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Harriet Annetta Chappell Smith family-Pike Co Indiana
Harriet Annetta Chappell Smith family-Pike Co Indiana
Here’s a photo of some of “our” Smiths, probably from the mid to late 1930s. Left to right: Ottis Everett Smith (1891–1986), Marlin Roosevelt Smith (1902–1970), Harriett Annetta “Hattie” Chappell Smith (1870–1947, mother of everyone else in the photo), Fielding Azel Smith (1897–1983), Helen Blythe Smith Mitchell (1904–1981), Arden Robert Smith (1909–1945), Doris Emily Smith Wear (1901–1986). In case you haven’t found this already:

Edward Garland Smith 1829 NC: William Peter Smith b 1865

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 2 New YDNA matches for Group GRP-I-P37-9 -Joseph Smith b 1665 m Leah Pritloe-Smith DNA Group GRP-I-P37-9
Two YDNA testers Both have lines that look solid back to Joseph Smith b 1665 m Leah Pritloe. Fami

2022-01-11 17:56:36