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Smith Member
Descendant of William Smith b 1786 MD m Mary

William R Smith b 1786, lived in Tennessee, in Jersey, Greene and Washington Counties, IL, and probably died after 1860 in Wise County, TX. Descendants lived in Hardin County, TN, Lincoln County, MO and several Texas counties including Denton, Clay and Collingsworth, and many moved on to Oklahoma before statehood as well. Given and middles names in this family are Nolan, Joshua, Riley, King, Herrod, with the usual William, John, Thomas. Also Squire McClur Smith b 1860 TN m Mary Orlena Crabtree. Descendants in Lincoln MO, Washington IL

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 Updated Big-Y and SAPP Chart for YDNA for GRP-R-M269-38-Smith DNA Group GRP-R-M269-38
One thing that is needed is the line for 3 of the members. There is a Richard Smith b 1688 as the ea

2022-04-11 14:13:28
 New YDNA SAPP Chart for Smith DNA Group GRP-R-M269-38-Smith DNA Group GRP-R-M269-38
Thank you to Thomas Pratt ....

2022-02-12 18:49:30
 Growing Big-Y Group (BY-R-M269-3)
New Big-Y result that came in this morning, which now makes 5 people in the Smith DNA Project who ha

2021-03-31 14:17:25