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Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA

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Latitude: 38.0567092, Longitude: -78.6114999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jane  1771Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I82887
2 Bailey, Jane Ann  1787Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I19318
3 Burks, Mary  1706Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I39384
4 Clark, William  10 Nov 1796Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I112443
5 Dabney, Cornelius  7 Jan 1756Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I146470
6 Fitzpatrick, Mary Karranhappuck  1780Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I52844
7 Kerby, Henry Sr.  1745Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I55902
8 Kerby, Nancy Jane  14 Oct 1785Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I55867
9 Massie, Elizabeth  1759Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I19316
10 Smith, Benjamin  c 1757Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I32548
11 Smith, Bird Bowker  27 Sep 1761Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I46314
12 Smith, Charles  30 Aug 1730Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I18126
13 Smith, Charles  14 Oct 1769Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I24839
14 Smith, Charles V  1848Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I71580
15 Smith, David Harrison  8 Jan 1815Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I71588
16 Smith, George Washington  16 Oct 1786Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I33461
17 Smith, Holman  1782Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I40102
18 Smith, Isaac  12 Jun 1756Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I24762
19 Smith, James  4 May 1805Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I57467
20 Smith, Lawrence  1740Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I46066
21 Smith, Stephen  17 Feb 1801Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I116565
22 Smith, Thomas  1719Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I57361
23 Smith, William  1746Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I44337
24 Smith, William Pendleton  c 1825Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I71586


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Breckenridge, Sarah Jane  Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I52866
2 Dabney, Cornelius  21 Oct 1835Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I146470
3 Duncan, John  Abt 1745Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I07861
4 Fitzpatrick, Thomas  1787Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I52863
5 Fitzpatrick, William  9 Aug 1764Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I52865
6 Hamner, William  17 Dec 1788Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I52867
7 Smith, Charles  1842Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I19317
8 Smith, David Harrison  4 Nov 1894Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I71588
9 Smith, George Kellogg  29 Apr 1929Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I22892
10 Smith, Joseph  Before 1748Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I19309
11 Smith, Joseph  1748Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I145390
12 Smith, Larkin  1763Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I57362
13 Smith, Lawrence  1791Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I62959
14 Smith, Thomas  1783Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I19311
15 Smith, Thomas  1783Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I57361
16 Smith, Thomas  1808Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I57369


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Court    Person ID 
1 Smith, Lawrence  15 Mar 17991Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA I62959


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Fitzpatrick  1801Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA F19146
2 Smith / Davis  12 Jun 1789Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA F15277
3 Smith / King  7 Jan 1811Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA F26025
4 Smith / Mason  1727Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA F15498
5 Smith / Richards  1774Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA F16051
6 Smith / Wallace  18 Sep 1791Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA F15273

Census (Family)

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Census (Family)    Family ID 
1 Smith / King  1850Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA F26025