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Early origins with Nicholas Smith and son Capt. Nicholas Smith of  (Middlesex, Gloucester, and Essex Co) from about 1665-1757 with descendancy traced through son Col Francis Smith (!725-1762) and his son Francis Smith (1749-1814).  based on William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 25 No. 23, Jan 1917.  

Any of the following descendants of Col. Francis Smith would also be beneficial for further testing:  Sons Meriweather Smith (1730-1794), William Smith 1745-1785) and testing with descendants of the brothers of Thomas Adams Smith (1781-1844) - Reuben Smith (1755-1836), William Wilkinson Smith (1774 -     ) and/or Ebenezer Smith (1780-1837).

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Smith DNA Group GRP-E-M2_-3  Big-Y Group: BY-E-M2_-2

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 Updated B-Y Chart for BY-E-M2_-2 (Smith DNA Project) -Smith DNA Group GRP-E-M2_-3
2 additional Big-Y testers that fall into the larger YDNA group for Nicholas Smith. These last two h

2022-11-17 10:59:40
 New Member -Thomas Smith d 1838 TN 2 John 3 Coleman-Smith DNA Group GRP-E-M2_-3
Both YDNA and Autosomal Member's line fits into Group GRP-E-M2_-3 (Nicholas Smith) but the li....

2022-02-01 09:51:35
 New Big-Y Chart for Nicholas Smith 1697 Group GRP-E-M2_3 (Smith DNA Project)-Smith DNA Group GRP-E-M2_-3
Big-Y Group There are 3 members so far with Big-Y tests. One is an unknown Smith (Gollaher), one

2022-01-31 15:22:00
 New YDNA Chart for Smith Group GRP-E-M2_-3 (Smith DNA Project)-Smith DNA Group GRP-E-M2_-3
If you see any newer corrections that need to be made, send them on.  Early origins with ....

2022-01-31 15:16:36