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Wells Smith b 1805 GA likely candidate for father of Levi, parents said to be John Smith b 1765 VA m Elizabeth Patterson, needs additional YDNA testers for proof

Also Joseph Smith b 1788 GA m Nancy Mussey; George Washinton Cmith b 1785 VA m Mary Tyner

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Smith DNA Group GRP-I-M253-33  Big-Y Group: BY-I-M253-3

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 Gorgeous Big-Y graphic done by JanesBonny with instructions
CrossPosting this in discussion forum  Was originally posted on the Smith DNA Activity Feed, r....

2021-09-15 20:49:15
 Another Big-Y result in this grouping - George Washington Smith b 1785 VA m Mary Tyner
The newest Big-Y tester matches into Group BY-I-M253-3  for George Washington Smith b 1785 VA m....

2021-06-03 17:36:04
 New Big-Y result for this group-chart updated on Big-Y page
Big-Y testers include descendants of John Smith b 1765 VA m E Patterson, Joseph Smith b 1788 Georgia

2021-04-24 20:26:58