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Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA

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Latitude: 40.710442, Longitude: -73.7296966


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jackson, Benjamin  26 Jul 1719Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03044
2 Jackson, Charity  26 Feb 1701/02Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03031
3 Jackson, Elizabeth  1675Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03158
4 Jackson, Elizabeth  20 Mar 1702/03Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03032
5 Jackson, Hannah  05 Aug 1706Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03034
6 Jackson, James Junior  04 Jun 1704Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I02155
7 Jackson, Jemima  25 Nov 1714Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03041
8 Jackson, John  07 Mar 1700/01Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03030
9 Jackson, Joseph  09 Feb 1709/10Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03037
10 Jackson, Martha  Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03160
11 Jackson, Martha  26 Jan 1708/09Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03036
12 Jackson, Mary  20 Jan 1696/97Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03027
13 Jackson, Phebe  03 Mar 1711/12Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03039
14 Jackson, Rebecca  20 Feb 1698/99Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03029
15 Jackson, Richard  Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03171
16 Jackson, Richard  20 Mar 1710/11Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03038
17 Jackson, Robert  15 May 1713Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03040
18 Jackson, Samuel  1684Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03155
19 Jackson, Samuel  21 Jul 1716Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03042
20 Jackson, Sarah  1685Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03157
21 Jackson, Sarah  11 Dec 1697Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03028
22 Jackson, Stephen  17 Aug 1717Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03043
23 Jackson, Thomas  04 Dec 1694Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03026
24 Jackson, William  06 Jul 1705Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03033
25 Jackson, William  14 Oct 1707Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03035
26 Rogers, Lydia  11 Oct 1752Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I129597
27 Seaman, Benjamin  1649Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03079
28 Seaman, Jonathan  Abt 1647Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03078
29 Seaman, Solomon  Aft 1651Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I03080
30 Smith, Israel  1731Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I24385
31 Smith, John Blue  c 1647Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I23378
32 Smith, Morris  26 Feb 1736Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I23384
33 Smith, Samuel  21 Mar 1731Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I23385


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Smith, Mary Rock  14 Mar 1713Hempstead,Queens County,New York,USA I38199