
8 Coleman, Addie Jane  Mississippi, USA I2736
9 Deason, Nancy  1881Mississippi, USA I120057
10 Dykes, Lucretta  8 Nov 1896Mississippi, USA I126165
11 East, Rebecca Smith  1870Mississippi, USA I92061
12 Furr, Benjamin Franklin  Bef 1906Mississippi, USA I16393
13 Furr, Elizabeth  24 Sep 1898Mississippi, USA I16409
14 Furr, Henry Hastings  Mississippi, USA I16394
15 Furr, Stephen Jefferson  Mississippi, USA I16396
16 Gardner, Nancy  1895Mississippi, USA I99190
17 Gossett, William Embrey  c 1880Mississippi, USA I115713
18 Grice, Mary Jane  1867Mississippi, USA I122966
19 Grissom, Lula  23 Apr 1943Mississippi, USA I94402
20 Hamm, Mary  Mississippi, USA I76878
21 Johnson, Aff  Before 1936Mississippi, USA I32104
22 Johnson, Frances Julian  1916Mississippi, USA I98915
23 Kees, Delilah  1865Mississippi, USA I43216
24 Kennedy, Emmeline  1890Mississippi, USA I66287
25 Kennedy, Nancy Ann  1802Mississippi, USA I17908
26 Kincaid, Roy McCartney  24 May 1894Mississippi, USA I130873
27 McDonald, Georgia Ann  23 May 1954Mississippi, USA I68778
28 Moore, Ann  Bef 1860Mississippi, USA I90982
29 Phillips, George Washington  Mississippi, USA I16414
30 Plunk, Sarah  Mississippi, USA I41283
31 Ragland, Leroy  Mississippi, USA I105118
32 Schultz, Martha A  1871Mississippi, USA I30527
33 Shivers, G. A.  Mississippi, USA I16418
34 Simms, Susan A  8 Nov 1862Mississippi, USA I56675
35 Smith, Allen  1890Mississippi, USA I66286
36 Smith, Alvin Lee  15 Apr 1854Mississippi, USA I56928
37 Smith, Andrew  17 Dec 1857Mississippi, USA I17909
38 Smith, Ben F  1928Mississippi, USA I99191
39 Smith, Calvin Warren  18 Mar 1930Mississippi, USA I34186
40 Smith, Clarence Marcus  25 Aug 1991Mississippi, USA I97102
41 Smith, Edgar Adair  23 Dec 1957Mississippi, USA I150308
42 Smith, Frances  Mississippi, USA I16417
43 Smith, Henry  23 Jun 1863Mississippi, USA I127128
44 Smith, Henry Asbury  1 Sep 1934Mississippi, USA I94401
45 Smith, Isom  1956Mississippi, USA I91904
46 Smith, James H  1915Mississippi, USA I99189
47 Smith, James Kimball  14 May 1984Mississippi, USA I94403
48 Smith, Job  Mississippi, USA I45399
49 Smith, Joel  1935Mississippi, USA I18115
50 Smith, Joel Perrish  1914Mississippi, USA I58418

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Smith, William Adolphus  1921Mississippi, USA I25487


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Smith /   1895Mississippi, USA F6453
2 Smith / Jenkins  c 1866Mississippi, USA F9374
3 Smith / Perkins  1897Mississippi, USA F45447
4 Varnell / Smith  Bef 1867Mississippi, USA F6252